7 things that show that your cat controls your life

Although sometimes you would like to deny it, it is actually your cat who controls your life. From the decoration, to your daily schedule.

Regardless of the fact that cats are the masters of the universe, the truth is that yours is the one that directs your life. And, without you sometimes noticing, you do many things based on your furry’s wishes and not yours.

You may not even realize some of them, that’s why we tell you about them. 

Reasons why your cat controls your life 

1. It is your decorator

The main decoration of your home is your cat’s tree, its toys … Since you are going to have to live with it, choose, for example, a tree or a scratching post that you also like. 

2. Yours is his 

Surely more than once you have seen him drinking from your glass of water or reaching for your food, despite the fact that he has a bowl overflowing with water and food all to himself.

3. It is he (or she) who decides when the caresses touch 

Surely you have ever gone to pet your cat and he has responded with a good bite . And, make no mistake, it will be the pussy who decides when to approach and not the other way around. 

4. You cancel plans so you don’t leave him alone 

Cats are independent and do not exhibit separation anxiety as often as dogs ; Even so, it may be that if you go longer than he would like, you will find some small damage or that he has done his needs outside the sandbox. 👉  If it is not right for him to go out, he will not hesitate to make it clear to you. 

5. The two are his side of the bed 

He has his own bed, but of course, in this case he also prefers yours; it still occupies an entire half, which sits on your head or, in the best of cases, entrenches itself on your feet. In short, your bed is also his.

6. Your favorite color is her hair 

The sheets, blankets, sofa cover … suspiciously resemble the tone of their fur, and it is that, we must confess that it is the only way to not have all the clothes covered with hair, or at least not to be noticed.

7. The dining table belongs to you 

Why do they have this mania of getting on the table if they eat on the floor? If they have no other place to climb, they will climb onto the table without thinking about it; Like the foot of the bed, this place gives you a complete view of the surroundings, and allows you to reaffirm, once again, that the house is yours, and not yours.


Divyesh Patel