Are Cat Bites Dangerous?

Although these will almost never be serious ailments, you should be aware of a cat bite.¬†These are the reasons ūüėľūüĎá

When we are in the company of cats, whether they are domestic or stray, we must never overlook that they are felines and, therefore, very different from dogs.

Before a cat bite we have to take different precautions , because their bite is deeper and they can infect us with some small infections.

How dangerous is the cat bite?

The cat’s teeth can cause a¬†bite¬†deep enough¬†to tear the skin.¬†

5 reasons why a cat bites

Compared to dogs, the cats teeth are thin, long and pointed, besides his fangs are curved . That is why they penetrate more than those of other mammals and can be harmful to tendons, nerves, blood vessels and muscles.

How to proceed when faced with a cat bite?

This¬†will obviously depend on the intensity and severity of the¬†cat’s¬†bite¬†.¬†But it is always advisable to consider the following three actions:

  • Wash your hands well with¬†soap and water¬†before touching the wound.
  • If the wound bleeds, place a clean cloth or gauze over it.¬†Then¬†apply pressure until the bleeding stops¬†.¬†This process may take a few minutes.¬†If the bleeding does not subside or, beforehand, the wound is very virulent, go immediately to the emergency room!
  • Regardless of whether it is more or less serious, it is¬†advisable for a doctor or nurse to observe the wound¬†in any case to rule out any signs of infection after a cat bite.

When is medical attention urgent after a cat bite?

The urgency can be determined by :

  • Increasing¬†pain and¬†swelling¬†.
  • Obvious signs of¬†infection¬†.
  • Redness¬†and a sensation of heat in the entire area around the cat’s bite.
  • Fever¬†higher than 37¬ļ.
  • Presence of¬†pus¬†in the wound.

What infections can a cat bite cause?

On rare occasions, some cats can transmit bartolenosis through their bite or a simple scratch, something deep . 

It is an infection caused by the bacterium Bartonella henselae , known in veterinary medicine as cat scratch disease. The symptoms are moderate fever and general malaise . It is not contagious between humans and usually subsides in a few days without the need for antibiotics.

Can a cat transmit rabies through its bite?

Rabies is a virus, happily, more mythical than real in Western society. This does not mean that it does not exist, but its incidence is completely irrelevant . And its presence, very unlikely even in colony or stray cats that are not vaccinated.

Essential guide to feline vaccines

In cats rabies is very serious and can cause the death of the animal that suffers from it; And yes, in a very rare case that an animal infected with rabies bites a person, it is through the saliva in the wound that it enters our body.

Can a cat bite be prevented?

It is advisable that we always be aware that cats are animals that, from one moment to another, can change their attitude and get angry . Almost always, in the worst case, in the face of a sudden flinch the thing will not go beyond an attempted scratch.

If we are in contact with street cats we have to be more cautious, although it is not necessary to alarm anything.  If it bites us, we should consider receiving the tetanus injection , which can be administered at any medical center.

Divyesh Patel