The 9 Best Cat Foods of 2020 – Expert Vet’s Review

Cat food – Buying guide, Opinions and Analysis

Buying a good cat food is what will determine that your little pet will always be healthy and will not need constant visits to the vet for conditions that could have been prevented. Spayed, diabetic, old, young and furry cat food is available on the market and choosing the right option for your feline friend will make you the best cat owner in the world. The good taste of Ultima 922362 makes many cats prefer it and, as they eat, the food acts on their bodies to keep them healthy. On the other hand, the most demanding can eat Orijen 28118, which is made up purely of proteins and animal meat, without cereals and with an exquisite taste.

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The 9 Best Cat Foods – Opinions 2020

There is a great deal of cat food on the market, and it is therefore not unusual to get a little lost among so many options. This list will show you different alternatives for unique cats, so you can choose the product that your pet needs.

Spayed cat food

1. Latest Adult Sterilized Cat Food with Salmon

Spaying and neutering is a process that many owners take to stop cats from reproducing, and if your pet is spayed or neutered and you’re looking for the best cat food to match, this Ultima food has been specially created for any spayed or neutered adult cat. Its formula ensures that these kittens are protected and kept healthy.

This product has a recipe that does not include sugars, dyes or preservatives of any kind. The food is low in calories so as not to affect the weight of the cats, which tend to get fat easily, especially when sterilized. This purchase means obtaining 3 kilograms of food that contributes to the preservation of the skin and coat of the cats, to the prevention of infections in the urinary tract and to the conservation of a good pH. Also, provide the amount of omega-3, omega- 6 and zinc your pet needs.

Spayed cat food is necessary for cats that have gone through this process and fortunately this is one of the cheapest and most effective options for these types of pets.


Health: Cats’ health will be easier to maintain, due to the multiple benefits of the food.

Quantity: The package comes with 3 kilograms of product, so it will last long enough.

Calories: The low calorie content makes it easy to control your cat’s weight.

Natural: This is a natural cat food as it does not come with any preservatives, coloring or sugars.


Overfeeding: Some cats may feel anxious, wanting to eat this food all the time.

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Orijen cat food

2. Orijen 6 Fish Cat Food

Although it does not qualify as one of the cheapest cat food, this product is of the highest quality and is made specifically for those who want to offer exclusive feeding to cats. This food provides the domestic cat with an appropriate diet for African wild cats, therefore, it will give your pet a mix of different calories full of healthy fats and proteins from dehydrated fish. The health pump is concentrated in each piece, since the cartilage, the meat and the organs of the fish are used.

The only additives in this Orijen cat food are zinc, choline and copper, and these will help the healthy growth and development of cats at any stage of their lives. The percentage of carbohydrates has been reduced by the 1.8 kg content of the package, minimizing the chances of obesity and diabetes. Cats will love the taste of the food, enhanced by a touch of cod liver.

Orijen is the best brand of cat food because they consider the evolutionary aspect of cats and the dietary balance they need. Buying this product is a great idea for cat owners.


Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates have been decreased to avoid overweight and diabetes.

Fish: This food encompasses all the benefits that fish has for cats.

Flavor: Your cat will eat every last piece of this food, as it is a product with an attractive flavor for them.


Quantity: This product has a high price, considering that it only comes with 1.8 kilograms of content.

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Hypoallergenic cat food

3. Royal Vet Feline Hypoallergenic Dr25

Cats that are prone to allergies will also know which is the best cat food in their class, as this pack containing 500 grams of dry food created especially for adult cats is ideal for them. The great advantage of this product is that it is a hypoallergenic cat food, as manufacturers have selected specific sources of carbohydrates and protein that reduce the possibility of adverse effects to the ingredients.

Royal Canin cat food is formulated with a low molecular weight to improve digestion and decrease the likelihood of allergy, while B vitamins and amino acids work together to help maintain healthy cat skin. Stones in the urinary tract will have more difficulty appearing, as the food helps to maintain a balanced environment unfavorable for these situations. With this product you get a balanced and safe diet.

If your cat is constantly suffering from allergies you may not know what cat food to buy, but this product is made specifically to protect the health of cats like him.


Vitamin: This product has an excellent combination of vitamins, including vitamin B for the skin and B12.

Allergy: Its hypoallergenic quality will preserve feline health intact, avoiding allergy to the ingredients.

Digestion: Cats will be able to digest this food easily, which will avoid overweight and stomach problems.


Content: This product only has 500 grams of content, so it will be finished quickly.

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Cereal-free cat food

4. True Instinct High Meat Adult Cat Food

Adult cats deserve the same protection as baby kittens, and for that reason, while the cats are growing up, it’s imperative that they continue to be fed a good diet that keeps them healthy. This is definitely one of the best cat feeds of 2020, providing 7 kilograms of cereal-free cat food with a recipe based entirely on beef and fish, gluten-free and with additives from potatoes, peas and chickpeas to improve digestion and meet the nutritional requirements of cats.

The protein will keep your pet strong, along with the omega 3 and 6 from salmon and tuna, while his immune system will be kept healthy by the mixture of vitamin C, zinc, selenium and vitamin E contained in the food formula. The package is easy to open, so you don’t have a problem serving the portions. It contains no artificial flavors or colors, nor does it have any preservatives.

Your cats will forget what cereals are with this product, a food loaded with vitamins of animal and vegetable origin that will keep them healthy and energetic at all times.


Contents: 7 kilograms of food in one easy to open package. This will prevent you from buying another one quickly.

Ingredients: As there are no cereals, the ingredients come directly from animal and vegetable sources to maintain an organic and quality formula.

Digestion: Your cat won’t have to suffer from digestive problems with this food, as it’s easy to process due to its natural content.


Price: Despite having great content, the investment to be made is significant, compared to other models.

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Renal cat food

5. Royal Canin C-58292 Diet Feline Renal

It’s not uncommon for cats to start suffering from kidney problems when they reach a certain age as adults, so looking after them and avoiding these complications is necessary if you want to enjoy a healthy pet. This specific product comes with a formula that uses natural ingredients and brings antioxidants, very low levels of phosphorus and an adequate amount of EPA and DHA that will alleviate the symptoms of chronic kidney disease in cats, giving felines the opportunity to maintain proper kidney function that does not cause them discomfort or pain.

This 4 kilogram pack comes with a strip that marks the area to be cut, so you can easily take out every portion your cat needs. The aromatic profile of renal cat food has been extensively studied in order to attract cats, adapting it to their preferences. Its dimensions will make it easy to get you space at home.

This food is the best cat food of the moment for cats suffering from kidney problems. With this product cats will enjoy a better digestion, keeping their health to the maximum.


Kidney: Kidney problems will be a thing of the past with this food, as it is designed to alleviate kidney complications.

Contents: The 4 kilograms of contents will last quite long with an adult cat in the house.

Aroma: The aroma of this food is pleasant for all types of cats, regardless of their age.


Taste: If your cat prefers wet food, this food will not suit her, as it is a dry food.

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Acana cat food

6. Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food

When you think of the best cat food for cats that enjoy fresh ingredients, you should only visualize an Acana cat food, as this food comes with 1.8 kilograms of content created with elements purely of vegetable and animal origin, without a hint of gluten or cereals. 75% is made up of fish meat and cartilage, while the other 25% has ingredients of vegetable or fruit origin; all these elements come from Canada.

The decrease in carbohydrates promotes a diet with less risk of overweight or diabetes, while the inclusion of protein and vitamin sources protects your cat’s health from the first bite. Although everything is natural, the food retains a taste that will please all cats, no matter their age or breed, as it is made for all stages of their life. The product comes with an easy open top so you don’t have to work too hard to serve the portions.

The ideal combination of proteins, vitamins and natural ingredients of animal and vegetable origin makes this food one of the most balanced foods on the cat market.


Packaging: The 1.8 kilogram content will be easy to serve with this easy-open package.

Carbohydrates: Minimal use of carbohydrates in this food reduces the chances of your cat developing overweight or diabetes.

Versatile: The product is made for cats of all breeds and ages, so your pets can eat the same food.


Getting used to it: Cats can take time to get used to the food, so you may not eat much for the first few days.

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Ultima cat food

7. Latest Cat Food to prevent Hairballs

Cats exist in all types: small, large, furry and hairless. Although we love them all the same, each of them needs different care, especially the hairiest ones, since keeping their coat healthy requires specific attention. Ultima Hairball cat food is one of the best foods for cats, as it comes with 3 kilograms of colorant and preservative free food, made with turkey, vegetables, and whole grains.

This combination of ingredients is complemented by malt extract and vegetable fibre, facilitating the digestion and expulsion of the hair clumps that cats ingest after tongue wiping. In turn, this fur will remain strong and shiny to prevent it from falling. The proteins included contribute to muscle firmness, while the antioxidants are responsible for strengthening its defenses. Finally, this food provides the daily nutritional values of any adult cat.

The coat will still be one of the most beautiful parts of your cat with this amazing food, created to avoid hair clumps on your pet’s tummy.


Additives: The food has no colouring additives or preservatives, to give your pet the most natural thing ever.

Hairballs: The digestion and expulsion of the hairballs will be simple processes when eating this food.

Health: The consumption of this food will give your cat an integral health, with high defenses and good coat.


Hair: Some cats, even if the problem is minimized, will continue to vomit or defecate hairballs. It all depends on the amount you consume.

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Ownat cat food

8. Ownat Classic Sterilized Cat Food

Neutered cats can still enjoy a rich taste every time they eat, so buying an Ownat cat food will allow you to pamper your cat when it is already neutered. Made with natural ingredients, this food uses fresh chicken as a base element along with herbs, fruits, vegetables and cereals, to provide a balanced diet suited to the cats’ needs. Its formula has no preservatives or colorants, to minimize the use of artificial ingredients.

The package contains 1.5 kilograms of content, carefully created to satisfy your cat’s hunger, without saturating her with fat to maintain her ideal weight; meanwhile, the vitamin and protein elements are responsible for keeping the cat’s muscle mass in good condition. The food formula has been developed by veterinarians, so you can be sure your cat will be protected at all times.

This is the best value cat food if you have spayed cats at home, as its formula, created by veterinarians, takes into consideration all your needs.


Veterinarians: Formulated by veterinarians, therefore, this is a suitable food for kittens.

Sterilized: The food has been created specifically to take care of sterilized cats, avoiding their overweight.

Muscle mass: Cats will not lose muscle mass when consuming this food, so you don’t have to worry about this.


Contents: As it is only 1.5 kg, this food could run out quickly. Especially if you have several cats.

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Urinary cat food

9. Advance Veterinary Diets Urinary food for Cats Urinary Problems

8 kilograms of the best cat food of 2020 when it comes to urinary control in cats, what more could your pet ask for? This food has been created to contribute to the health of adult cats that suffer from urinary problems and need some help, while at the same time giving the pets all the nutritional value needed to keep them healthy.

The formula has a concentration of potassium and sodium to dilute the urine and increase its volume, with magnesium and minerals to prevent the formation of stones, with glucosamine and chondroitin to recover the mucus found in the urinary tract, and with a rich taste so that your cat devours its happy food. The easy-opening packaging will allow you to serve your pet effortlessly. Urinary cat food is not just for use during a treatment only, as it brings everything needed to serve as a daily food.

Pets with urinary problems will find a delicious and nutritious solution in this Advance Veterinary Diets cat food.


Urinary: Your cat’s urinary tract can be made healthy again by consuming this food.

Content: It is 8 kilograms of food for a reasonable price, so it is an idea to make a long term purchase.

Freshness: The packaging, besides being easy to open, will preserve the freshness of the food while it is being kept closed.

Nutrition: In addition to serving for urinary problems, the food is also nutritious.


Seal: The seal is weak and you must take care of it to prevent the package from being opened.

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Buying Guide

Your pet’s diet must be healthy if you want him to be with you always and for a long time. Choosing a good food will make a difference and these are the characteristics you should take into account to do so.

The cat’s needs

When comparing cat food to buy your pet’s new food, you should not consider what is the best cat food in general, but what is the right alternative for your feline, specifically. Cats have different needs and also different tastes, so buying something specially designed for your pet will guarantee you success with it.

The first thing you should notice is the age of the cat. food compositions are formulated taking into account the life span of the cats. Just as human babies are fed porridge, and parents solid food, small cats require very different things from an adult cat. The level of vitamins, proteins and various compounds changes.

In addition to this, many manufacturers take into account certain behaviours of cats when making more specific feeds that will help provide a balanced and optimal diet for cats. For example, there are specialized feeds for very energetic cats, while there is another for those who tend to swallow hairballs frequently. These little details can turn a good food into an excellent one.

The amount of food that comes in the package is also important, however, this will affect you and not your pet. If you know your cat has demanding needs and eats a lot, then buy a minimum 6kg pack so she can last you for a long time. Buying 500g or 1kg food is more advisable if the cat is trying to adapt to a new food and you want to check that she likes it.


A guide to buying the best cat food will not be complete if you do not pay attention to the composition of the food. It’s easy to put a label saying that the food is ideal for any pet, but this doesn’t always mean that it really is. Checking the nutritional values and ingredients of the food is the first step to achieving the quality you’re really looking for and which your cat deserves, no matter how much it costs.

You should avoid buying cat food that contains a large amount of cereal because, in addition to not being necessary, it also contributes to excess carbohydrates that can cause weight problems for your pet.

Try to buy cat food that is premium, because although it is not a cheap product, this type of food has a high percentage of animal meat and does not contain gluten or cereals of any kind.

Foods with only natural ingredients are the best for your cat and, in addition, it is recommended to have a varied composition of fresh elements. That is to say, an excellent composition is one that has animal meat together with vegetable ingredients that complement the first one, without any type of coloring, sugars or preservatives.

All this can be seen in the ingredients section of the packaging of the food you want to choose. Check every value and every item to make sure you are offering your pet a balanced diet. The composition between a wet and a dry type of food also varies between them, even if they have the same meat as a base and if they are of the same brand. Pay attention to the details of wet food alike.

Special conditions

As cats grow older, it is more common for diseases to start appearing and much more often. Senile cats begin to have problems with stools and urine, sometimes have dramatic changes in weight, and develop conditions that prevent them from eating certain types of food. When these cases are reached, it is necessary to look for cat food that has been formulated to deal with the special conditions your pet shows.

A very common example is kidney failure. Cats suffering from this should only consume food that helps to improve this problem, to recover and not to aggravate the situation.

Other conditions that kittens can suffer from are diabetes and also urinary problems. Each of these situations has an ideal food for them that allows the cats to enjoy a good taste, be always satiated and at the same time receive treatment against the disease.

Finally, sterilised cat food is also specialised. Stay alert and make good choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I use a cat food?

The mistake many people make when feeding their pets, especially their kittens, is to think that they only have to fill the food container and refill it when the cat meows because it is “hungry”. The problem with this lies in the fact that cats are prone to overweight and, if they meow, they are not necessarily hungry.

Start by reading the instructions on the food, as it will tell you the grams needed per day for cats of different weights. You can increase or decrease this amount considering the age and energy level of your pet.

Spread the total daily amount your cat should consume over 3, serving 3 meals throughout the day. Cats need a routine, so have a single feeding place and serve food at the same time, every day. The place should be kept away from distractions, so your kitten eats safely and relaxed.

If your cat doesn’t eat all the food, reduce its portions and store the remains in an airtight package, if dry, to serve it later.

Q2: What is the best food for neutered cats?

Advance’s Sterilized range is one of the most recommended, as it brings specialized feeds for sterilized cats but divides each one into the right stage: adult, senior, junior, etc.

Q3: Which is better: dry or wet cat food?

Wet food is more attractive to cats, because the smell is strong and the texture is soft. It promotes easy digestion and increases your pet’s water consumption, however, it is more expensive and more difficult to measure.

Dry food, on the other hand, is easy to serve and also easy to measure. It lasts much longer in good condition, is suitable for long-term feeding and keeps cats’ teeth healthy due to bite stimulation. The latter is considered to be better.

Q4: What is the best food for diabetic cats?

Low carbohydrate foods such as Hill’s m/d Prescription Diet Diabetes are ideal for diabetic cats.

Q5: What is cat food made of?

All cat feeds are formulated to come with various vitamin groups, proteins and ingredients of all kinds. Most use a meat of animal origin as a base, the most famous being fish, and start from there to complement the benefits of this with vegetable elements, fruit and various cereals. The latter are not necessary and, for that reason, many prefer to avoid them.

Some of the meats used, besides fish, are chicken and turkey; while the elements of vegetable origin vary depending on the manufacturer. The important thing about the composition is the nutritional contribution to the cat.

Remember that you should never buy food that does not have a good supply of animal protein, as cats are carnivorous animals and it is impossible for them to stay healthy by eating vegetable protein alone.

Q6: What brand of food is best for cats?

There is no exclusive brand that qualifies as the best of all, since everything depends on the needs and tastes of the cat. Some people may enjoy Orijen’s exclusive feeds, while the taste and smell of these may be unappealing to other cats.

Premium range feeds offer better food quality, such as Acana, Taste of the Wild and Orijen. These manufacturers exclude gluten and cereals, concentrating on having a high percentage of animal meat in their compositions.

However, if your cat doesn’t enjoy these brands, there are other higher-middle class brands that meet cat requirements for a lower price, such as Purina, Royal Canin and Advance.

Q7: What is the best cat food?

The Royal Canin Renal RF 23 Feline model is one of the most recommended for its low phosphorus and protein content, and for improving the symptoms of chronic renal failure.

Q8: At what age do cats eat fodder?

The kittens can start feeding with food from the moment they pass the weaning process. This occurs from 5 weeks to approximately 9 weeks.

Puppies do not have the same needs as adults or senile cats, for example, so it is necessary to adapt the purchase of food to the age of the cat, and even, often, to the breed of this.





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