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To have a cat is to have a wonderful presence around our home all day long. Although it is also true that sometimes they require a specific space for them, where they can rest or relax. For this relaxation, the cat houses are a perfect complement, where they find that space so desired. A perfect space for you too, as these products usually have a stylish design and can dress up any room or even your garden if you prefer. To touch all areas, we can talk about products like the Kerbl Lodge cat house. A model designed for outdoors, but also for indoors if you want, where your pets have two floors where they can play, go up, down or rest. If you prefer an indoor model, then our choice would be the DeLicat Craft model. This cat house has a clear interior design, with two entrance doors and a window so that your cat can rest or move around comfortably.

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Buying Guide – What is the best cat house on the market?

Having a cat house at home is an alternative to traditional beds, as well as the rest of cat toys, although it can be complemented with these, of course. Given the wide variety of products available in the market, having a guide to buy the best cat home according to what you and your pet need is a smart choice. In this guide we give you the necessary clues, so that you know where to start looking and what to look for.

Main house design

In any comparison of cat houses we can find all kinds of models and designs, adapted to any type of pet, housing and even suitable for indoor, outdoor or both locations. So you won’t have any trouble finding the right product for your cat to enjoy, and of course you’ll be with her as you watch.

Among these models we can find the simple cat houses, which offer a closed and comfortable space where the cat can rest and relax. They are generally indoor models, with a light weight and can be similar to a carrier or similar, although the truth is that there are from models in wood to plastic products and similar.

If you are looking for something bigger and more complex, the products are “complicated” until they become complete houses with one or two floors, terrace and even stairs that communicate. In this case the products are mixed, both indoor and outdoor, and have a larger space in which the cat can move, play and have different spaces in which to relax or rest as you prefer.

Manufacturing materials

To find a good and economical cat house you should also check the materials used to build it. Especially if you plan to place the house outdoors, since both the materials and their treatment must be adapted to this use. In any case it is key that whatever material is chosen, it must be safe for your cat, not affecting their health or including risks when used.

Within the products for interiors the habitual thing is to have materials like plastics or fabrics, that can be cleaned easily and that give a more pleasant environment in the interior of the home. These materials do not require any maintenance beyond that mentioned above, being pleasant and comfortable when offering the space that your pet needs.

As far as outdoor products are concerned, it is important to take into account the materials to check that they have the necessary resistance to the weather elements, no matter how much the house costs. Above all, because if the material is not suitable, it will probably end up lasting only a short time.

These products are generally made of wood strips, which have special varnishes and treatments that prevent them from deteriorating over time. Check it properly before purchase to save you the trouble later.

Dimensions and measurements

Although it is true that cats do not have the same differences in size as dogs do between different breeds, we should not overlook the aspect of size and measurements of the house before making our purchase. Keep this in mind especially because it is frequent that the photos we see of the product lead us to misunderstand the measurements, giving us a surprise when it arrives home.

In general, almost any cat house you find on the market, including the cheap models, is usually suitable for small or even medium sized cats, so if your pet is in between these sizes you should have no problem. In any case, take our advice and review the measures, if only to confirm them. Especially of the areas of passage such as doors and the like which are the most problematic.

In case you have a large cat if it is key to check the measurements in detail. You will have no problem with the weight, as the materials are resistant, but you will have no problem with the space available. This space should be long enough for your cat to lie down comfortably, so choose a size that’s long enough for the cat’s back or paw to paw. In these cases even open models are suitable, as they do not limit space so much.

The 5 Best Homes for Cats – Reviews 2020

The truth is that the cats, at the time of rest, already have at their disposal all our home, among other things because if not, they already take it on their side. Joking aside, the truth is that giving you a house where you can rest and have fun is a good gift for our furry friends. A task in which you probably wonder which is the best cat house you can find for your pet. Since there are a lot of options we have selected for you some of the best cat houses of 2020 to have an overview of what the market has to offer.

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1. Kerbl Cat House Lodge

Main advantage:

This comfortable and functional cat house stands out because of its design. By having two different environments, the animal will be able to walk around as it pleases and rest where it feels best, depending on whether it is hot or cold.

Main disadvantage:

According to comments from some customers, because it is a new product, it may initially smell of varnish. However, soon after that smell dissipates until it disappears.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a comfortable and decorative model of house at the same time, since once mounted in your garden it will be able to give a touch of beauty to the environment. Buyers recommend it for its functionality and weather resistance.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($72.08)

Main characteristics explained

Profit and benefits

If you are a cat lover, you should know that these pets significantly improve the health of their owners. Recent studies have shown that cats can reduce stress, lower blood pressure levels, promote increased serotonin (the happiness hormone) and boost the immune system. That’s why giving your cat a good quality of life is part of your commitment as a pet owner.

Although many people tend to think that domestic cats are self-sufficient animals and that they don’t need us, the truth is that they are wrong.

Unlike a wild cat that can almost always fend for itself, domestic cats depend on us for food and shelter. For this reason we must provide a perfect space for them, like this cozy house model that we present to you today, where they can rest and feel protected.


If what you want is to give your pets their own space, with an appropriate environment for them, we present you this house specially designed with the maximum comfort of your furry friends in mind. This is a two-storey house, ideal for up to two adult cats.

Its design offers two comfortable levels or environments separated by a practical staircase, which they will love to climb. At the top of the house there is a totally ventilated terrace with a waterproof roof, where the cats can observe and rest peacefully.

Cats usually sleep up to 18 hours a day. With this in mind, on the lower level is what could be the room for your pet to sleep safely and securely, which is why its design is completely enclosed and access is through a small tilting door that is easy to open and close by the animal itself.

Materials and dimensions

Cats are animals of habit and for them it is very easy to adapt to sleep in a place where they feel safe from any danger. This model of cat house is made of high quality wood, specially treated with paint that can cope with any climate.

Thanks to its sturdy, sloping roof, rainwater can easily drain away; it also has insulating qualities that protect the house from sun and heat, so your cat can spend the summer days in peace, and when the temperature drops he can take refuge in his room.

The dimensions of this model are 77 cm long, 50 cm wide and 73 cm high; and the transparent door with a tilting opening measures 15.5 x 18 cm. So you can set it up without taking up much space in your garden outdoors, or if you prefer on a roofed terrace. In addition, its assembly is simple thanks to the instructions and the necessary parts.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($72.08)

2. DeLicat Wooden cat house new

The DeLicat Artesanal wooden cat house is a product made entirely of wood, perfect for your cat to have a pleasant space to rest and relax. The product has a structure with four legs, two entrances and a window, so it gives a lot of play to your pet.

A product made of raw wood in two tones, one for the wall and another for the curved roof, which gives it a special warmth to the touch and a different image for any room where you place it. These features could help you to be rated as the best cat house for the money at the moment.

This is completed with a simple assembly process of the product and in case you want to change the room, you won’t have a problem either thanks to the fact that the cat house only weighs five kilos.

Due to its practicality many people might consider the Artesanal model as the best cat house of the moment, however it is convenient that you analyze the list of advantages and possible disadvantages so that you can decide if it covers your needs in an adequate way.


Weight: Due to its compact size and weight of only 5 kg it is easy to place in a corner and change it if necessary.

Resistance: Because it is made of wood it is resistant and thermal to keep your pet comfortable.

Assembly: It is not necessary to invest time in the assembly so you can use it as soon as you receive it.

Design: Because it has an attractive design and good finishes can be considered as a decorative piece.


Outdoor use: Use outdoors may not be recommended as it does not have a seal to prevent water infiltration.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($86)

3. Nobleza Closed structure polypropylene cat house

The Nobleza Yellow and White wooden cat house is a product made of quality polypropylene, with which to offer your cat an enclosed, compact and pleasant space to rest when needed.

The product measures 49 centimeters deep, 33.5 centimeters wide and over 31.5 centimeters high, and is suitable for small and medium-sized cats. A very comfortable closed space that is finished off with a cushion included at the bottom, where your pet can rest comfortably.

As a finishing touch, the product includes a small toy on the outside made of feathers, so that it can be entertained at all times. A model that stands out among cheap cat houses, offering a comfortable and pleasant space where your cat will surely relax as it deserves.

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For those looking for a simple house for their pet this can be the best cat house for 30 euros. We provide below the analysis of the best characteristics it has and what could be considered as a disadvantage in the model.


Size: Due to its size of 49 x 33,5 x 31,5 cm it offers a suitable size for medium sized cats.

Cushion: It has an interior cushion that offers greater comfort for your pet’s rest.

Hygiene: Because it is made of quality polypropylene it can be easily washed, and can be used both in the garden and indoors.

Toy: A mobile toy with feathers is added to the outside of the house, something that cats are usually quite interested in.


Color: The color provided may not be to the liking of those who wish to purchase a cat home.

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4. Maisonette Outdoor wooden cat house

The Sleep Relax Catnap outdoor cat house is what your garden needs to keep your pet in it all day. For this purpose, the product has a two-height structure, so you can choose the place where you want to spend the hours.

These two heights are linked by a staircase and topped with an angled roof that prevents the water from playing its part. The product has a total measurement of 70 centimeters wide by 53 centimeters deep and around 73 centimeters high, being suitable for all types of cats.

A resistant product made from properly treated wood strips, which adequately withstands the effects of climate and the passage of time. And don’t worry about the setup, because this one is easy too.

If you have not yet decided on any option, we invite you to find out more about what the Maisonette brand model has to offer, perhaps it will help you decide which cat house to buy. Here is their list of pros and cons for you to analyze.


Size: Because of its size it offers comfort and space for your cats to rest and explore.

Versatility: Due to its materials that are resistant to weathering you can use it both outside and inside.

Assembly: You will not have to invest too much time in understanding and carrying out the assembly of the house because it is very simple.


Price: The price for which this house is offered may be high for some users.

Door: The plastic cover of the access to the interior can allow the rain to pass through in some cases.

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5. Kerbl Cat House Lodge Ontario

Imagine a comfortable, nice and simple cat house where your pet has space to rest, but also a small terrace where you can have his toys at hand. This is exactly what the Kerbl Lodge Ontario cat house has to offer.

This model has a conventional design, made of wood and with a roof to protect the cat from the weather. A spacious and comfortable product for your cat to rest easy, as it measures 77 x 50 x 73 cm.

Outside there is a staircase that leads to the upper floor, where the cat can rest and observe everything that is going on around it. It also has an interior space for it to be sheltered and comfortable.

The model has a simple assembly as it comes with the respective instructions. The manufacturing materials are of quality, so they will accompany you for a long time without deteriorating.

For those who need a spacious house this may be the option they are looking for, as it is among the cheapest two-storey cat houses. Here are the highlights of what it offers and what could be considered a disadvantage.


Comfort: Due to its size and width it offers a sufficient exploration and rest area for more than one cat.

Resistance: Thanks to the protective paint that covers the wood, it can be used both indoors and outdoors without any problem.

Transparent door: Its translucent plastic cover access allows the cat to observe from the inside, as well as get in and out easily.


Assembly: It is necessary to make the assembly of the house, however this is very simple so it will not involve too much work.

Size: Although it is a very comfortable house, its size may make it difficult for small apartments to find an appropriate place for it.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($96.33)

Kerbl Cat House Lodge

The Kerbl Lodge model is an indoor and outdoor cat house with which you can offer your pet a suitable space to have fun or rest.

To this end, the model has a design on two separate floors with a three-step staircase that facilitates access to the top. The house is finished off with a pitched roof that allows for proper water drainage.

This product is presented in a rustic design of finger-jointed wood, although it has been properly treated to protect the material and have an adequate resistance for longer.

This also facilitates assembly, where both the instructions and the necessary elements are included. A strong, quality product that could well qualify as the best cat house of the moment.

We invite you to know the analysis of some outstanding features that we have made of the model that the Kerbl brand offers us, so that you can determine if it is the best brand of cat houses that can be found in the market.


Spaciousness: Because it has two floors and a sturdy roof, it offers a larger exploration area for the cats.

Resistant: Its protective paint helps preserve the appearance of the house for a long time and tolerates weathering properly.

Size: Thanks to its size of 77 x 50 x 73 it will not take up too much space in your home.

Assembly: The assembly procedure is simple and the instruction manual helps to carry it out in a short time.

Swing door: Because it has a swing door, the interior remains comfortable even on cold and windy days.


Weight: Once the house is assembled it may be a little heavy to move.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($72.08)

How to use a cat house

Being able to offer your cat love a place to rest comfortably or even spend hours and hours relaxing would be a good idea. Even more so if your cat normally spends a lot of time in your garden, as providing a space where she can be safe from different weather changes would be ideal.

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So, we invite you to take a look at our article, where we will advise you about the installation that you should carry out so that your cat can be relaxed and safe while using its new home.

Unpack the cat house

When you buy your new cat house, it is most likely that it will be delivered completely disassembled, so you will have to remove the wrapping material that protects it and, in turn, take out one part of the house one by one and then proceed to a brief review and then assemble it.

Check every part of the cat house

If you want to be absolutely sure that everything is in order, you will have to proceed to check every single part of the cat house after unpacking it. To do this, you simply need to check that everything is in good condition. If it’s a wooden house, you have to make sure it doesn’t have any cracks or dents. Also, if the finish is polypropylene, it would be ideal to confirm that it is without any details.

Proceed to assemble the cat house

Now all that remains is to assemble the cat house correctly, taking into account that the process is totally comfortable and simple, only depend on a screwdriver and the instruction manual to achieve this.

If the house you have purchased is entirely made of wood, you should first have a screwdriver at hand, ideal for screwing in the screws that will join and hold each of the parts of the house. Afterwards, having the help of the instruction manual would be vital for you to be able to assemble the house correctly, since it is worth noting that, according to the model, some will take longer to assemble than others.

Now, following the step-by-step instructions in the instruction manual, you will have to fix the parts of the house one by one until everything is completely in place. Likewise, if the house you have bought is made of polypropylene, it means that it will be much easier and faster to assemble, it will only take a few minutes to join both parts of the house and that’s it.

Maintain it from time to time

As it is a cat house, you will need to maintain it from time to time, so that you can extend its life to the maximum. It should be noted that if the house is designed for outdoors and its manufacturing material is wood, you should check from time to time that the structure is in optimal condition.

Also, applying a coat of varnish every so often will give it a better appearance, looking like new every day. Now, if the house is made of polypropylene, all you have to do is clean it with a simple damp cloth to remove any dirt from the surface and you’re done.

The most popular brands

Pet houses are a very attractive piece of equipment in which our adorable friends can rest at ease and have a place exclusively for them in the home. With your purchase you will prevent your cat from owning your favourite cushion. However, when it comes to buying pet supplies, it is always best to research the leading manufacturers, so in the next section, we proceed to mention some of our favorites.

When it comes to finding traditional and specialist animal housing companies, The Hutch Company has, over time, become a favourite not only in its home UK but also in many European countries.

This company was established as a specialized company in 1985, but we must recognize that the arrival of the Internet and with it, electronic commerce, have served to expand the borders beyond its usual limits. Today their products are actively sold on the various Amazon websites.

It is important to note that The Hutch Company also has strategic partners such as Pet & Garden retailers, who function as distributors and importers of its extensive collection of pet houses. Among its catalogue of options you will find: rabbit huts, chicken coops, rabbit races, dog kennels, bird houses and, of course, cat houses.

As you will soon see, SONGMICS is not a company specialized in the manufacture of pet articles, but rather an international brand founded with the main intention of offering a wide range of products in different categories and that serve to give answers to several needs.

The company was founded in 2012, when the explosion and success of e-commerce worldwide was more than evident. At that time, this company dedicated itself to the creation of a 100% virtual business model following the formula that had already worked for other successful brands but combining it with top quality products. Because of this, SONGMICS’ main marketing medium has been the most popular e-commerce of our time especially Amazon.

In this website the brand occupies some of the best positions, due to the excellent evaluation of the users. Through its virtual store you can purchase products in the following categories: home and kitchen, office, cosmetics organization, garden, pets, sport, bathroom and much more.

PiuPet is a brand created by pet lovers for real pet lovers. It is this that, as a company, we seek to provide our housemates with the appropriate spaces and utensils so that they can enjoy the physical space as much as we do.

As you will soon see, this is a young and growing company that has set itself the mission of bringing a different proposal to the market, therefore, its creations seek to emphasize innovation, creating modern, elegant and welcoming designs.

The company started its activities when two friends and colleagues who had a great passion and interest in animals in common decided to create an internet company and show the world some of their creations. Co-founders Michael and Branimir experienced amazing success and acceptance in marketing a variety of products including: cat beds and houses, harnesses and leashes, feed bags and many more.




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