The Best Cat Carriers [Reviewed] in 2022 – Expert Tips

The Best Cat Carriers [Reviewed] in 2021 – Expert Tips

The Best Cat Carriers [Reviewed] in 2020 – Expert Tips

Cats are animals that live in their own universe and habits. However, it is sometimes necessary to leave their homes and travel to other destinations. For the most comfortable journey, you will need accessories to support you, such as a carrying bag.

Depending on the type of trip or means of transport used, different models are available to you, adapted to the profile of each animal. To guide you in choosing the model of transport bag in agreement with your cat, we offer a complete guide. Determine the needs of your little feline, favor the ideal bag for comfortable travel, and all at the best value for money … we tell you everything about transport bags for nomadic cats.

In short

The Best Cat Carriers [Reviewed] in 2021 – Expert Tips

If your cat is not comfortable traveling, then only transport it when necessary, or in an emergency. On the other hand, if your animal has an adventurous spirit, or if you simply have to make any journey with your animal: then a transport bag is THE perfect solution for moving it.

Even if your cat is protected in its transport bag, certain vaccines are still necessary before planning its first outings. It is also advised that your pet carries a chip, in case he gets lost. Certain medications, such as light sedatives, will also help you in times of stress. Talk to your veterinarian.

Certain selection criteria must be taken into account when purchasing your transport bag, in particular: ideal ventilation, the comfort of the materials used, or even heat insulation.

Our selection of cat transport bag options on the US market

Choosing the model of transport bag for your cat, which will combine both respect for your animal’s needs, and your budget … is not always an easy task! To support you in your selection, we present the most popular models currently on the market.

  1. The best expandable and adjustable cat carrying bag
  2. The best multi-purpose cat carrying bag, with accessories provided
  3. Best trendy and removable transport bag
  4. The best carrying bag for small cats and kittens

Shopping guide: everything you need to know about a cat carry bag

Before buying a transport bag for your cat, consider both your needs and those of your little feline. Identifying the profile and habits of your pet is the key to making an informed choice. To make your task easier, we have answered for you the questions most frequently asked by users. Immersion in the world of the cat transport bag:

When does my cat need a transport bag?

If you need to take your cat out for activities as varied as going to the vet, taking it with you on vacation, or even going on a trip: it is essential to transport it comfortably and safely. Cages were the most widely used method until then, until cat carrier bags became known on the market. They are recognized as much more comfortable and easy to use, both for the owner and for the animal. For a journey by public transport or by car, it is required by law that your animal be placed in a transport bag which complies with certain regulations.


What vaccinations are required before taking my cat out of its transport bag?

Sedentary cats at home are ultimately the best protected against any form of disease. However, if you want to take your pet out, it is crucial to protect and vaccinate your pet. At the baby stage, the vaccination process begins at the age of two months.

Veterinarians recommend the trivalent vaccine for all cats and the leukemia vaccine for those in contact with stray cats. The 2 vaccines are therefore necessary if you want to take your cat out on the street. The trivalent HIV vaccine is given in three stages, and that against leukemia in two.

Can I travel with my cat in a transport bag?

The image of a traveler who goes on an adventure in the company of his feline friend is rather moving. A cat, unlike a dog, can nevertheless be stressed by any change. If you find that your pet does not manage changes or departures well, it is better not to take him on a trip.

Conversely, if he likes to go out and explore new places: traveling around the world with your favorite animal is an option to consider! However, always keep in mind that a cat is a living being, not a toy. Adapt your trip to their needs; and remember that you will need to find accommodation, or transportation, that accepts pets.

What if my cat does not want to use his transport bag?

Your cat may associate the transport bag with the obligation to leave the house, or visits to the veterinarian, and make resistance when entering the bag. To make it easier, keep the backpack open the previous days at home, and preferably place the bag in a part of the house that appeals to your pet, and with a toy inside. You can also reward it with a treat, as soon as your cat gets into his transport bag. It is very important that he feels this space like his, for a pleasant trip, without trauma.

Where to put my cat’s transport bag in the car?

For any journey by car, the cat must be securely attached, for safety reasons, in particular to avoid any risk of being propelled in the event of a braking maneuver, for example. And for everyone’s safety as well: because if he becomes nervous and gets closer to the driver, this could have serious repercussions on your driving. The transport bag must be kept attached to the seat belt.

Many transport bags have a hook provided for this purpose. Otherwise, you can get them separately. For more stability, place the transport bag on the ground of the vehicle. The space between the front and rear seats is stable and secure, to be preferred for the well-being of your animal.

What can I use to make the cat carrier bag and the journey more pleasant for my pet?

In addition to providing a stable, comfortable, clean and well-ventilated space for your pet, you can also use some precious accessories or tools to make your cat’s journey as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Here are the little extras at your disposal:

Synthetic pheromones : substances with odors familiar to cats, which bring comfort and security to your pet.

Sedatives  : If you find that your cat is too stressed, talk to your veterinarian to obtain a prescription for travel sedation.

Bach flowers  : Tranquilizers more natural, these plants contribute to the serenity of your cat during the journey.

Toy  : Put his favorite cat toy, or his blanket, in his transport bag, to reassure your animal thanks to the proximity of a familiar object.

Can my cat accompany me on the plane in its transport bag?

Most airlines allow you to board an airplane with your cat. It is however compulsory to transport it in a bag to the measures approved by the regulations in force. Remember to check the dimensions of your bag, in comparison with the size of hand luggage allowed. It is common for airlines to charge extra for transporting animals: when you buy your plane ticket, don’t forget to add your optional animal.

Purchase criteria

The Best Cat Carriers [Reviewed] in 2021 – Expert Tips

For a choice of transport bag perfectly suited to your little feline, it is essential to decipher certain selection criteria. To assist you in your choice, we have listed and detailed the key elements to consider:

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Materials
  • functions


It is common for transport bags for cats to be rather black. Probably because they can please and adapt to the majority of users. However, since black attracts heat, make sure the bag is well ventilated and withstands high temperatures.

Your pet should be comfortable inside his bag, without the heat being a disturbing factor. Some brands offer models in different colors to choose from. Other manufacturers have developed bags with more trendy shades and styles, if you want an original model. Design and color will be more important to you than to your animal!


There are several factors to consider when choosing the size of your cat’s carry bag. On the one hand, the bag must be of a size adapted to your back, and favor comfort and ease of transport. On the other hand, it is crucial that the bag is adjusted to the size of the animal, in order to avoid any risk of discomfort and discomfort: a cat cannot spend several hours in its transport bag if it is curled up.

Also remember to read the comments of users to cats of size, and weight, similar to those of your pet. In addition, if you travel a lot by plane, prefer a model of transport bag with the dimensions accepted as hand luggage by airlines.


It is essential that your transport bag is both flexible for the well-being of your cat, but also with excellent ventilation, heat insulation, and protection from the cold. For your own comfort, also prefer solid, ergonomic and antiperspirant materials. Among the choice of materials available to you, we can cite:

Polyurethane: A  very popular material for cat transport bags, for their advantage of being rainproof.

PVC  plastic : A very hard plastic, widespread in astronaut type transport bags, which give the impression of being in front of a mini spaceship for cats.

Polyester:  One of the most common fibers in the textile industry. Waterproof, widely used for all types of clothing and accessories, because very cheap.

Mesh:  Often made of nylon, allows fresh air to enter and circulate in the bag for the well-being of your cat.

Polyethylene foam  Very soft foam, often found on the back and bottom of the bag.


In addition to the main compartment, where you transport your pet, chances are that your cat transport bag has other very useful functions. Here are the little extras and other additional functions that you can find in your next model of cat transport bag:

Pockets:  Some bags have front or side pockets, where you can store your little cat’s personal belongings.

Harness strap: Many carry bags for cats have an inner leash that is used to attach them to a harness. You can also open the backpack wide without your animal being likely to escape.

Car fasteners: Many transport bags have fasteners to be installed on the seat belt, in order to comply with road safety rules.

Hooks: Some bags have a device to feed or water your cat. With bowls to adjust to the hooks, even included with the model.

Front straps: Some transport bags have front straps for better support and comfort.

In summary

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At the moment T to choose the most suitable transport bag for small pets, some selection criteria are key elements to take into consideration. For an appropriate choice: pay attention to the size, weight, quality of materials and functionality of the accessory. Keep in mind that not all cats like to travel, hence the need to choose a model that promotes the serenity of your animal.

Also make sure that your cat’s carrying bag is also perfectly comfortable for you to carry. In addition, check that it is approved for various public transport systems, or conforms to the dimensions of cabin baggage. Finally, don’t forget to always prioritize the well-being of your little feline during your journeys and trips. Adapt your choice of transport or accommodation, and bet on a comfortable transport bag for cats. Have a nice trip with your best feline friend!

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