Advantages of adopting an adult dog

You may be planning to adopt an adult dog. The truth is that it is a good action that, in addition to being consistent and responsible, presents a series of not inconsiderable benefits.

In this article we show you what these advantages are and also some recommendations and requirements to take into account before adopting an adult dog.

Advantages of adopting an adult dog

When we speak of an adult dog, we refer to one that has more than a year and a half of life.

What reasons are there to adopt an adult dog? What are the advantages?

Adopting an adult dog has many advantages:

  • We can choose the animal, already knowing how it is in its adult stage, its degree of physical development, temperament and character. In addition, on the latter, their caregivers will be able to advise us frankly; since they will want to make sure the new owner is compatible with the animal and vice versa.
  • The adult dog is calmer and more peaceful than when he is a puppy. In addition, it has already left its destructive phase behind.
  • Adopting an adult dog gives us the assurance that the dog is dewormed, vaccinated and, in many cases, sterilized.
  • The shelter’s keepers and volunteers will be able to advise you with knowledge of the facts about the animal’s character, tastes, customs and specific care .
  • By adopting an adult dog we become a kind of hero or savior for him. In addition, we saved the lives of 2 dogs : the adopted one and the one who will take his place while waiting to be rescued.
  • It is very likely that the dog is already educated and socialized, since it has had other owners before. You may need to adapt the animal to a new training but you will have an animal available to learn and adapt.
  • There are so many dogs waiting to be adopted that, luckily and unfortunately, we can choose the one most akin to us among many.
  • Adult dogs are used to dealing with other dogs and pets.

More advantages of adopting an adult dog:

  • They know where to relieve themselves.
  • It will not bite the objects and furniture of our home.
  • Generally, he knows the most elementary orders.
  • An adult dog is already used to dealing with humans.
  • He will adapt quickly to us and his new life
  • The affection and gratitude that the adult dog returns to us is very intense and conscious
  • Although we will not have known our animal being a puppy and the tenderness and grace of that time, we will avoid all the inconveniences of this stage.
  • He will pay more attention to you and be more alert to your orders and needs than if you adopt him as a puppy.

Tips for adopting an adult dog:

  • We must be guided by character and not be too influenced by the age of the dog. The dog’s instinct to play and have fun will depend more on its temperament and imprinting than exclusively on its age.
  • We can consult with their caregivers if the dog has suffered abuse and if it is afraid of people. If so, it may be early to take it home with us. Those responsible for the protector will advise us in this regard.
  • We have the option of asking them for the desired character: more active or less, cheerful, more or less shy, etc.
  • If the adult dog that we are going to adopt has spent most of the time in a cage, we will need an extra dose of patience in its readjustment.
  • We must observe which dog is closest to us and shows the greatest interest in being adopted. Asking to let us take a short walk with him is a good way to ensure that he is akin to us. It is also a good way to discover a little more their character, attitude and receptivity.
  • Some dogs let off steam by barking, from the stress of being locked up. Others, on the contrary, may show a reserved or apathetic attitude. Both manifestations are ways of expressing the same situation. All this should not condition us in our choice.
  • What dogs potentially dangerous, they do not really have a dangerous character. They are classified as such by the power of their bite and the characteristics of their physique. Because of this, their adoption is often discriminated against. Despite this, they tend to be dogs that give and need a lot of affection. We can consider adopting any of these breeds.

What should we take into account before adopting an adult dog

The adoption of a dog, whether adult or not, entails a series of responsibilities:

  • We need time to dedicate , take him for a walk, accustom him to a new family, re-educate him, make him lose his fear if he has been mistreated, etc. If we are away from home all day and arrive at the last minute, we may not be the most suitable candidates, unless we have some help or someone who can take care of the dog while we work.
  • Although many of the veterinary expenses have been covered by the protector, we will need to continue to attend regular visits and take care of the animal’s health for life .
  • We must have enough space for our new friend in our house and a walk or park area that we can go to daily.

How much does it cost to adopt an adult dog?

Generally, adopting an adult protective dog costs around 150 USD, while adopting a puppy is around 250 USD. In some shelters they make special offers to adopt senior dogs. In these cases, they are very low prices, around 80 USD .

Taking into account that they deliver the animal sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed, and the expenses that this entails, it certainly represents a considerable saving, compared to a puppy.

Divyesh Patel