5 tricks to brush a shorthair cat

Cat lovers will know that having your pet perfectly groomed and looking spectacular requires attention. If you like cats and you own one, you will surely have a lot of doubts about their care.

It is common for cats to have short hair, this makes you fall into the temptation to think that because of their amount of hair they do not need great care and brushing. However, this is not so. Cats, despite their short hair, need frequent brushing so that their hair looks shiny and well- groomed, as well as to avoid problems related to the accumulation of hair in the mouth. To do this you must get a brush for short hair cat.

short hair

Regular brushing of your cat offers and brings many advantages for your pet. Some of these advantages are:

  • Brushing your cat is a massage for his skin that will have a positive effect on his mood .
  • It stimulates circulation, which contributes to your cat being a healthy animal.
  • It will allow you to create a special connection with your pet during that time in which you are in contact and relax.
  • Your cat will relax thanks to that massage on his hair, a good brushing can be a moment of great relaxation for your pet.

Tips for brushing your shorthair cat

In addition to the benefits for you and your cat of a regular brushing session, it is important that you follow some tips when brushing if you want to obtain good results. Once you have the short-haired cat brush ready, you can follow the following tips:

Air your hair

Before you start brushing his hair, it is recommended that you run your fingers over his back and his body in the opposite direction so that the fur separates from the skin and brushing is easier. In this way, you will also make brushing more effective.

Use candy or cookies

A very useful resource to help you in the task of combing your cat is to put some cookies or treats nearby to give them when you feel that he becomes more nervous. The task of brushing him does not like all cats, and it is always interesting to entertain him or compensate him in some way with a treat to keep him still.

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Another very interesting strategy for you to get better results with brushing your cat is to comb it against the grain. This strategy will be very useful for you to be able to remove all the dead hair that accumulates on your skin over the days, especially if you use the brush for short-haired cats well.

Comb gently

Once you have taken the above into account, you will have to brush the hair in its normal sense so that it returns to its original state, and has a well-aligned and combed appearance.

Massage her head

For your cat to stay calmer and more relaxed, you can take the opportunity to massage his head while you brush him. This will keep you still and it will be easier to do this.

Hygiene when brushing your cat

In general, try to comb it with a metal comb as it will help remove dirt. Before proceeding to comb it, you should check that it does not have injuries or any other problem such as fleas or ticks.

Try to brush her entire body, area by area. The best thing is that you focus on each area of ​​the body enough to leave it clean and free of knots. Once you have applied the previous steps, try brushing the hair in the direction of the hairline.

When it comes to removing dead hair from your short-haired cat, it is important that you use a rubber brush, as the results will be more effective.

short hair

Brushing your cat is an opportunity for a general checkup. In those moments that you have it at your disposal and relaxed, you should take the opportunity to check its skin for wounds or something strange. Check under its tail to make sure it has that area clean, or to cut the hair if you detect that there are remains of defecation underneath.

Taking care of our pets is essential so that we are all healthy and happy at home. A neglected or sick pet can also affect household hygiene. Therefore, you should try to pay attention to your cat frequently and watch that you do not detect anything strange.

Brushing should always be done with a brush for short-haired cats or with combs for short-haired cats; since this way you can make sure that the result is much better. These brushes are adapted to the length of the hair in these cats and offer better results.

Divyesh Patel