The 5 Best Cages for Guinea pigs of 2020

Cage for guinea pigs – Buying guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to pampering our guinea pig, the first thing we can offer is a cozy home so that it feels safe, where it can walk freely and at the same time be practical when we have to maintain it and keep it clean. This allows you not to have to invest too much effort in the work. The good news is that in this respect manufacturers have designed and put on sale various options that may be appropriate, because they fit both our space and our budget. If you are testing guinea pig cages, let us recommend the Zolux 205460O/G, a robust and spacious cage with a plastic manger, which might even be suitable for rabbits due to its size. Another good compact and sturdy option could be the Voltrega 001974G, which provides you with accessories for your pet to exercise while climbing and exploring, as well as including a deep plastic crib suitable for your pet to avoid leaving dirt around its cage.

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Buying Guide – What is the best guinea pig cage on the market ?

If you like these nice rodents and want to have one, but you lack information about what you could take into account when choosing a suitable cage, we provide our guide to buying the best guinea pig cage where you will find guidance that could be useful, perhaps with it you have a better chance of choosing the right one and invest your money correctly.


To keep any rodent safe the first thing we need is a cage that is resistant to the natural tendency of these small animals to bite what is around them.

This is why most cages include metal and hard plastics among their materials. This provides for a longer period of use while preventing them from escaping.

Furthermore, it is also important that the materials that will be in contact with the faeces are corrosion resistant, especially those used as cage floors, as they can deteriorate due to the concentration of certain substances.

Fortunately, there are materials that allow the cages to cover these needs while remaining good and economical, so you are sure to find one that fits your budget.

Hygiene and health

Another aspect that cannot go unnoticed is that the materials that make up the cage must be non-toxic for your guinea pig, to prevent your pet from suffering from having ingested any part with substances that are harmful to him. Don’t worry, manufacturers generally use varnishes or plastics that are free of components that could pose a risk.

Maintaining the hygiene of the cage is indispensable, it will be a task that you will perform quite often and it is better to make it as fast as possible and simple. For this, it is best that the bottom of the cage is easily removable and preferably has no relief or places where any dirt can get trapped.

Rest areas and accessories

We can’t help but notice that rodents are in nature prey animals, this makes them have a natural tendency to stay safe in burrows. For this reason it is important that in a comparison of guinea pig cages you consider choosing those that provide you with an appropriate space for them to feel safe and rest.

Or, that it is possible to adapt some space for this purpose. For this reason, we invite you to consider, in addition to the cost of the cage, an estimate of how much it costs to properly adapt your home, so that it does not lack any basic accessories and you do not have unforeseen expenses. Remember that other important accessories could be feeders or drinkers, since they are also indispensable for your pet.


There may be times when you need to take your guinea pig out of its cage, or bring in some food or toy. In this sense, access is important.

They must be the right size so that not only can the guinea pig come out, but also so that your hand can go in without any problems. \On the other hand, it must offer security so that it does not open by accident, preventing your pet from going out and putting itself in danger, especially if you have other pets that might be interested in capturing it.


Another aspect that you can take into consideration when choosing models is related to the place where you will place the cage. In other words, if you want it to be an indoor option, you probably don’t need a roof that protects you from sun and rain, but a fence that prevents you from escaping. But in the case of a model to be placed outdoors, it may be necessary to provide better protection and make the materials suitable for this use.

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The appearance and design of the kennel can also be important, as tending to your pet will be a daily task and you may wish to keep it in sight to observe its activities. That’s why we invite you to choose one that you find attractive, so that the experience of living with your guinea pig could be even more pleasant and it could look good in the place where you will place it.

Finally, the size of the cage is another point you should not forget. It must be adapted to the place you have in mind to place it, as well as to the number of pets it will contain. Although guinea pigs generally do not require much space, it is advisable to keep this in mind.

The 5 Best Cages for Guinea pigs – Opinions 2020

If you lack models to add to your comparison we invite you to know our selection, in it you will be able to find 5 different models with a brief description of each one where we will show their characteristics, this way you will have more information related to what nowadays is in the market and what could satisfy your needs, to choose in a simpler way the model you are looking for.

1. Zolux Cage for Orange Guinea Pig

Main advantage:

In addition to being a comfortable and easy to assemble cage, the purchase also includes some accessories so that you do not have to spend extra money to equip the cage with the basics.

Main disadvantage:

It is said that the cage closures are a bit weak and if the animal starts gnawing on them, they are likely to break. It is recommended to be aware of this detail.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The Zolux cage is a good option to keep the family pet healthy and safe in a space where it has access to everything necessary for its welfare.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($48.3)

Main characteristics explained


Guinea pigs are cute, low-maintenance, herbivorous, small-sized pets that can be easily cared for, so they are often preferred by children. If you want to give your little one a guinea pig, choose the design of its cage carefully.

Although guinea pigs do not grow much, they still need space to move freely and stay in shape. The Zolux model measures 82 x 54 x 34 centimetres and has a front opening that allows you to comfortably put the animal in and take it out. It also stands out that it is a cage suitable for rabbits thanks to the space it offers, more than enough for the rest and relaxation of the pet.

The cage is grey and has orange details that make a nice and attractive contrast to be also decorative in the child’s room.


Since guinea pig cages are usually their main habitat, it is very important that you take into account the manufacturing materials, especially if you have more pets at home.

In the case of this model of guinea pig cage, we highlight the fact that the structure is made of resistant materials and is divided into two sections: the base, made of rigid plastic to offer robustness and the upper protective cover made of metal.

Thanks to this covered space, you won’t have to worry about your pet running away or having a confrontation with the dog or cat in the house, whatever the case may be. And, although it requires some assembly, buyers comment that it is easy to assemble thanks to its instruction manual and has good manufacturing finishes to give a sense of robustness.


If you look carefully, you can find models that, in addition to the cage itself, also include accessories that could be useful for keeping your guinea pig healthy and well cared for. If you want to save a couple of euros in buying troughs separately, we recommend you to evaluate this feature thoroughly.

It is considered an advantage by the users that the Zolux brand cage includes among its pieces an orange plastic manger where you can serve the guinea pig’s food and avoid disorder inside the cage. Also, since it is removable, you can clean it to keep the space smelling good.

You will also find a bowl where you can place the water for the guinea pig and make sure it stays hydrated. Don’t worry about the wear and tear on this part, as it is made of stainless steel.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($48.3)

2. Voltrega 001974G Rabbit Cage

This cage option with dimensions of 70 x 40 x 65 cm is among the cheapest and has a great facility to remove the metal section from its bottom. This feature can facilitate the task of maintaining the necessary cleanliness and hygiene for your pet.

In addition, because its design includes a greater height compared to other models, it allows for two platforms that your guinea pig can access to explore and exercise, which can contribute to its well-being. While on the other hand, it will take up little space in your home which may be convenient.

On the other hand, it should be noted that its platforms are made of very resistant plastic just like the crib and due to the depth it has been given it is adequate to offer protection and comfort. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that its components are free of harmful substances, so even if your guinea pig does bite them, it won’t pose any risk.

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Voltrega could be considered the best brand of cages for guinea pigs, as it includes in each model a level of practicality and considerable functionality so that your pet can feel at ease.


Design: The design available in this cage will allow you to easily place up to two platforms so that your guinea pig can explore and be distracted at the same time as it exercises.

Dimensions: This cage will not take up much space at home, thanks to its dimensions being the same as 70 x 40 x 65 centimetres.

Material: It should be noted that both the platforms and the crib available in this cage are made of high quality plastic.


Locking system: For some users the locking system included in the cage seems unsafe, so you should take this into account before purchase.

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3. Bunny Business Two-story guinea pig burrow

If you want to keep your guinea pig outdoors and need a home according to your needs, this model may help you decide which is the best guinea pig cage, because due to its water resistance and robust design with a roof, it can even tolerate rain.

Among its many advantages we can also highlight its pleasant appearance and careful finishes, so in addition to providing comfort for your pet can be considered as decorative.

It is worth mentioning that it offers two convenient plastic coated trays that will help to easily maintain hygiene in the cage and in case you need a cage for 2 guinea pigs this can be suitable as it is very versatile.

This is because it includes a separation door that communicates both levels, so you can take care of them independently or together and its measures of 108 x 52 x 22.5 cm can be considered as sufficient.

If your purpose is to acquire the best guinea pig cage of the moment, you should consider some details among which the design of the same, as well as the dimensions or even the appearance that it has.


Cage for two: This cage is a suitable model to house up to two guinea pigs inside if you wish.

Dimensions: The dimensions available in this cage are 108 x 52 x 22.5 centimetres, which makes it a large model for the enjoyment of your guinea pigs.

Separation door: It has a separation door, ideal for you to raise the guinea pigs independently or together, as you prefer.


Quality: Different users have commented that the quality available in this cage is not the most adequate, so you must give it special care.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($121.87)

4. Little Friends Little Friends Inside 80 Rabbit

If you want to offer your guinea pig an extra space to have fun, then this could be the best value for money guinea pig cage for you, because for a reasonable cost it will allow you to extend its space thanks to its grid.

This is made of metal to offer adequate strength and can be a good option to let you explore the garden safely, as it consists of 5 panels that are attached to the metal structure of the cage. Each panel measures 46 x 45 cm, which considerably increases the space for your guinea pig.

On the other hand, its 80 x 44 x 43 cm cage can also provide a cozy and safe home. It also includes additional useful accessories such as a ramp that will allow you to get in and out of the cage easily and a metal burrow.

If you need a cage at home where you can keep your pet comfortable, you could choose one of the models that are easily available on the market.


Material: It is made of metal, a resistant and durable material that will also allow your guinea pig to explore the garden of your home comfortably.

Panels: This model is made up of 5 panels that can be attached to the metal structure of the cage, taking into account that each panel measures 46 x 45 centimetres.

Accessories: It is supplied with some accessories such as a ramp and a metal burrow.


Assembly: When it comes to the assembly of the cage, some users have commented that the cage lacks some ideal tools to finish the task properly.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($52.11)

5. Dibea RH10240 Premium Small Animal Pen

If you are looking for a versatile cage that you could use even outdoors, this model may be a good choice. In addition, it is considered among the best guinea pig cages of 2020 for its resistant materials and large dimensions.

Among the attributes that stand out in its design is the fact that it is a two-storey cage, where the upper section provides a comfortable and well-protected space from the sun and the weather, so it can be an appropriate place to rest. The lower area provides access to the ground, so you can place it in a garden space for running and exploring.

On the other hand, thanks to its iron wire that covers the entire perimeter of the cage has good ventilation and is considered a safe cage for your pets do not escape.

If you want to know which guinea pig cage to buy, you will have to take into account some details that will help you figure out if the model you like best is functional, practical and of good quality.


Design: This cage has a very peculiar design, as it is a two-storey model, so your guinea pig will have enough space to be distracted.

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Upper section: The upper section of the cage has a comfortable space that will keep your guinea pig protected from the sun and weather.

Lower area: The lower area has easy access to your garden floor for your pet to enjoy while running and exploring.

Ventilation: It is capable of providing your guinea pig with the necessary ventilation, since it has an iron wire that covers its entire perimeter.


Dimensions: Before purchasing this cage you should take into account the dimensions it offers, since you must have the appropriate space at home to carry out its assembly.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($119.95)

Zolux Cage for Rabbit/Cobaya Orange

The Zolux brand offers you this option that due to its dimensions and accessories could well be considered by many as the best guinea pig cage.

On the one hand, it includes a plastic manger with an appropriate depth to give comfort to your pet, since you can even put enough substrate for him to dig without it overflowing too much around the cage.

It also includes a metal niche that can offer great durability and is resistant to bites, where it can be comfortably stored and because it is removable it will not make your cleaning tasks difficult.

In terms of its dimensions, these are 82 x 54 x 34 cm, which gives it enough room to run around inside and its front opening is very large, so you can introduce objects or take your pet out comfortably.

Zolux offers you the best guinea pig cage for 50 euros. In this sense, you will be able to acquire this product at a very accessible price, being considered one of the cheapest in the market.


Crib: This cage has a plastic crib with an appropriate depth for you to place enough substrate, so that your pet can dig comfortably.

Metal niche: The metal niche included in this cage offers you a long life span. It is also resistant to guinea pig bites.

Cleaning: The cleaning of this cage is a comfortable task to carry out, as the metal niche can be easily removed.

Dimensions: As for its dimensions, they are 82 x 54 x 34 centimetres. Therefore, your guinea pig will have a large surface to run around on.


Instruction manual: Some users miss the presence of some special instruction manual to carry out the assembly of the same in a few minutes.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($48.3)

How to use a guinea pig cage

If you plan to acquire a guinea pig as a pet, you should buy and prepare its cage to make it comfortable. For that reason, we will proceed to give you the information you require to prepare your pet’s new home, taking into consideration, size, distribution of the elements and even the type of substrate of the base, because all this will be essential if you want your guinea pig to feel cared for and happy.

Prepare the cage floor

The guinea pig generates a lot of humidity both in its body and in its urine, so we recommend that the soil be smooth and look for a good substrate that will absorb this humidity, such as: sawdust, pressed paper, cereal husks or rags.

All of them can be used, but the most recommended substrate is sawdust because it is easy to remove weekly, even in some cases daily, depending on the amount of feces or urine stained areas. You have to make a 2 cm layer of sawdust to make it work effectively.

Place containers for food and water

The ideal container for the guinea pig is the bowl, but you must place it or fix it to the cage, in such a way that it makes it difficult for the animal to overturn the container and spill the water. Always keep his bowl full of water and keep it clean and fresh.

It also incorporates a deposit for the food, in the stores you will find feed, which is the appropriate food for your pet, but when you look for this type of food try to make it rich in vitamin C. Every other day incorporate fruits or vegetables into your diet. In another tank he puts plenty of hay which is the classic food for this pet.

Make a shelter or dormitory

Guinea pigs like a semi-hidden place to sleep or take refuge at certain times of the day. For that, you can create a tunnel or a nest for her, if it can be woven or made of wood much better, since she should also be able to gnaw and even scratch, so it is advisable to make a sawdust mattress for her.

Finally, recreate the cage to your imagination

Take advantage of your creativity, place additional floors communicated with ramps, remember that the cage must be large so that you can incorporate toys of any kind, which can gnaw and play with them.

But be careful, check that the toys are not toxic or that parts of them may come off that could choke the animal. Here your wit should have no limits, as guinea pigs are very curious and playful animals and will love to check, run and play while they are not with you. Finally, take advantage of the time of day when you will be cleaning the waste, so that you give your guinea pig 4 hours of freedom outside the cage, but do not neglect it.




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