Best Aquariums – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2021

Aquariums – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2020

Recreating an underwater environment for fish is not a simple matter, since having the company of this type of pet implies a commitment to provide them with a pleasant, comfortable and healthy space. In this sense, aquariums provide an ecosystem conducive to the life of aquatic beings, but there are many models, so choosing one could be complicated. However, the ICA KNA20 has a capacity of 20 liters of water and is equipped with LED light. On the other hand, the Ferplast Capri 80 offers a filter system to keep the water clean and has a practical lid on top to feed the fish.

Comparison table

The good stuff

The Bad



First choice

The good stuff

It offers a good ratio between the size it occupies and the capacity it offers, as it measures only 32.5 x 32.2 x 32.4 cm, but it can hold up to 20 litres of water, so it works well for homes or small offices.

The Bad

According to one user, the cover tends to get a little hot when the light has been on for a long time, so it is advisable to turn it off when possible so as not to affect the water temperature.


The package includes antichlorine, filter, LED light and fish food, however, it is not very expensive, so it offers a good value for money.

Second choice

The good stuff

This model offers a lamp with a T8 tube of neon light, which allows the interior of the aquarium to be viewed at night, giving the room a special touch. It is also easy to use, thanks to its switch.

The Bad

Its dimensions could be an inconvenience in very small homes and offices, as this aquarium measures 80 x 31.5 x 46.5 cm. However, it has a capacity of 100 litres.


It is suitable for both modern and traditional houses, as it offers a neutral design, so that you can install it in any room without damaging the style of the decoration.

Opinions on the best aquariums

To choose a good aquarium it is important to take into account the different qualities of each model, paying special attention to those that make it easier to use and at the same time increase its durability. For this reason, we have made a summary with some models that offer great quality, so they are among the favorites of users.

Nano aquarium


It is a compact aquarium, very convenient for homes or offices with little space available, as it measures only 32.5 x 32.2 x 32.4 cm, for this reason, you can install it in any corner without major inconvenience. In addition, it weighs 3.93 kg, so it will be very easy to handle once you receive it, so it is considered the best aquarium by some users.

This nano aquarium has a maximum capacity of 20 litres and is therefore suitable for tiny fish, as well as snails and shrimps. It offers a healthy environment, since it includes a filter to clean the water constantly, facilitating the maintenance of the product for your convenience.

It has been made with transparent glass, this allows you to visualize your aquatic pets without obstacles. Also, this model has an LED light with a switch, to observe during the night and give a special touch to the space where you place it. On top of that, it includes fish food.

The best aquarium of the moment should have some of the characteristics of this model, however, it is advisable to review in more detail its pros and cons before making the decision:


Compact: It is one of the smallest on this list, so it is recommended for homes or small offices.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 20 liters, so you can keep your smaller fish in a safe and healthy environment.

Accessories: It has filter, antichlorine, fish food and an LED light with its switch to display your pets at night.


Cover: One user has commented that the cover can get a little hot when the light has been on for a long time.

100-litre aquarium

Ferplast Capri 80

This model has been manufactured with European safety standards, so it is a high quality product. It has a filter system to maintain an aquatic environment free of impurities, in this way, fish and plants maintain good health.

It includes a practical lamp with a T8 neon light tube, which makes it easy to view in places with poor lighting, while providing a warm and relaxing look to the room. For this reason, some users believe that it is among the best aquariums of 2020.

This 100 litre aquarium has a simple design, which allows it to be combined with different pieces of furniture in a traditional or modern decoration, as it is made of transparent material, without any striking ornaments. It also has a black top cover that is very easy to open so that you can feed your fish in complete comfort.

If you are looking for the best aquarium brand, then you may be interested in this model from Ferplast, however, it is good to review in more detail the most relevant positive and negative characteristics of the product:


Lighting: It has a lamp with a T8 tube of neon light, so it allows night viewing and gives a special touch to the room.

Quality: It has been manufactured under the strictest European quality standards, so that it offers great durability.

Design: It has a neutral design, so you can install it in any room regardless of the style of the decoration, as it is suitable for both modern and traditional houses.


Size: It is a little bigger than other models in this selection, as it measures 80 x 31.5 x 46.5 cm. In this sense, it is not suitable for small spaces.

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Aquarium of 300 liters

MonsterShop Furniture Black

It is a large aquarium, which has been designed in a rectangular shape to provide a larger contact surface with the air, allowing better expulsion of carbon dioxide and at the same time properly absorbing oxygen, so that fish and plants enjoy a healthier life.

If you still don’t know which is the best aquarium, then this model may interest you, as it has a sturdy black cabinet, which is not only capable of holding this 300-litre aquarium, but also serves as a space decoration object. It also allows you to organize food and other products related to aquatics.

It has a filter capable of cleaning 1800 liters of water per hour, which facilitates maintenance. On top of that, include gravel and ornamental plants to introduce you to the breeding of fish and other aquatic organisms. Also, it offers LED light and adjustable 300 W heater, for a more controlled ecosystem.

This model offers several benefits that put it at an advantage over other similar products, so it might give you an idea about which aquarium to buy, however, it is convenient to review the pros and cons more thoroughly before purchasing it:


Capacity: One of the advantages of this model is that it can hold several fish, as it has a 300-litre aquarium and a cabinet for storing objects.

Material: It is made of high quality glass with a thickness of 11 mm, thus offering greater resistance and durability.

Accessories: Includes gravel and ornamental plants to decorate the aquarium before introducing the fish, snails and other aquatic beings.


Installation: The purchase of the aquarium does not include the installation service, so you should have help when you receive the package.

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Aquarium kit

Marina 15251A1

This is considered by some users as the best value for money aquarium, since it is not necessary a large sum of money to purchase it and offers a complete kit, which includes a salabre made with fine and delicate mesh that does not damage the fins of the fish. It also has practical dimensions of 41.2 x 21.5 x 27.7 cm, making it suitable for installation in a small house.

It has a Slim 10 filter, which keeps the water in good condition for the life of your fish. In addition, this purifier is slim and has a simple cartridge exchange system, so it does not take up much space in the aquarium and is easy to use.

In addition, the Marina 15251A1 aquarium kit offers a small display with 5G LED lighting, which adds elegance to the aquarium in low light conditions, while serving as part of the room’s decoration.

If you are looking to save some money, then this may be a good option, as it is among the cheapest aquariums in this selection, however, it is worth analyzing the pros and cons in detail before buying the product:


Dimensions: Thanks to its compact size of 41.2 x 21.5 x 27.7 cm, you can install it in small rooms without taking up too much space.

Content: This is a kit containing a filter, 5G LED illuminated display and a salt water filter.

Transparent: It is made of completely transparent glass, so you can correctly visualize your pets.


Decoration: Does not include sand, gravel, or plants to decorate the interior of the aquarium, so you must purchase these accessories separately.

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Small aquarium


If you are interested in cheap aquariums, then this model may be the most convenient, as it includes a very complete kit if you want to start in the world of aquatics without spending a lot of money. However, it is made with high quality materials.

It is a small aquarium, thanks to its measures of 30 cm long, 30 cm wide and 35 cm deep, for this reason, you can place it in any room even if you have limited space. In addition, it has high brightness LED light, to assist in the growth of aquatic plants.

The package includes a KW200 filter, which maintains an ecosystem suitable for aquatic beings. It also has anti-chlorine to condition the water and special bacteria that convert ammonia into nitrite, a less harmful substance. On top of that, it has a food canister so you don’t have to make an extra expense.

In this aquarium you can breed tiny aquatic beings and also decorate your room with its attractive transparent and illuminated design. However, it is advisable to carefully review the pros and cons of this model before making the purchase:


Filter: Its internal filter KW200 allows water to circulate constantly, eliminating impurities.

Bacteria: Includes bacteria that convert ammonia from fish feces into nitrite, to prevent poisoning of your aquatic pets.

Antichlorine: Thanks to the antichlorine conditioner you will be able to create an ecosystem suitable for the good health of the fish.


Capacity: Due to the dimensions of the aquarium, it is not suitable for large fish, which could be a disadvantage compared to other models with higher capacity.

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60-litre aquarium


This 60 litre aquarium is a basic product, but includes a practical cover that protects the water from external agents, so your pets will have a more controlled ecosystem. It has an average capacity, so it can accommodate several small fish, snails and plants, providing enough space for proper development.

It is made of tough glass with a thickness of 6 mm, for strength and durability. In addition, it is completely transparent, so you can properly visualize your water pets. It has a screen with LED light, which saves electricity and at the same time illuminates the aquarium correctly, creating a pleasant atmosphere around it that conveys peace of mind.

Thanks to its simple design, you can install it in any room without adversely affecting the decoration, as it combines with different styles. Also, you should know that there are no decorative elements, but you can buy them separately depending on your tastes.

When comparing the different models of aquariums you will notice that each one offers a reasonable price, according to the benefits it provides, for this reason, it is good to review in detail the most important features of this model:


Light: It has LED lighting, to encourage plant growth and allow pets to be seen in low light spaces.

Cover: Provides a cover that protects the water and living beings from external elements that could affect its integrity.

Simplicity: It has a basic design, so you can complement it with the accessories of your preference and adapt it to your style.


Cable: According to one user’s opinion, the electricity cable for the lighting is too short, as it is only 90 cm long.

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Aquarium accessories

Aquarium plants

PietyPet 16 pieces

It is a set of small artificial plants made of Highland plastic, with heavy ceramic pedestals at the base, to immerse them in water easily.

They are designed with a natural look and very vivid colors that maintain their brightness when you look through the glass, giving the impression of a marine ecosystem.

These aquarium plants are non-toxic, so they do not adversely affect the health of your fish or alter the pH of the water. They are designed for aquariums from 20 to 60 litres and their measures are between 5 and 22 cm high.

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Aquarium filter

Eheim Pickup 160

This is an internal filter for aquariums with a capacity of approximately 60 to 160 litres, which is particularly suitable for aquarium enthusiasts, as it allows the cartridge to be changed easily and conveniently.

It is also compact, measuring 21.8 x 7.5 x 9.6 cm, so it does not take up much space.

It is an aquarium filter capable of cleaning between 220 and 500 litres per hour, so that it performs constant maintenance and allows the water to circulate correctly. On top of that, it is ready to use immediately and has a low electricity consumption.

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Aquarium shrimp feed

Sera Shrimps Natural

It is a natural compound specially designed for you to feed your aquarium shrimp, as they have a rounded shape that allows your pets to take the food easily.

They have been made with natural ingredients and contain the necessary nutrients to maintain the good health of these crustaceans.

It is made in Germany, using high quality standards. It comes in a 55g jar, so it offers durability, plus it is fairly priced so it doesn’t represent a big expense.

On the other hand, the food is weighted to be easily dipped and works well for fresh and saltwater shrimp.

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Aquarium substrate

Fluval Plant & Shrimp 12693

This product brings 2 kg of substrate for you to place a layer of soil inside the aquarium, so that the roots of the aquatic plants can easily penetrate it, as well as spread properly and encourage the growth of vegetation.

This aquarium substrate is recommended for freshwater plants, offering a set of key nutrients for their development, as it has been collected from Japanese volcanic hills of Mount Aso, known for its high mineral content.

In addition, this organic matter is very favourable to the life of shrimps and other crustaceans.

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Aquarium heater

NICREW 01061_2

It is an aquarium heater made of titanium, which offers greater resistance and durability than other metals. It also has a practical LCD screen, which indicates in red when the temperature has not reached the chosen range and in blue when the water has already reached the desired setting.

This model is 100% waterproof, thanks to its IP68 protection technology. It also has an easy-to-use thermostat so you have full control over the temperature of the aquarium.

On top of that, thanks to its external design, you won’t have to touch the water to make adjustments when needed.

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LED display for aquarium


It has 2 different types of light, 60 white leds that help eliminate bacteria and promote the growth of aquatic plants.

It also offers 12 blue light leds, very convenient to highlight the fluorescent colour of some molluscs during the night, besides offering a pleasant decorative effect. However, you can combine all the lights to make the room more interesting.

This LED aquarium display has a stainless steel stand that is stronger than the old plastic ones. On the other hand, it is 23 cm long, which means that it is suitable for aquariums from 53 to 83 cm.

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Aquarium oxygenator

Sera Air 275R Plus

This model is suitable for medium sized aquariums and offers the main advantage of silent operation, while its flow is adjustable so you have more control over the ecosystem.

In addition, it has two output tubes and you can place only one depending on your needs. It is a basic 4 Watt aquarium oxygenator, which works at 220 and 240 V, so it is easy to install.

It has dimensions of 11 x 9 x 27 cm, so it is recommended to consider the volume it will occupy before making the purchase.

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Aquarium table

Haquoss Cabinet

If you want a sturdy and durable aquarium table, then you may be interested in this model, as it is made of 100% natural wood, and is capable of supporting the weight of a 70 litre aquarium correctly.

On the other hand, it has a neutral design in black, so you can combine it with the other furniture in the room, living room or office.

It measures 60 x 30 x 66 cm, so it is good to check the dimensions of the aquarium before making the investment. However, it is easy to install and has instructions, for this reason, assembly does not take too long.

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Aquarium fan

Haquoss Typhoon

This aquarium fan has been specially designed to lower the water temperature in hot seasons, so your aquatic pets can enjoy a healthy environment even in the summer.

It is a small and quiet device, which is easy to install on the edge of the glass. It is capable of lowering the temperature to 4 °C, just by ventilating the water surface of your aquarium, as it has two blades.

However, it is a very safe product, as it has a 12V DC regulator. On the other hand, it can be used with a cooler to achieve a higher level of freshness.

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Aquarium Algae Control

Envii Aquarium Klear

If you want to buy an anti-algae compound for aquariums, you may be interested in this model that contains ingredients to keep the water clean, but also serves to control the growth of single-cell algae, which sometimes tend to invade too many spaces.

It brings 1500 ml that can treat up to 4000 liters of water.

It is effective in eliminating green water, thanks to the combination of billions of bacteria that create a biological treatment, which removes the mud and reduces toxic substances naturally, providing a healthier environment for your aquatic pets. It is also suitable for salt and fresh water.

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Aquarium thermometer

Risepro TM-4-x2

It is a pack with two thermometers, which are suitable for a wide variety of aquariums, as you can use them with fresh water, tap water and marine water.

They are especially recommended for reptiles such as turtles and lizards, which need a special temperature for their development.

This aquarium thermometer is easy to set up, just adjust the display to the glass and immerse the sensor probe. It can measure temperature in a range of -50 to 70 °C, offering an accuracy of +/-1 °C. Also, you can change the units to degrees Fahrenheit whenever you want.

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Aquarium stones

DZL 8143

These are aquarium stones made of silica, a compound with a high content of quartz, so they are easily submerged, creating a pleasant surface for fish and other aquatic animals.

However, they are small and lightweight, so they are not a danger to pets. You can also use them in terrariums for reptiles and other small animals.

Thanks to the combination of attractive colors, you can decorate your aquarium with these stones, giving it a more cheerful style. They are made with non-toxic elements, so your aquatic animals will be in a safe ecosystem.

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UV filter for aquariums


If you have problems with impurities in the water, this UV aquarium filter can be a good solution, since it offers a flow rate of 500 L / h and has an air intake that helps oxygenate the water, performing a double function, but without altering the natural properties of water, such as acidity, color, odor, among others.

Its UV bulb provides a power of 5 W, to eliminate parasites, bacteria, viruses, germs and algae that are often present in the aquatic environment, so your fish, shrimp and other crustaceans will have a long life, thanks to a more friendly ecosystem.

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Guide to buying an aquarium

Underwater animals require a special environment for their proper development, this is the main reason why choosing an aquarium is not a simple matter, since we must take into account certain characteristics to know if the product that calls our attention really fits our needs. In this sense, we have created a guide to buy the best aquarium, where you will find the most relevant information about these special containers.


When making a comparison of aquariums, it is important to define the capacity of the aquarium according to the type of animals and the quantity you want to have, as they come in very different sizes. In this sense, there are so-called nano aquariums, which are the smallest, with a capacity of 20 or 30 litres of water. One of this type is suitable for you if you have very small fish, as well as a few shrimps, and they also have the particularity of taking up very little space thanks to their compact design.

There are also medium sized aquariums, which can have a capacity between 60 and 100 litres, so you can breed a few larger fish, as well as more plants and stones to decorate. However, it is not recommended to overload them.

According to experts in the field, every centimetre of fish requires at least one litre of water, so the size of your pets will be decisive. If you want to include several accessories and that your fish have enough space, then an aquarium with a capacity of 100 to 300 litres can be more useful.

Large aquariums, on the other hand, have a capacity of 300 litres or more and are therefore very large. In this case, they are recommended for rooms or offices with a lot of space, but they allow to have more voluminous and attractive species, as well as more showy accessories. They also generally require more energy consumption.


In this case, we should take into account a couple of fundamental physical characteristics, which are the manufacturing materials and the actual space it will occupy inside your home, as this can give you an idea of how much the aquarium will cost.

Glass is widely used to make the walls of the aquarium, but it is important to know that the glass must have a thickness proportional to the dimensions of the aquarium, since the amount of water, plus the weight of pets, plants and stones, can generate a great pressure.

Some small aquariums are made of 5 to 6 mm thick glass, which is sufficient for a capacity of around 100 litres. However, for 300 litre aquariums, 10 mm glass is more recommended, so there are models that offer greater durability at greater thickness.

The volume that the aquarium occupies is also related to its capacity. In this sense, before making the purchase we must measure the space where we are going to install it. Some models come with furniture to store food and other objects typical of aquatics. On the other hand, it is good that the physical aspect of the product is neutral and minimalist, so that you can combine it with the style of the room.


In the activities related to the breeding of animals living in the water, certain objects are used that facilitate the tasks and provide a more pleasant life for the pets. You can find very complete packages that include different accessories. These are suitable if you want to start breeding fish and crustaceans at home. In this regard, a kit that is inexpensive and includes a filter, brine and lighting screen may also be desirable.

The salabre will be very useful to extract some impurities from the water, but the filter stands out especially, because it is extremely important to maintain good water circulation and create a healthy environment for the fish. LED light is also recommended, as it helps plants grow and at the same time creates an interesting atmosphere in the room, all without consuming too much electricity.

In addition, you can purchase other accessories separately, such as aquarium bottom stones, which can come in colors to give a more pleasant touch to the water. You can also find shrimp and fish food, bacteria to clean the water, as well as an oxygenator to aerate the water, a thermometer to monitor the ecosystem, anti-algae, a cooler for the hot season and many more products. Special furniture such as wooden tables are other options to consider. In case you want to buy one, remember to keep in mind the size of your aquarium before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the largest aquarium in the world?

Although for several years the Georgia Aquarium was the largest in the world, since 2014 the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom holds the record with a total water volume of 48.75 million litres and more than 120,000 aquatic animals.

However, if we talk strictly about the main tank of each aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium is still the largest, with a capacity of 24 million liters, compared to 22.7 million liters in the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. However, in favor of the latter we can add that the capacity is only for the tank, while the figure for the Georgia Aquarium includes a rear tank, pipes and filters.

Q2: Which is better, an aquarium with a lid or without a lid?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. There are mischievous fish that tend to jump over the water, in this case it would be very convenient to have an aquarium with a lid, also, if you have an oxygenator you can leave it covered, since the necessary amount of air would be covered with the bubbles generated by the device.

On the other hand, a lidless aquarium can be more practical when feeding your pets, as well as allowing better ventilation, so if you have a backpack filter the bubbles will be charged with renewed oxygen. But it is also possible that you will get dirty more often when exposed 24 hours a day.

Q3: How does an aquarium without a filter work?

An unfiltered aquarium is a way to create a sustainable ecosystem with minimal human intervention. However, this requires a lot of time and dedication, since you will have to manually assist in oxygenating the water and maintaining its purity, replacing a certain percentage with new water periodically.

The adjustments you make to keep algae and toxins in fish feces at bay can change the physical-chemical properties of the water, seriously affecting your pets’ health, so it is not highly recommended unless you have enough time and willingness.

Q4: How do you maintain a plant aquarium?

Natural aquatic plants play a very important role in correctly recreating an ecosystem, if you want it to be suitable for the development of different species. For this reason, they are more favourable than artificial ones.

They influence the maintenance of your fish’s health in at least two ways. Firstly, they are able to provide oxygen, which is vital for any underwater environment, but they also absorb toxic substances from the faeces, helping to keep the aquarium cleaner. As if that were not enough, plants work as decorative elements, providing different shades of green and even other colors.

Q5: Which aquarium is easier to maintain?

Today, most aquariums are virtually self-sustaining, as they have the technology to do so. Besides, you don’t have to spend too much money.

An aquarium that is considered easy to maintain should have good lighting, filter, oxygenator, natural aquatic plants and bacteria to purify the water.

However, any aquarium needs a minimum of your attention, since we are dealing with living beings that need to be properly fed. There are even those who believe that interest and affection can make the ecosystem more enjoyable.

Q6: Is an aquarium the same as a fish tank?

Although some people use these words as synonyms, they are actually different products. What is known as a fishbowl is a small oval glass or plastic container, which is uncovered and does not have any type of apparatus, it can only hold one fish and it is necessary to change the water constantly. The aquarium, on the other hand, is made of a stronger material and usually has a filter and oxygenator. In addition, it is much larger, so it can accommodate a larger number of fish.

Q7: How do you make an aquarium that cleans itself?

The most appropriate combination for the aquarium to be clean most of the time is to have a filter and oxygenator, but it must also have plants that absorb the fish’s faeces as well as special bacteria to keep the single-cell algae at bay and ensure the purity of the water.

This set of elements will allow you not to have to do constant maintenance to the aquarium, but it is necessary to be attentive to the behavior of your pets, to ensure the quality of the ecosystem. In many cases you’ll just have to feed the fish.

Q8: What is the best aquarium for beginners?

If you are a beginner, then a simple aquarium, which does not need a large installation, is suitable for you. A small one is also good, where you can experiment in breeding a few species.

An aquarium kit, including the filter and other basics, could make your job much easier, as well as save you some money.

How to use an aquarium

Before starting in the world of aquatics, it is important to have a clear idea of the basic needs of aquatic pets, such as temperature, oxygenation and cleanliness of the water, among other cares. For this reason, we have created this small article on how to correctly use an aquarium, so that you can succeed in breeding fish, shrimp and other animals.

Check the condition of the parts

A first step when receiving your new aquarium is to check that its structure is in perfect condition. The glass and the joints should not have any kind of cracks, besides, if it is a kit it is good to check that all the pieces are in the package and are in good condition.

If you have any electrical appliances such as filters, heaters or oxygenators with you, you should also connect them so that you can be sure they are working before you set up the aquarium. It is worth remembering that in the case of the heater it is necessary to check its operation in a container of water, as if you switch it on outdoors it could suffer irreversible damage.

Wash the objects that you are going to introduce

This step is essential to avoid water pollution, as some decorative elements such as gravel and some artificial plants may have residues, which should not be in the water when the fish are introduced.

You must check that each object you are going to place inside the aquarium is very clean. You must use running water and not include in the cleaning of the accessories any type of detergent or toxic substance that may alter the properties of the water.

A fairly common mistake is to try to disinfect the objects with very hot water, but the result can be counterproductive, as the high temperatures can cause harmful substances to be released, thus contaminating the aquarium.

Install the aquarium in a suitable place

The choice of the place where you are going to install the aquarium can not be random, but you should choose a quiet area, which is at least two meters away from doors and windows, so there will be less outside noise. In addition, it is desirable that it does not receive the sun’s rays directly, since this affects the temperature of the water and therefore the life of the aquatic animals.

Another important feature is the table, as this is the base where you will place the aquarium. Some models come with a special cabinet for this purpose, however, you can also choose one separately. In this respect, it is good to make sure that the table supports the weight of the aquarium.

Complete the aquarium

The first thing we have to do is to introduce the substrate, in this way we are creating a pleasant surface for the fish and crustaceans. It is recommended to divide the aquarium floor into two parts, placing a thinner layer at the most visible front, which can be up to 3 cm, while the back of the floor can have about 6 cm of substrate. Then you can put in water plants and other decorative elements.

The filling of the aquarium should be progressive and smooth, with a bowl-type container, so that the substrate and other elements do not move while you introduce the water.




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