5 Tips To Cope With Cat Shedding In Spring

5 Tips To Cope With Cat Shedding In Spring

The weather is good, the heat returns and like every year when the end of spring arrives, most of the cats lose their fur in abundance. Spring shedding is totally natural, but we can limit its effects to avoid cat hair all over the house. Take note of some tricks!

A cat that loses its hair in the spring? There is nothing more normal. But for the sake of our clothes, rugs, sofas … in addition to the health of our four-legged companion, we are going to try to get rid of a part of all that hair that our cat loses during molting time . How?

Tips For Cat Hair Loss In Spring

1. Cat shedding in spring, watch out for hairballs!

hairy cat

If you have a cat, it will not have been overlooked that cats spend a lot of time in the bathroom. In the spring shedding season, when they lose their hair even more, there may be more dead hairs that accumulate in their stomachs and create hairballs that can disturb the proper functioning of their digestive system. 

2. The brush: the best option to get rid of dead hair

ginger cat

To avoid the formation of hairballs and limit the amount of dead hair on your best friend , the best option is to brush it. At the time of the shedding of the cat’s hair in spring, this will be the most important thing.

How to brush a cat?

  • If your kitten has long or semi-long hair , a daily brushing is advisable every day of the molting season. For these kittens it is ideal to  use a long-haired brush and use it correctly if we want to obtain good results.
  • For a short-haired cat , who we brush a couple of times a week in normal times, we will have to do it more frequently in the spring and autumn shedding periods.

3. Adapt the cat’s feeding to the station

cat licking hand

There are many fiber-rich cat recipes that make hairball removal easy. This is very important in spring, when the cat loses much more fur. Feel free to ask your vet if your cat has excessive hair loss or the shedding lasts longer than expected. 

During the spring or fall molt, you can occasionally add a little paraffin oil to the cat’s food. Or you can also use cat grass, which will help you purge more easily.

4. Brewer’s yeast to take care of their fur

cat in couch

It is known for its efficacy in humans, but brewer’s yeast is also highly recommended for caring for the fur of animals. It can be found, for example, in the form of candy. In addition to reducing cat hair, brewer’s yeast will make your feline even softer. 

5. Get rid of hair at home

cat yawning

Finally, although we have reduced hair loss with the previous tips, it will continue to be present in our home. Therefore, in addition to vacuuming – there are special vacuum cleaner models to suck the hair of our pets –  cat owners can also use fabric or velvet brushes that will be of great help during these times. A wet washcloth, dust cloth, or a pair of knitted socks are also very effective in combating the tougher hair that builds up during the cat’s shedding in the spring!

Remember that it is very important to take care of your cat because its health is essential for its development and happiness.

Divyesh Patel