Best Brushes & Tools for Deshedding Dogs in 2022

Best Brushes & Tools for Deshedding Dogs in 2021

When our fur ball arrives home, everyone is delighted. However, having a dog also means having responsibilities. The health of our best friend is fundamental. Before buying a dog, it is therefore important to take into account the breed, size, character and type of hair.

If we choose a long-haired dog, it will take more time to take care of our dog and its coat. Sometimes a brush is not enough. Sometimes you need specific products. A dog brush is the essential tool to ensure that your dog is happy and healthy.

Brushes for dogs are essential accessories for our pet and it is a tool widely used in dog grooming.

Using a dog brush is very important in dogs with long or curly hairs, as this type of hair requires regular maintenance.

There are a wide variety of dog brushes on the market that adapt to the breed of dog and coat.

It is important to look at different factors before purchasing a dog brush. We must in particular look at the size of the accessory and its ergonomics.

Best Brushes & Tools for Deshedding Dogs

There are many brushes for dogs, suitable for removing dead hair from our animal during shedding, but also for untangling knots or to avoid annoying parasites, especially in summer. In the following ranking, we present our best selection of brushes for dogs, with the best value for money. Let’s start.

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Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Dog Brushes

The dog brushes are items specially created for grooming and care of our animals hairy. These articles are different depending on the use and can eliminate parasites or reduce hair loss during shedding. In the following paragraph, we answer the questions most frequently asked by users.

What is a dog brush and what is it used for?

Brushes are one of the oldest utensils in humanity. The oldest brush has been found in excavations in northern Europe and dates back 10,000 years. It is a flat utensil with tips, made with different materials and which is used to straighten and untangle hair.

The dog was the first animal domesticated by man, but its grooming developed from the 20th century, with canine grooming. These places have the function of taking care and grooming our animals, with different methods and tools, among which the brush or the brush for dogs.

What are the benefits of using a dog brush frequently?

The dog brush is an essential accessory for grooming our best friend. It is particularly important to use a brush for dogs with long or curly hairs, as this type of hair requires regular maintenance. Only short-haired dogs can do without frequent brushing. There are many advantages to these types of tools, as you will see below:

Smooth and beautifies: They smooth the coat of our animals and guarantee a beautiful coat after washing.

Eliminate knots: They untangle the knots present in your dog’s hair.

Hair loss : Frequent brushing limits hair loss.

Dead hair: It facilitates the elimination of dead hair during shedding, which will prevent your house from being full of dog hair.

Removes parasites:  There are new brushes for dogs sold on the market, which can eliminate fleas, ticks and other disturbing parasites. There are specific ones for removing fleas and eggs, thanks to very dense teeth.

Lubrication: Thanks to brushing, your dog’s skin remains lubricated because the natural fat is distributed well over his entire coat.

Circulation: Brushes, like brushes, stimulate your pet’s blood circulation.

When should you use a dog brush while grooming?

A brush with large spaced teeth is essential for brushing dogs with long hair. In this way, it eliminates rebellious knots, especially if you do it daily. Remember that in winter, this daily brushing is essential, because if the hairs are very tangled, they do not protect your dog from the cold.

Why is it so important to remove knots from my dog’s coat?

If your long-haired dog’s fur is full of knots, the skin is not breathing. Poor ventilation of the coat is harmful to the animal. Indeed, even the anti-parasitic pipettes do not penetrate the skin and are ineffective. However, fleas and ticks are not bothered by these knots, or any other type of dirt and can therefore proliferate as they see fit.

When a dog’s hair is very tangled, you can’t even tell the folds of the skin. In this case, it is not useful to use utensils with blades that could injure the animal. The ideal is a brush for dogs with wide tips and sufficient separation between the teeth so as not to damage your dog’s skin.

Is it true that we don’t need to brush dogs?

No, it is a mistake to think that. The fur of a domestic dog should always be cared for and groomed. It is therefore necessary to brush it daily to avoid parasites and dermatological infections, which are difficult to eliminate.

What types of brushes for dogs exist on the current market?

There are a wide variety of brushes for dogs in specialty stores. It is also possible to find them online, but first you need to know how they work to know how to use them properly. In general, you can find the following types of brushes for dogs, as you will see below in the table that we have prepared for you:

Brush type for dogs

What are they for ?
Metal brush It is the most classic and one of the most effective. It is used to remove dead hair from long-haired dogs. The tips are round toe. The best ones are made of stainless steel.
Eye contour brush These are special brushs to remove chases and dirt from around the eyes of long, dense haired dogs. They are small and the teeth are rounded to avoid injuring your pet.
Knot brush It is a special brush to remove knots from your long-haired animal, especially during the shedding season. It has blades, which are inwards so as not to injure the animal. It should not be used daily as it can leave holes in the dog’s coat. In addition, you must learn to use it before grooming your pet.
Flea brush These are brushs whose teeth are brought together to remove fleas from your pet’s fur. They are effective, but require extensive work on your part, in addition to a daily review with the brush.
Electric brush These are electrical devices, with cells or batteries, which are used to cut knots or eliminate parasites. They allow to remove ticks, fleas and other annoying parasites.

Which dog brush should I use for a short-haired dog?

Short-haired dogs, such as the pincher or chihuahua, do not wash, do not smooth their hair to remove dead hair and get rid of parasites. If your pet has short hair, it is best to use brushing gloves for regular hygiene. These are the most useful because they are effective and also because they will not damage your dog’s skin at all.

Which dog brush is recommended for a long-haired dog?

Long-haired dogs need more care in grooming and caring for their coat. The best thing to do is to first brush the coat of hair with a brush, then style it with a brush with teeth well separated from each other. In this way, you can untangle any knots. If possible, do this daily.

Try to be careful while brushing not to pull too much on the animal’s skin and not to damage it. If you brush your pet every day, you will not have any problems, even during the shedding season.

How often should I use a dog brush?

For a short-haired dog breed, it is advisable to use brushing gloves at least once a week, except in spring and autumn. The brushing recommendation for short-haired dogs is therefore twice a week. If we are referring to long or medium-haired dogs, it is advisable to brush them daily with a brush in order to avoid dreaded knots. In addition, your dog will thank you.

How much budget do I need to buy a dog brush?

These accessories are not expensive. You can check it with our selection. It is possible to buy a metal brush from € 5, even by choosing a quality material such as stainless steel.

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What is Furminator and why is it so well known?

Furminator is a tool specially created for shedding, by Angie Porter, in order to reduce the loss of hair of our pet. It has a stainless steel blade to remove dead hair. There are different models and sizes. Its price can reach 30 € for the model for long-haired dogs. But for other types of hair, it is more affordable.

Its use is recommended for medium to long haired dogs. It should be used especially in the spring and fall, when the hairs of our animals fall out the most. Its success in the pet product market is explained by its ease of use and efficiency. In addition, it is made with high quality materials.

Purchase criteria for Furminator

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve already figured out that buying a dog brush isn’t as simple as it sounds. It is necessary to look at a series of aspects before acquiring one so as not to be mistaken and have to spend more money. The choice of this accessory must be subject to several factors, as you will see in the following list:

  1. Breed and hair type
  2. Accessory size
  3. Brush function
  4. Strength of materials
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Valuation of users

Breed and hair type

Make sure the type of brush is appropriate for the breed and type of coat of your animal. It is not the same thing to groom a dog of breed Chow Chow as a German shepherd or even a malamute. If your dog has long hair, look at what accessories you need and consult a canine groomer or a veterinarian if necessary. You will not regret it.

Brush size

It may seem that looking at the size of the brush is not a useful criterion to take into account, but this factor is also important. There are brushes of different sizes, depending on the breed or size of your animal. Generally, they are sold in sizes S (small), M (medium) and L (large), unless they are unisex. Do not neglect this detail to avoid having to buy more brushes than expected.

Brush function

It is not the same thing to untangle knots as it is to remove parasites. This is why each brush for dogs has a very specific function. Each accessory will therefore have various advantages. Analyze the function that you will give to your brush, before you decide to acquire one for your faithful companion.

Strength of materials

The strength of the dog brush is also a factor to consider. Choose robust and solid materials. These materials will often be of better quality if they come from a recognized brand. You can buy a brush in a supermarket or made in China, but without any guarantee of durability. Always choose the quality of the materials so that they last for many years.


The word ergonomics refers to comfort, when linked to the design of a product. Opt for brushes with a handle, if possible comfortable to handle for grooming your animal. Also make sure the material is comfortable for you and your dog’s skin.

Valuation of users

Even if you have this guide, it’s never too much to check product scores, rated 4 to 5 stars. You can also view the comments. You can always find comments referring to the technical specifications of the product, which can be useful before the final purchase of an article.

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In summary

Brushes for dogs are essential accessories when you have a pet, especially if it has long or medium long hair. In these two cases, it is necessary to brush it daily in order to untangle and avoid knots in its coat. The brush is smooth, stimulate blood circulation and remove traces of dirt and parasites from our animals.

Daily brushing is essential for our best friends’ hair to look healthy and shiny. It is convenient to use a brush after passing a sturdy brush through its bristles. In this way, you will remove dead hair. Grooming should be done on a daily basis, if possible. Otherwise, it is important to especially brush your pet in the spring and fall, which are the seasons of hair change in our dogs.

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