10 Gifts For Crazy Cats That You Can Make At Christmas

Are you crazy about cats? If your answer is yes, these Christmas gifts are designed for you. Go writing the letter to Papa Cat, sorry, Santa Claus!

Oh, crazy cats! I have a friend declared as a  catlover who is very clear that in ten years she will toast with a glass of wine on the sofa in her house looking at infinity and surrounded by the cats that she has been collecting on the street after several love disappointments.

This article is dedicated to her and all the crazy cats who want their Christmas gift to be more feline, wild and original  than ever.

Christmas Gifts For Crazy Cats

1. Cat Piggy Bank To Start 2021 Saving

cat bank

Ideal to save money and go on vacation with your cat . But do you know what is the best thing about this object? When the human supports the money; the kitten pulls out his paw to pick it up and put it away before he repents

The price of this cutie is 7.95 dollars. 

2. Cat Dish

Renew your tableware in the most modern way. This can be your self-gift from Santa Claus. We drool just thinking we’re going to eat from that cool plate It costs 8.96 dollars .

This plate is also ideal to serve your cat his food, homemade, Christmas

3. Cat Face Mug

cat mug

Feel like a cat for a day thanks to this mug that has it all. ?? A product that all crazy cats will want to find under their tree. ( As long as your kitty hasn’t trashed it before .)

Remember that the friend – or friend – to whom you give this gift will be too heavy to drink tea every day in this special mug. Although if you also like it … you can give it to yourself for only 9.99 dollars!

4. Kangaroo cat sweatshirt, ideal for watching movies with your pussycat at Christmas

Every cat lover should have this garment, a Netflix subscription (to watch the most terrifying movies with felines as protagonists ) and a bowl of popcorn ready to watch TV with his beloved kitty cat. Lovely!

You can find this garment so comfortable from 19.95 dollars.

5. Cat Panties: Intimate and Wild

cat on the table

This Christmas gift is so intimate that you should only give it to that person you trust or buy it for yourself.

This garment is very comfortable and costs around 5 dollars. And there are many more models!

6. Cat Feet For Chairs

The best idea not to make noise when dragging the chairs. But beware: your furniture may end up meowing.

The pack of four cat legs for chairs costs around 3.50 dollars. 

7. Mold for frying cat’s eggs

cat with food

Making food has never been so fun or so exquisite. From 1.50 dollars. 

8. Wild cat or cat post-it

Take your cat to the office. ?? With these feline post-its you can write down all the plans you will make with your best four-legged friend next 2021, or when the coronavirus situation calms down.

Around 4 dollars. 

9. Cat Thermos of Various Colors

A very practical gift for lovers of coffee and / or tea who, in addition, want to share their life with a beautiful kitten from now on. They cost 11.95 dollars.

10. Cat Poop Earrings

cat on christmas

This gift is designed for the most daring people , like the friend I told you about at the beginning. Would you wear this accessory, for just 3 dollars , at Christmas Eve dinner?

Divyesh Patel