Beds for cats: original and comfortable ideas

For our cats, the bed is like a sanctuary. Their bed should be comfortable, warm and stylish to suit their needs, you can even include some of their toys to make the stay more bearable. But, have you thought about making it with your own hands? In this post we give you some ideas to make one of these cat beds.

Cat beds: what you should know before making or buying one

cat bed

When it comes to beds for your kitten, anything goes and even more so when you use your creativity.

The important thing is that they are tailored to your feline, and by this we mean the unique style of your pet. Each kitten is different from the others , for having its own tastes and some special characteristic, compared to others of its breed.

For these reasons it is important that you know some ideas of original and comfortable cat beds . They will come in handy if you are thinking of adopting a kitten , or if you already enjoy the company of one and want to change their bed for a more comfortable or more fashionable one.

You may prefer that your pet sleeps next to you , in the same bed, but we recommend that you have your own space . You don’t want the cat lying in your bed all day, do you? Remember that they sleep several hours during the day and usually shed hair.

The important thing is that your kitten gets used to having a place of its own from a young age, where it feels comfortable. Cats are solitary and independent animals , don’t forget that. Supporting them in this aspect is important for a good development during their growth.

How to choose the most comfortable bed for your cat?

To choose the best cat bed, or make it, you must take into account certain aspects that are important when choosing it.

1. The size of the cat does matter

A small cat will not need the same bed as a large or medium cat. And vice versa.

2. How does your cat sleep?

The way your feline sleeps is very important and will determine the size of the mattress. If he sleeps stretched out or hidden, they are data that you should not miss.

3. The weather affects when making or buying a cat bed

The temperature changes of each season – it can be cold or hot – must be taken into account. So you must be prepared for everything that may arise, that way your kitten will be cool, comfortable and warm.

4. The bed should be easy to clean

A cat bed is synonymous with neatness : cats are generally very clean, try to choose an easy-to-clean bed so that you do not get too much work.

Cat beds made by you: original ideas and necessary materials

We show you some ideas to make a bed for your pet, with easy instructions.

1. Make a cat bed with a sweater

Necessary materials

  • Sweater.
  • Cloth.
  • Strong thread.
  • Filling.

Step by Step

  1. Cut the sweater according to the shape you want to give it.
  2. Sew across the edge of the sweater, without closing the seam so you can put the padding inside
  3. Go over the entire seam.

The result will be a comfortable and very warm bed for your feline.

2. Use a dresser to make a bed for your cat

Something very common is that your cat wants to sleep in the same room as you , so you can choose a corner, or the bottom part of a piece of furniture to add a comfortable cushion and a blanket, and make that corner your particular room. little cat.

3. Cat cradle made of wood

cat bed

If you like to sleep next to your cat, you can build a wooden crib and place it next to your bed. It is very cute for a small kitten.

4. An old piece of furniture

A restored piece of furniture is perfect as a bed for your cat . With a little paint, removing some drawers and adding a cushion and a blanket. It will be beautiful and will be a special corner.

5. The bottom of a table

This site is perfect because you will only need a small mattress or pillow tailored to your kitten. You can also put a curtain on it to give it privacy.

6. With a tire

The shape of a tire is perfect because it gives your cat adequate space to sleep. You will only need paint, a cushion or mattress tailored to the tire , and a little time to leave the new bed for your perfect pet.

7. An old suitcase

Before throwing a suitcase, remember that you can give it a second life. They are perfect for making a comfortable bed for your cat. You will only need a mattress that fits and it will be ideal.

8. With cloth

With the help of a pattern, fabric and filling, you can create a work of art for your kitten. Make sure to choose a fabric that does not cause heat or cold, for this you must be aware of changes in the weather. Just like you do with the sheets on your bed!

9. With pallets

cat bed

With the famous pallets you can make different styles of beds for your pet, although they will cost you a bit of work because you must leave them perfect so that your cat does not scratch itself with the wood.

10. With drawers

The drawers of your old furniture work great to make a cozy bed for your feline. You just need a little paint and a mattress to make it adorable.

These ideas are great and you can find inspiration on portals like Pinterest . All you have to do is search the Internet and unleash your creativity.


Divyesh Patel