A Surveillance Camera On Your Mobile For Your Dog Or Cat? 4 Free Apps!

A Surveillance Camera On Your Mobile For Your Dog Or Cat 4 Free Apps!

We tell you which are the best iPhone and Android applications to install a surveillance camera on your mobile for your dog or cat. Keep an eye on your pets at all times!

We know that the well-being of your cat or dog is one of your main concerns every time you leave the house ( here you can find the definitive tips to leave your pets alone). It is true that no matter how much you leave food and water, something inside you continues to restless, not knowing what exactly it does in your absence. Surely on some occasion you have considered buying a surveillance camera for your dog or cat, but you have rejected the thought because it seems very expensive and complicated. We’re wrong?

If now we told you that you already have a surveillance camera in your house and you did not know, how would you stay? Yes, we are not kidding. Do you have an old mobile? Does it have a camera and is it a smartphone? If you have answered yes to these three questions, it means that you already have the surveillance camera that you wanted so much and that it will end all your worries. Simply install an application on your Apple or Android device and your pet will no longer do anything without you knowing about it. At Wamiz we show you the four best apps to install a video surveillance system in your home so you don’t lose sight of your dog or cat.

Surveillance cameras on your mobile for your dog or cat: free apps


cat in the bed

This free app is, hands down, the easiest to use . Simply download the application on both devices and link them to a Google account. In this way you can access the camera from anywhere in the world. The old mobile will be connected to the Wi-Fi network of your house and will be able to transmit live images , turn on the flash if necessary and even record with night vision .

But, without a doubt, the feature that makes this application more interesting is motion detection . If we are far from home, even in time zones other than the usual ones, it is very difficult to coincide with the animal passing right in front of the camera, that is why this application will start recording whenever the animal passes in front of the mobile phone and will create small video clips that we can access whenever we want.

In this way we will be aware of everything our animal does. The interface has several advertising banners with which its maintenance is financed and you can use it on both iPhone and Android devices.


cat playing in the field

This application is also capable of detecting movement and sounds . In addition, it is also free and available on both Android and iOS. The old mobile will be used as a surveillance camera and the current mobile will be used for viewing the images. Manything also offers you the possibility of accessing the camera images through any internet server .

The registration process is simple and you will only have to choose a username and password. You can take photos every few seconds or record continuously , in which case you should be careful with the space available on your device. As with other applications, there is a payment method that is more complete and that you can try for free for thirty days.


cat playing

Unlike the other two previous applications, AtHome has two different versions of the application depending on whether it is the one that records or the one that views the images. It is also free and you can download it both in the Play Store and in the App Store.

The main advantage is that it does not require registration on the server or identification with an email account . It can also be configured to detect motion and can record at a specific time. The latter is more suitable for recording people, such as domestic workers in charge of taking care of our pets, with the aim that things like this do not happen .


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Lastly, we would not like to leave out Windows Mobile users . This application is somewhat more complicated when configuring it, since it will be necessary to fill in the IP address and port fields of each device (nothing that cannot be overcome with a short YouTube tutorial ).

The positive part is that it allows several cameras to be linked to the same terminal, so we will have a much more complete field of vision and we will also be able to access live images. We can even zoom and redefine the framing of the different cameras. It is completely free and can be downloaded through the Windows Phone Store.

Divyesh Patel