The Best Cat Litter Boxes – Reviewed By Vets

The Best Cat Litter Boxes - Reviewed By Vets

Cat Litter Boxes – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2020

Cats are neat, have a keen sense of smell, are demanding and very territorial animals, so they need a special place to eat, play, rest and do their physiological needs. In order for the cat to be able to do its business, it is important to offer it a quiet and hygienic space, being almost obligatory to buy a cat litter box. In the market you can find a great offer of special drawers for cats, with different designs, colors and shapes, which you can use in any area of your house. Among the models most highlighted by users of the network, we present the Trixie Berto litterbox, which provides the facility to be self-cleaning, thanks to its built-in sieve, so it is faster and easier to clean. Another interesting option is the Curver 198859, a cat toilet box with a closed format, swinging door and odour filter, which prevents odours from escaping from the box.

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Opinions on the best cat litter boxes

We made a selection of cat boxes with the best references and opinions of users on the Internet, to help you find a good box for your cat, so we have considered its most important features, its advantages and disadvantages.

Self-cleaning cat litter box

Trixie Berto

This model could be considered as the best cat litter box, because it has an innovative design with an intelligent cleaning system, as it includes 2 trays and a sieve to clean the litter box quickly and easily, without having to use a shovel, so it is very hygienic.

This self-cleaning cat litter box is 58 cm long, 32 cm high and 37 cm deep, so it is very comfortable for any cat, as long as we educate it to use the tray. Please note that this litterbox is suitable for binder bed.

Another important aspect of this model, is that the tray and the frame are fixed with Easy-Click locks, being easier to open and close. In addition, the framed tray prevents urine from escaping to the outside, making it much more hygienic than other models.

Trixie Berto has been rated by most of its buyers as the best cat litter box of the moment, because it is comfortable, big and more hygienic than conventional litter boxes. Here are the pros and cons:


Self-cleaning: This tray has an intelligent cleaning system, with 2 trays and a sieve to clean the litterbox easily, without the need for shovels.

Closures: The box and the tray frame are easily closed and opened, thanks to the Easy-Click system.

Dimensions: Thanks to the fact that the tray is 32 cm high, 58 cm long and 37 cm deep, it prevents urine from escaping to the outside.


Dust: Some buyers have commented that sieving the litter in the tray raises a lot of dust, so it is advisable to do the cleaning process on a terrace or garden.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($19.95)

LitterMaid LM980

cat litter box

Among the best cat litter boxes of 2020, we present you this new model of LitterMaid, which is fully automatic and incorporates an internal timer that activates every 10 minutes to make a sweep in the litter and clean it, so you will not have to sweep the waste every time your cat does its business.

Its cleaning system consists of an internal photocell which, on detecting the cat for 10 seconds, resets the counter and makes a new sweep 20 minutes after the animal has entered. The good thing is that it does not start up when the cat is inside.

This self-cleaning cat litter box model can be operated with a 230V power adapter that is included, or using 4 AA batteries that must be purchased separately. The waste tank is closed and the model has anti-odour bags to eliminate unpleasant odours.

LitterMaid has been rated by many buyers as the best cat litter box brand because it provides products designed for the comfort of cats. Check here the advantages and disadvantages of one of their models.


Automatic: This model is automatic because it works with a 230 V electrical adapter or with AA batteries, it cleans itself and you don’t have to do anything to clean the litter from your cat.

Ramp: Includes a leg-cleaning ramp that avoids the trail of litter that the cat can leave when it comes out of the box.

Timer: As it is automatic, this model has a timer that is activated every 10 minutes to make the sweeping of the litter without having to introduce shovels to clean.


Noise: Being an automatic device, it makes a noise when it is in operation, which could be annoying for some users, but because of its efficient use it is worth supporting it.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($187)

Covered cat litter box

Curver 198859

If you’re wondering what the best cat litter box is, Curver’s 198859 could be the answer, as it’s a closed format model with a swinging door and an odour filter that prevents any unpleasant odours from escaping from the litter box.

This is a covered cat litter box designed with striking mocca and vintage colours, made in the style of rattan, ideal for placing in your garden and pampering your pet with a nice litter box. Its dimensions of 51.3 x 36.7 x 31.3 cm make it comfortable for the cat to use.

In addition, it is equipped with a system of drawers and a shovel that allows the litter to be changed easily. It also has a plastic handle that makes it easy to move the litterbox to another location.

If you don’t know which cat litter box to buy, this Curver model with its closed format, offers a drawer system and a shovel that makes cleaning the litter easier. Check out their pros and cons:


Odour filter: This model includes an odour filter with active carbon, which eliminates odours significantly compared to other sandboxes.

Format: Its closed format gives the cat more privacy to do its business, which is very practical for the animal.

Materials: The main structure of this litterbox is made of strong plastic with a rattan style, which offers resistance and durability.


Outside: Although the litterbox is closed, it is not totally watertight so it is not recommended to leave it outside for a long time, because the rain will pass through the material and can wet the litter.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($28.2)

Savic Nestor White-Grey

cat litter box

For those who want to renew the cat litter box, this Savic model can be a great alternative, because it has a modern and elegant design with rounded corners, ideal for placing it in the bathroom of your house, where your pet will have a discreet and hygienic place to do their needs.

This covered cat litter box is available in different colour combinations, such as white and grey, white and green, or white and black, which you can choose according to your decoration preferences. It is very spacious and comfortable, thanks to its dimensions of 38.7 x 55.9 x 38.1 cm, ideal for large cats.

The front of this cat has hinges that greatly simplify litter cleaning, thanks to its dome design. In addition, it is reasonably priced, being recommended by many as the best value cat litter box.

It is a comfortable litterbox, made with quality materials and backed by the best brand of cat litter boxes. Therefore, we present you the advantages and disadvantages of this model:


Format: It is a closed dome format litterbox, elegant and modern with rounded corners, which you can choose from three varieties of colors.

Filter: This model includes an activated carbon filter that neutralizes bad odors from the litterbox.

Hinges: The front of the box is held by two fairly sturdy and resistant hinges, which make it easy to open the lid for cleaning the litter.


Maintenance: Although this cat is odourless towards the outside and very hygienic, it is important to make a constant maintenance of the litter, to avoid the accumulation of residues that later make the cleaning task more unpleasant.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($14.99)

Cat litter box xxl

Savic Nestor Jumbo

cat litter box

Cats are very neat animals and do not need much attention, but cleaning the litter box where they do their business is not a very pleasant task that we say, is special if our cats are large breeds, so it is advisable to buy a cat litter box xxl to avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of cleaning a small box.

In this context, the Nestor Jumbo litterbox of the Savic brand is ideal for cats with large dimensions, as its comfortable dome design and its dimensions of 66.5 x 48.5 x 46.5 cm, allows odors and dirt to remain hidden, being very easy to clean to maintain the hygiene of the cats.

If you still have doubts about which is the best cat litter box, this model is the solution, because it is big, comfortable and has a storage tray with a carbon filter to reduce odors. For these reasons, we invite you to learn about its pros and cons.


Size: This model has a jumbo size, special for big cats, such as Angora, Bengali, Siamese, Persian, among others.

Material: Savic Nestor is made of a highly resistant and durable plastic, with perfect finishes and can be easily dismantled for maintenance.

Hinged roof: This litterbox incorporates a hinged roof that is released through its tabs, lifting easily to access the litter and clean the excrements with a shovel.


Door: Although the door is hinged, most of the criticism from users agrees that it does not close completely, but this does not affect its operation.

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GP GP10533

Another interesting model of cat litter box xxl that is highly recommended among catters is the GP10533. It is a large sanitary tray that is 57 cm long and its base is 40 cm, being one of the cheapest sandboxes you can find.

It has a practical outer frame that prevents urine from spilling out of the tray, nor does the litter come out, as the highest side is about 20 cm, while the entrance area is about 11 cm high, so it is very easy to use for cats of any size. In addition, its rounded shape makes it more difficult to get out of the litter.

On the other hand, this litterbox is made of good quality plastic, quite resistant and durable, and the top can be fitted through comfortable tabs, which is ideal for cleaning the box.

This model is one of the cheapest in our selection, ideal for those who have tight budgets but want to pamper their cat with good quality products:


Design: This model has a traditional design that includes a large rounded tray, which gives the cat more freedom of movement.

Dimensions: With dimensions of 57 cm long and a base of 40 cm, the cat will be the perfect size to make the turns you need to dig.

Colors: You can choose this model in four different colors: gray, blue, pink and brown, which is perfect to combine with the decoration of the room where the litterbox is located.


Sand: In spite of its extra large size, litter can still come out of the container, but in smaller quantities.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($8.93)

Luxury Cat litter box

The Refined Feline RLB-MA

cat litter box

There are those who prefer a decorative piece of furniture for their beloved feline pets, which can be displayed in any room of the house. That is why this cat litter box from The Refined Feline is the most recommended, because it is a multipurpose table that can be used as a house for cats or as a litter box.

Thanks to its attractive finish and beautiful design this furniture is listed among their buyers as one of the best cat litter boxes of 2020, because it brings a touch of luxury to the place destined for your feline friend.

On the other hand, this model has reversible walls for the entrance, both left and right. In addition, the interior of the litterbox includes a plastic tray with high walls, which facilitates cleaning.

This attractive mahogany furniture is rated by many as the best cat litter box of the moment, because it is multifunctional, easy to clean and thanks to its luxurious design it looks great in any room.


Design: It is designed in the form of a small table that can be used as a litterbox or as a house for the cat, with delicate and attractive finishes, thanks to its striking mahogany colour.

Odours: Because it is a closed piece of furniture, it is easy to hide the litterbox inside, without emitting unpleasant odours.

Storage drawer: This product contains a storage drawer inside, which is perfect for organizing your cat’s things.


Assembly: Given the large dimensions of this litterbox, its assembly could be somewhat complicated, as the instructions are not very clear.

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Closed cat litter box

cat litter box

Rotho MyPet

If you are looking for a closed cat litter box, this model of Rotho can be a good alternative to help your pet do its business, because it is a large box, with a hinged door and activated carbon filter, so many think it is the best cat litter box.

This model has a large and deep housing, making it ideal for large cats. It also has a handle on the top for easy transport of the litterbox and a shovel holder on the back.

Thanks to the swing door the cat has more privacy to do its business, although you must be careful and mount the lid correctly for the swing system to work properly.

MyPet by Rotho is made of polypropylene, which is a highly wear-resistant type of plastic with a long life span, so it is a litterbox that will last you a long time. Here are the pros and cons.


Hidden odours: Thanks to the large hood and the integrated exchangeable activated carbon filter, odours remain hidden.

Easy cleaning: To facilitate the cleaning of the litterbox the cover can be completely removed.

Closing: This model has strong click-type closures on both sides to keep the litterbox hermetically closed.


Door: It may happen that the door is ajar and doesn’t close very well, but in that case you would have to turn it upside down so that the gap is reduced a little.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($23.9)

Guide to buying a cat litter box

cat litter box

If you liked some of these sandboxes for your cat, before deciding to buy it is important that you consider which are the main characteristics that a good litterbox should have, since our feline friend is very demanding and territorial. Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide to buy the best cat litter box.


Litterbox format

One of the main benefits of breeding cats is the natural disposition these animals have towards cleanliness, so it is advisable to place a litter box for them that provides the privacy they need to carry out their physiological activities in a hygienic and safe manner, which will minimize odors and grooming work.

But when we make a comparison of cat litter boxes, we realize that these accessories come in a variety of formats and sizes, designed to discreetly handle cat droppings and clean them up quickly and easily.

In this sense, we find models that have a simple tray, where you can easily access the litter to clean it, see what state it is in. There are other sandboxes that include a frame on the top, which is perfect for preventing the cat from spreading the litter to the outside of the tray or leaving traces of urine around it. This is very useful because it allows you to put a bag to remove the litter that has already been used. No matter what model you choose, you’re sure to find one that’s affordable.

You can also find those tray-type models that incorporate a top cover, ideal for giving the cat more privacy when going to the bathroom, because they are completely closed and have a swinging opening so that the cat can enter and leave without problems. Of course, depending on the model you choose, this will have an impact on how much the litterbox costs, because if it’s a big size, includes the shovel for collecting the feces or has anti-odour bags, the price will be higher but you will save time and the cleaning work will be less heavy, so if you have the budget it’s an investment worth making.

Litterbox materials

Most of these cat boxes are usually made of materials made from different plastics, especially the tray that contains the litter, as well as the cover in the case of models that are closed, but always check that it is a strong, durable material that can withstand the use that gives the cat, as well as the constant changes to the litter.

For models with top covers, it is necessary to check whether the door is made of break-resistant materials. You should also check if the litterbox comes with anti-odour filters on the top, because that way you avoid bad odours from getting out of the area where the litterbox is located, which will be very useful to keep the place more neat and pleasant.

You can also find other models of covered sandboxes made of wood, which have a furniture or small cupboard design, with a luxurious and striking appearance, which incorporate inside a tray for the cat litter and include a discreet door, ideal for hiding the presence of this accessory in the room.


Finally, we must talk about the cleanliness that the litterbox should have, both inside and outside, because a litterbox in poor condition and full of dirt is a risk of disease for your pet or your children at home, being advisable to clean this accessory constantly to maintain proper hygiene.

In the case of open trays, you have the facility that you can see the litter directly for the removal of the stool, making it easier to clean up. There are also models that are self-cleaning, which contain a sieve for straining the litter and the waste remains in that area, passing the clean litter into the tray.

In other cases, the trays have automatic systems that work with a power adapter or with batteries, which allows us to clean the litter mechanically without having to do it ourselves, making the work easier. Remember that you should always check the trays, change the litter from time to time, and every so often wash the trays with a mild, neutral soap to eliminate odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Litter Box Advice

Q1: How do I clean the cat litter box?

If it is a conventional litterbox, it is advisable to have a shovel at hand so that the excrements can be easily removed. You can’t let many days go by without cleaning the tray because the smell can be very unpleasant, even if it’s a closed litterbox. Try to wash the tray with a neutral disinfectant to reduce bad odors, avoid any product that may be harmful to the cat. It is also important to change the litter from time to time, to renew it and avoid the proliferation of bacteria and viruses that can make the cat sick.

Q2: Which is better, closed or open cat litter box?

Some kittens prefer the open litter box, because they can look around while passing their stools and it can be easier and more comfortable to clean up, as you have the litter and faeces in sight, although it is a problem because of the bad smells coming off it and because of those cats that like to dig and spread the litter on the outside of the litter box.

On the other hand, a closed litterbox gives more privacy to the cat when doing its necessities and it is more effective because it contains better the scents and the throwing of the litter to the outside, but there are felines that feel overwhelmed inside them and they are afraid of it, being necessary to remove the entrance door so that they feel security. It’s also good if you have small children at home, because it’s harder for them to come into contact with the litter.

Q3: Where should I put the cat litter box?

Litter Box Advice

The cat litter box should be placed in a quiet place where the animal can relieve itself undisturbed, because at that time it feels vulnerable, preferably in a ventilated place, it can be near a window or on the terrace. In addition, it must be separated from the cat’s food area, or rest and play area, or it will not be used.

Q4: Is a disposable cat litter box worth it?

No. It turns out that throwaway litter bins are usually very expensive, especially if you have several cats at home, as you have to buy one for each animal and leave a spare litter bin, so it is expensive to constantly have to buy disposable litter bins. But we’ll explain how they work.

This type of disposable litterbox is made of cardboard and its structure is a closed box with an opening for the cat to pass through, it has litter inside and the cat can use it comfortably. To change the litterbox you just have to close it and throw it in the trash, without handling the litter.

Q5: What is a cat litter box with a strainer for?

The sieve in the cat box is very useful to sift the litter by hand, because the faeces and urine balls stay in the sieve area and do not pass into the litterbox. You only have to collect the balls with waste daily, which makes the cleaning process easier and faster without any major effort, keeping the litter always clean.

Q6: Is there a cat litter box without litter?

If it exists. It is a mechanical box that includes a conveyor belt that transports the waste and disposes of it through the drain, cleaning itself. These types of appliances require connection to a water pipe, which can be a toilet, sink or washing machine, as well as to an electrical network. It has a sensor that detects the presence of the cat and after a while it cleans itself automatically.

Q7: How does a self-cleaning cat litter box work?

Self-cleaning sandboxes can be of two types: the manual one, which includes a sieve in the tray to sift the litter, you pour the litter over that sieve and the debris is left on that surface, from where you can throw it into the garbage bag. The automatic model can operate with a manual lever that activates the waste cleaning system, or it can use electricity or batteries, activating itself through a movement sensor that detects when the cat enters the litterbox and after a while the litter sweeping system is activated, extracting the excrement.

Q8: Is there a cat litter box with no smell?

It doesn’t exist. The only way to keep the cat litter box odourless is to constantly clean the litter box, change the litter and neutralise the odours with some special anti-odour product.

How to use a cat litter box

Litter Box Advice

A cat litter box is a product designed to allow the cat to do its physiological needs in a comfortable, hygienic and safe way. It consists of a tray, usually plastic, which can be opened or closed, where a good amount of litter is added and the cat can dig, defecate or urinate, and then cover its waste. Below we explain in a simple way how you can use a cat litter box, to keep it always clean and tidy for your cat friend.

Choose the right litterbox

The first thing you have to do is choose the litterbox you think is suitable for your cat, as each model has a particular format and its use can be very different. So it is advisable to read the user’s manual that includes the product so that you become familiar with the instructions given by the manufacturer and know the characteristics of the model, as well as the usefulness of its accessories if included. Note that the size of the tray is important, so the litterbox you choose should be of an appropriate size to allow the cat to move around comfortably to make its bowel movements.

Locate the litterbox in a suitable place

Cats need privacy and quietness to go to the toilet, so it is advisable to place the litterbox in a quiet, ventilated place, which is little traffic and without much noise, it should also be easily accessible to the cat, preferably near a window or terrace, away from the area where he eats, plays or rests.

Place the litter

When you have the tray mounted in the litterbox you have to add the cat litter, it is recommended that it reaches a maximum thickness of about 7 cm to completely cover the surface of the litterbox. Remember that before defecating, the cat digs the litter to open a hole, deposits its feces and then covers them.

On the other hand, it is important that you look for special cat litter in the shops. Binding litter is the favourite of owners and carers because it mixes with the wet litter to form a ball with the waste, absorbs odours and is easier to clean. Once the litter has been placed in the litter tray, the cat can use it in complete comfort.

Maintenance and cleaning

To clean the litter box it is advisable to shake the tray slightly so that lumps of litter with faeces and urine emerge, tilting the box backwards. With the dustpan you start to remove the waste from the tray, put it in a bag and throw it in the trash can. It can happen that the litter is caked on the edges of the tray, and you should try to remove it very carefully so that it does not join the clean litter.

If the tray is very dirty or has a bad smell, it is advisable to remove all the litter and wash the box with water, using vinegar to disinfect it. Sand should be completely changed at least every two weeks to avoid the growth of fungi and bacteria.




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