13 Gift Ideas For Cats That Will Make Your Pussycat Happy At Christmas Or Three Kings

13 Gift Ideas For Cats That Will Make Your Pussycat Happy At Christmas Or Three Kings

Toys, scratching posts, a delicious delicacy … do you know what you are going to give your cat for Christmas? In this list we give you the best ideas.

Christmas time has arrived! And with it the decorations, the delicious food, the Christmas carols and of course: the gifts .

It is a time where, in addition to meeting with your loved ones – taking into account all the Government measures linked to the coronavirus pandemic – you seek to express how much you love them through details such as gifts. And pets are no exception!

cat christmas gift

Christmas and Three Kings Day are perfect times to give your kitten gifts and express how important it is to you and your family. There are thousands of options that you will surely enjoy a lot.

On the other hand, if you know a kitten lover and want to give him something, we also have very good options. Feline fever for Christmas! Are you ready?

Check out our list of gifts for kittens and gifts for cat lovers.

Gifts for cats that your michi will like

We are sure that your michi has very peculiar tastes when it comes to toys and gifts.

There is a wide variety of gifts for cats that you can buy and that is why we compiled a list of gifts for all tastes so that you can choose the one that best suits the personality, activities and way of being of your kitten.

Whether you have a very active cat, a very curious one, one that loves to sleep or even a very fashionable kitten, surely one of these gifts will enchant your michi and will make him spend a very merry Christmas.

1. Castles for cats

cat christmas gift

A magical world to climb:  gift him a couple of these structures so that he can have fun climbing and do not hurt your furniture in the process. Everyone wins with this gift!

2. Cat tent

Besides being a perfect cave for your feline friend, this teepee will add all the style to any michi’s house. The new year will begin with a new house!

3. Cat hammock, the perfect Christmas gift

I magine how comfortable will your kitten in a hammock like this. It is the perfect gift for the michis who love to sleep all day. Style and comfort all included!

4. Clothes for kittens

kitten A new outfit:  kittens have their own personality, so what better way to make it shine than with a new outfit that reflects it? From a trendy tie-dye look to something more rocker, a cute cat sweater will make your kitty look great.

5. Bridge for cats, the best way to have fun

Put this bridge on your wall and watch your cat use all his agility to have fun and move from one side to the other.

6. Unbreakable Cat Toys

An infinite toy:  If the problem with your michi is that he gets bored very easily with his toys, this infinite toy will keep him entertained for hours and hours. Check out the video of this kitty and how intrigued he is!

The list with the best toys for cats

Gifts for cat lovers

cat lover

Now, if instead of looking for things to give a cat you are looking for things to give to a cat owner, we also have ideas for you!

We know that “cat-lovers” are truly passionate about their felines so surely one of these gifts will make you very happy.

1. Some socks with a cat print

This brand of socks makes custom pairs with your pet’s face . All you have to do is take a nice picture of his face and send them to do.

They make a great gift for lovers of michis!

2. Cat Art

cat art

If your well-known kitten lover also likes art and illustrations, you can choose to gift him an illustration of his kitten.

There are many artists you can ask to do a custom portrait and it will surely be a gift that will not only look amazing in your home, but will make you smile every time you see it.

3. Kitten Pottery

What do you think of giving him a kitten saucer or ashtray? Really original!

Homemade Cat Gifts

cat christmas gift

If your Christmas budget is a bit tight and you prefer to give your michi something homemade , there are many options that will make him feel super special.

Remember that kittens need little to feel very happy so these homemade cat gifts may be the perfect solution.

  • A special recipe:  surely your kitten eats the richest food on the market, but on Christmas day you can give her the gift of preparing a special recipe for wet kitten food with some special ingredient . You are sure to love it!
  • A Box: It  sounds a bit basic but … Michis love boxes! So if you give him a few boxes to build his cat castle, he will surely be the most grateful cat.
  • Snacks:  if that of the culinary is given to you, in addition to making a special meal for Christmas, you can prepare homemade snacks based on salmon or tuna so that it can be enjoyed for several days.
  • Ball of yarn:  Go to the nearest haberdashery and find a good ball of yarn. You will see how your kitten spends hours hypnotized while playing with her. A great Christmas gift for your michi!

Now you are ready to celebrate Christmas with your michi. What are you going to give your cat for Christmas or Three Kings Day?

Divyesh Patel