The Best Dewormers for Dogs in 2022 – Ultimate Guide with Reviews

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Dewormers for Dogs

Dogs are loyal pets who need their owners to love and care for them. Sometimes you neglect the health of your dogs because you think they are more resistant than humans. However, animals also get sick and are affected by harmful agents, known as parasites, both internal and external.

It is essential to keep your dog safe from these organisms. As the owner, you are responsible for their food. Remember that their intestinal system is the one that suffers the most. Currently, there are tablets or drops to deworm dogs, which significantly improves their health. In this comprehensive guide, you will find all the information you need about pest control for dogs.

Dewormers for dogs are a very effective treatment for eliminating worms, larvae and eggs. They are also used to fight fleas and ticks. They are administered orally approximately every 6 months. The frequency varies depending on the manufacturer.

There are 2 types of deworming tablets for dogs: for internal and external parasites. In addition, you can buy them in two formats: in tablet or in drops. Each dog needs different products to meet their needs.

To choose the right product, you need to consider the breed and age of the dog as well as the severity of the problem. In the purchase criteria section, we will analyze some details in depth.

Classification: The best dewormers for dog available on the market

Imagine that you need to take medicine. You will probably choose the best quality, certified and effective. The same goes for dog treatments, so you can make sure your pet benefits from it. For this reason, we will analyze a brief ranking with the best deworming treatments on the  market.

  1. The best dewormer with 100% natural ingredients
  2. The best protection against external parasites
  3. Most effective in emergencies

Buying guide: everything you need to know about dog dewormer

However, you cannot immediately invest in any of the products described above. Each dog has different needs, which are met with different products. This is why we are going to develop this buying guide on dog dewormers where we will answer the most frequently asked questions on this subject. That way you will make the right decision.

What is a dog dewormer and what is its benefit?

Dog dewormers are a treatment used to eliminate harmful internal organisms in your pet, including worms that adversely affect the dog’s intestinal system. This will prevent the dog from suffering from diarrhea, abdominal distension or gas.

On the other hand, there are also tablets or drops to eliminate external parasites such as fleas and ticks. In both cases, the product is administered orally and the doses vary depending on the size, breed and severity of the dog’s problem. However, before applying the treatment to your pet, you should consult your veterinarian.

Regarding their use and effectiveness, opinions differ, some people opting for these products, others not. In this situation, we advise you to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of deworming tablets. In the following table, the two aspects are analyzed to determine whether or not it is practical to use them.


  • Quickly eliminates external and internal parasites
    These are economical products
  • One dose is enough
  • Their administration is simple


  • Some dogs may suffer from allergic reactions
  • This does not work on some dogs (especially if the problem is serious))

Is it safe for my dog ​​to use a dewormer?

Dewormers for dogs are completely safe as long as certain parameters are respected. First of all, we never recommend that you never treat your dog yourself, as the most appropriate person to do so is your veterinarian. Likewise, you should never exceed the indicated dose to avoid poisoning your pet.

However, your dog may be allergic to certain substances, so you must be well informed about the composition of the product. In addition, there are more natural pest control products than others. Obviously, ecological dewormers are safer.

Finally, it is essential that you read the instructions on the use of dewormers and choose the ones that best suit your pet.

Are there different types of dewormers?

It is essential that you know the types of products that exist in the market. Not all are effective for your pets because they are made to meet different needs. For example, poodles need less powerful treatments than a Rottweiler. Likewise, a very basic pest control will not be effective for a mastiff, for example.

Therefore, you need to determine what will be the best option for your pet and what benefits it will bring. This is why we have developed an explanatory table to allow you to get the right information.

Type of dewormer

Characteristics use
For internal parasites Eliminates worms and larvae.

Effective against nematodes (worms causing trichinosis, among other diseases).

Eliminate parasitic eggs


Adult dogs.

For external parasites Effective against fleas.

Effective against ticks


Young dogs.

Natural Made from ecological compounds.

Exists for internal and external parasites

All dogs.
commercial Made with chemical additives.

They have very powerful effects

Only when the natural versions have not been sufficient.

They can only be eaten by young, strong and robust dogs.

How does dog deworming work?

The active ingredient in dog dewormers reaches the digestive system, where it is absorbed and transmitted through the animal’s blood. Gradually, it is distributed in all tissues until it reaches the parasites. Most products manage to break the life cycle of these organisms, preventing them from laying more eggs.

The treatment works very quickly. Some studies have shown that after half an hour, more than 50% of the parasites are eliminated. For the most serious cases, the problem will be resolved within 8 hours. In addition, the products not only eliminate harmful agents, they also prevent them from reappearing.

How often should I deworm my pet?

The frequency of use of the dewormer depends directly on the age and health of your pet. As a general rule, the product should be supplied to the adult dog 2 or 3 times a year. If you have a dog that is at risk of getting sick, you can treat it every 3 months. You must also analyze the extent and duration of protection of the processing.

On the other hand, if the time of the effects of the product has passed and your dog still does not produce parasites, it is still necessary to continue the treatment. It does not matter if the animal is healthy, if you give it the dewormer, it will act as a preventive medicine. Either way, we re-emphasize that it is imperative that you consult your veterinarian.


At what age can I start deworming my dog?

This is a subject that raises many doubts, because puppies are very delicate and sensitive. These characteristics expose them to the accumulation of parasites, but also to negative reactions to treatment with dewormer.

Pest control treatment should be given to the puppy during its first weeks of life. However, you cannot treat them after birth because they do not assimilate their components well. It is best to wait until they are between 15 and 21 days old and, of course, consult a professional.

For what types of parasites are dewormers effective?

There is a wide range of parasites, both internal and external, that affect the health of your pets. Each of them acts differently on the dog, causing him to suffer from different diseases. Some damage the stomach, liver or pancreas.

On the other hand, there are also plagues that affect the dog’s skin and coat. Therefore, it is essential that you know the types of parasites that accumulate in the dog so that you can choose the right product to solve the problem. Below, we present a brief explanatory table mentioning the necessary details on the most common parasites.

Type of parasite

Characteristics Effects
Fleas Very common external parasite.

It expels the eggs to prolong their spread.

Hides anywhere and then jumps on your dog

Bites the animal to feed on its blood.

It causes a lot of itching and allergic reactions, sometimes very painful.

In the most severe cases, causes anemia.

Tick Punctures the dog’s skin.

Suck his blood.

It causes irritation, often painful.

Transmits very dangerous infections.

ascarid It is a round worm.

Primarily attacks puppies.

May be transmitted by genetics

Bloated stomach.



Respiratory problems.

Hookworm Round worm with hook.

They are attached to the abdominal wall.

Dog can become infected through contact with feces

Internal bleeding.

Lethal to puppies.

Dirofilaria Inmmitis Also known as a heartworm.

Transmitted by mosquitoes ..

It is housed in the heart and blood vessels.

Measures up to 30 cm long

Affects blood circulation.

Causes heart and lung failure.

Tricuride Also called “whipworm”.

Lives between the small and large intestines.

Feeds on blood

Diarrhea with blood.

In case of high accumulation of parasites, it can be fatal.

What are the best brands of dewormers?

When buying a dewormer for your pets, it is essential to consider the brand. A recognized manufacturer will always guarantee the effectiveness of the product, in addition, you will ensure that the tablets are prepared correctly. Uncertified tablets may not be effective and may even harm your dog.

The best brand on the market today is Advantix, which you already saw in our initial list. This manufacturer offers products for large, medium and small dogs, effective against worms, larvae, fleas and ticks.

Purchase criteria

Do not rush before buying your dewormer because you could choose one that is not suitable for your dog. As mentioned above, each animal has different characteristics and needs. Therefore, we will analyze several final criteria so that you can choose the most suitable dog dewormer.

  • Dog breed
  • Age of pet
  • Type of product
  • Product format
  • Parasite severity

golden retriver

Dog breed

As we have already explained to you, each breed of dog is affected differently by parasites, both internal and external. The larger the animal, the more likely it is to be affected by ticks and fleas. On the other hand, there are dogs more likely than others to suffer from worms or larvae.

On the other hand, more hairy dogs, like the chow chow chow, are more vulnerable to external parasites like fleas and ticks. In any case, you need to choose the right product and read the instructions to find out what type of pest can be controlled. And as we have mentioned many times before, consult a professional.

age of pet

Age of pet

You should pay close attention to two specific periods: puppies and adult dogs. These are the stages when pets are most vulnerable to the buildup of parasites because their bodies do not develop the antibodies necessary to cope with microorganisms. Therefore, you will need to give them powerful treatment to eradicate them.

However, young dogs do not suffer as much, especially if you have fed them well. In this case, preventive treatment is advised, using tablets to deworm dogs every 6 months. If you provide this protection throughout their lives, they are likely to accumulate fewer harmful agents in adulthood.

type of product

Type of product

As the table above explains, there are two main types of dewormers. First of all, there is a pest control to eliminate internal diseases like worms, larvae and worms that damage the digestive tract of your animal. On the other hand, there is a treatment to fight fleas, ticks and other external organisms.

On the other hand, the products do not replace each other, so you will have to administer them as appropriate. However, if your pet is affected indoors and outdoors at the same time, do not rush to give both treatments simultaneously. Consult your veterinarian to find out how you can help your dog.

In terms of product format, dog dewormers can be purchased in a natural or commercial version. We will always recommend ecological alternatives as the first option because they are less likely to cause negative reactions in pets. For example, allergies, rashes, or stomach problems.

However, there are situations that require the use of tablets with certain chemical additives that increase the effects. We recommend using these options when the parasite problem is very serious and the basic methods have not been sufficient. In addition, commercial tablets, in most cases, are less expensive.

sick dog

Parasite severity

The severity of the parasites is a criterion directly linked to the type and format of the product to be used. Obviously, the more complex the problem, the more powerful the dewormer must be. In addition, you will also have to vary and even increase the frequency of application of the treatment.

In summary

Parasites are a very common problem in pets, affecting them both outdoors and indoors. However, you can fix the problem if you are using specific tablets or drops to combat harmful agents. These are very beneficial products that prevent your pets from contracting many diseases.

So do not hesitate to give antiparasitic treatment to your four-legged friend. Choose the right format and offer them treatment with the appropriate frequency. In conclusion, it is essential to feed them well and to apply a regular hygiene routine. This way your pet will enjoy good health longer.

We are coming to the end of the complete guide on dog dewormer. We hope you enjoyed it. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment in the section below, in addition to sharing it on your social networks, see you soon!

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