6 good reasons to feed your dog homemade food!

Today, we take great care of our diet. We are increasingly putting processed foods aside to add natural products and super foods to our diet.

“We are what we eat”, our health can improve by doing our diet, as in our pets.

Feeding the dog

As we know, the dog comes from the wolf:

  • Humans have domesticated the dog for thousands of years. We have educated them, we have changed their appearance, but their teeth and digestive system closely resemble those of their ancestors .
  • Proteins are the main element on which our dog’s diet should be based , just as it happened in the wolf.
  • The wolf, when eating a prey, receives: water, sodium or salt from the blood, essential amino acids, fatty acids when feeding on the viscera, and vegetables or fruits when feeding on the digestive system of what it has just hunted, which will provide fiber. Therefore, they can be called “facultative carnivores” .

To offer our pets a correct diet we must know that:

  • Depending on different factors, such as the age of the dog or its constitution, 50-75% of the ration should be protein , either from meat or fish. If it is a good quality protein, better.
  • The remaining 25% must be vegetables (greens and vegetables) and cereals, which will provide the carbohydrates. They do not easily digest grains and starch, since their intestine is very short and the substances that it produces to digest them (enzymes) are scarce.
  • We must avoid feed with a high percentage of cereals. They could cause poor digestion and food allergy / intolerance.
  • The nutritional needs in our dog will change according to the stage of life in which it is, since, we must not feed the same a growing puppy, a pregnant female, a geriatric dog or with any disease.

Benefits of natural feeding in dogs

There are many benefits that our dogs will obtain from eating naturally:

  1. Low-processed foods: they make nutrients remain naturally, since many foods lose them when processed.
  2. No artificial colors, preservatives or chemicals.
  3. Easier to digest foods. Stool or stool will be smaller and less frequent due to the greater use of nutrients in digestion.
  4. Higher quality food: waste parts such as: spike flour, bones, cellulose, etc. are not used.
  5. More palatable: this type of food is tastier for our pets.
  6. Improves your defenses: The immune system also benefits. The natural diet provides more vitamins and minerals.

How to feed your pet naturally

Now that you know all the benefits of feeding your pet naturally, read on to find out how. There are two ways to offer your dog natural food:

  1. Homemade food.
  2. Commercial food.

What you should know about homemade food

It is the quintessential way of feeding our pets as naturally as possible. You must bear in mind that:

  • You can choose the ingredients yourself when buying them, which ensures quality and variety.
  • It is usually more appetizing for them.
  • You can change the ingredients so that your furry’s diet is more varied.
  • Its main drawback is that you must have time to select, buy and cook the ingredients and the cooked food cannot be in the trough for long, being natural and without preservatives it would spoil immediately.
  • It is difficult for it to be a diet that meets the nutritional needs of our pets. We would have to weigh the ingredients and calculate the percentage of proteins, carbohydrates and fats so that it really was a balanced diet.

What you should know about commercial food

With the pace of life we ​​lead today, we work long hours and spend little time at home. Not to mention the holidays, our schedules change and, sometimes, we cannot be accompanied by our pets .

All this makes it difficult to feed our pet with homemade food. For this reason, many companies manufacture natural food for our pets. The raw materials they use are of excellent quality and save us cooking time. This diet, therefore, is the perfect substitute for homemade food.

We are increasingly opting for this type of diet. The typical commercial feed with raw materials of dubious origin, with colorants and preservatives, have already been left behind.

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