13 things that annoy dogs that you may not know

We all love our pets and try to do things that they like. However, sometimes we do not realize that what we do to our dogs can annoy them, make them sad and even scare them.

1. Dogs don’t like to be hugged

We don’t mean to say that ALL dogs hate hugs. Some are very affectionate and will let you squeeze them with all your love. But most see it as a sign of dominance and it makes them feel trapped.

Some dogs tolerate hugs from those they love, but it doesn’t mean they love them.  The famous canine psychologist Stanley Coren, a professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada, studied the reactions of more than 250 dogs to being hugged in different photographs.

The result was that 8 out of 10 dogs emitted stress signals when being hugged:

  • Yawning
  • Turn your head to avoid eye contact.
  • Put your ears back.
  • Close the eyes.
  • Lick your lips.

The dog does not express affection and love like humans, so if it shows its teeth when hugging it, it is that you are cornering it , not that it does not love you. The best way to show your love is to stroke or pat him on the thighs instead of hugging him.

2. Communicate with many words

Sometimes we connect so much with dogs that we forget they are animals and they don’t understand words . For example, trying to reason with them ( “I’ll give you a reward if you’re good” ) is useless . They may understand “prize” and “good” , but that would leave them wondering why you don’t feed them.

To eliminate confusion, communicate simply and in the present tense. Use keywords that they do know (good, reward, walk, play, etc.), tone and body language, so you will be more successful in communicating.

3. Dogs are not screaming lovers.

Yes, dogs need limits, but you are better off encouraging good behavior rather than scolding them when they misbehave . Yelling makes them afraid and anxious ; In the long run they may lose that sensitivity and they will surely never know what you want to say to them.

An example of positive reinforcement: when your dog steals your socks, don’t scold him, instruct him to let go of them and reinforce that it deserves a treat. This requires patience , but it will thank you in the long run.

4. Lack of structure

As we discussed earlier, we all need limits. This structure makes them feel comfortable, because animals are routine: they like to eat, go to the bathroom and walk at the same time each day. The exercise is imperative to prevent dogs misbehave . How would you feel if you were locked up at home all day? It is important to dedicate yourself to doing things that dogs like as well.

5. Pet your dog in the parts he does not like

Most dogs do not like to have their muzzle, tops of ears, paws, or tail touched This is especially true with dogs you don’t know, be sure to give them plenty of personal space until they are comfortable with you for a pat on the back.

The caresses that dogs enjoy the most, in general, are:

  1. Behind the ears.
  2. The area between the neck and the chin.
  3. The final part of the loin.
  4. The chest.

6. Eye contact

We humans believe that looking into the eyes of our pet can mean love, but when a dog does not know you well, it can be interpreted as a challenge or a threat . Avoid doing it with dogs you don’t know.

7. Don’t let them smell things

Dogs use scents to obtain information about the world around them. For them, a walk in which they sniff and “mark” things is like entering social networks and knowing what is happening in the neighborhood. When you don’t allow it, it’s like they block Facebook for you. Try to understand his obsession the next time you see him doing it. It is one of the things that dogs like to do the most.

8. Dogs resent being dressed

This is another thing that dogs tolerate, rather than enjoy it. Sure, there are exceptions, but beyond a coat for the cold, try to get them used to wearing lighter.

The canine costumes make humans look scoff and more. A few interpret it as love and attention, but many dogs are confused and anxious. At the end of the day, costumes make most dogs uncomfortable in one way or another.

9. Force them to face fearful situations

Whether it’s the vacuum cleaner, a particular person, or a place ( like the vet ), forcing your dog to “face his fears” is not effective and may even be counterproductive.

It’s best to gradually expose them to stimuli at a comfortable distance, with rewards for staying calm and each time they get close to what scares them. Here are some tips on how to get an anxious or fearful dog into the car, but you can use them for other stimuli.

10. Dogs don’t like strong smells

His nose is very sensitive ! In fact, it is 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than ours, so imagine what the smells of cleaning products and perfumes do. When using a strong-smelling product, make sure your dog is not around so you don’t disturb his senses.

11. Being in a bad mood

If you are sad, angry or stressed, your dog will know it. They are very empathetic creatures and they know how you feel. Everyone has a bad day, but if negative emotions invade you for a long time, your dog may be affected. It can embrace your feelings, even if you’re physically ill and don’t seem to be coming off a losing streak.

12. Leave them alone for a long time

Dogs are pack animals and they LIVE FOR YOU. If you spend many hours a day away from your dog and then ignore him when you get home, he will get very sad. Most everyone has to work long, long hours, but make sure to spend some time with your pet when you get home.

If your schedule is very crazy, a babysitter or canine daycare can help you fight loneliness, but for a dog there is nothing like contact with his favorite human.

13. Being delivered to a kennel

In addition to mistreatment, dogs abandoned by their loving family are left completely disheartened. Imagine being kicked out of your home by the people you adore and having no idea that they no longer love you. We dog fans can’t imagine how someone can subject a dog to that fate.

We empathize with these amazing animals, adore them and help those in need of a home. Follow these 13 tips and make sure your dog has the best and happiest experience of his life!

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