Anti-Cat Christmas Tree: The Solution So That Your Feline Does Not Destroy It

An anti-cat Christmas tree? Yes, it can be the solution to the problems that your pussycat gives you every time you decorate the fir tree.

There is no denying that cats have a little obsession with Christmas trees, which makes them last literally a few seconds, if you share a home with a pussycat.

But, rest assured, it is not impossible to find an anti-cat Christmas tree, so you can have a quiet party. 

Putting a Christmas tree with cats at home can have consequences that you cannot imagine: these kittens have already shown us what can happen if we are not careful when selecting our fir. What is the alternative? We will tell you! 

Anti cat Christmas tree

We have nothing against cats, it is not about scaring yours away and not wanting to go near the tree, but to prevent them from climbing up and throwing it or destroying it (it sure sounds like something to you). 

One of the most sought after on the Internet is this one from the Argos brand .

Characteristics of the anti-cat Christmas tree

As a peculiarity, the fir branches start higher than normal, and the crown is smaller than what we are used to. 

The idea is that your kitten does not climb from below and cause another disaster … Doesn’t that sound like a revolutionary idea?

How much does the anti-cat Christmas tree cost?

The English company has in its catalog a model of an anti-cat tree with an approximate price of 37 euros (45 pounds, to be exact). 

Despite the originality, it seems a bit optimistic to think that our “Michi” will not be able to jump so high … We will have to put it to the test! 

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Cat Proof Christmas Trees 

The previous option is not the only one that we can find on the web. There are endless ideas to prevent your cat from destroying the tree. Here are some examples! 

  1. Placing the tree on the roof.
  2. Make a flat tree on the wall (it can even be drawn). 
  3. Christmas tree bed for cats. (You will know all the details below)
  4. Or, a more drastic option: putting him in a cage

The alternatives are as many as your imagination, although kittens are smart enough to get away with it, there is no doubt about that. 

Christmas Tree Bed For Cats 

And finally, another option is to opt for a special fir tree for him. The Blonde Neighbor has  already made the Amazon Christmas tree for cats fashionable (until it is exhausted) : a cat bed in the shape of a fir tree with a price of 19.99 dollars.

Make the anti-cat Christmas tree with your own hands: the alternative for the most “handymen” of the house is the one proposed by the blog  Cat Whiskers

Tips so that your cat does not destroy the tree 

Yes, after all the options, you still want your traditional Christmas tree, maybe some tips will come in handy so that your pussy does not end up with it.

There are some techniques you can use to try and save the family Christmas from that furry that is never still . These are some examples! 

  • Put the tree away from your kitty’s comfort zone (away from her bed especially).
  • Don’t put a tree with sand (they love it).
  • Try not to make the ornaments too flashy and always turn off the lights.
  • Opt for a small tree, which will almost go unnoticed.
  • Spray the fir tree with a perfume that your cat does not like.

Divyesh Patel