Best Dog Beds – Top Rated Beds by Experts 2020 (L, XL, XXL)


Best Dog Beds – Top Rated Beds by Experts 2020

They are one of the pillars of our house and the main reason for our good humor. Our dogs, which for many of us are one of the reasons why we are in such a hurry to go home every night, deserve a cozy corner to rest. Pets spend a lot of time a day cuddling their owners and going out to play.

In order for our pet to rest properly and in its own space, a dog bed is the best option. Just like us, who seek to have a comfortable and good quality mattress, we must also pay attention to the characteristics of sleeping beds for pets, for their comfort and well-being.

In short

Look at the profile of your dog, and the position in which he sleeps, before deciding which bed would suit him best.

Your dog can sleep with you if you wish, but be aware that this decision must be maintained for life. Because if you change your mind, your pet will be very confused.

It is better for your dog to sleep inside the house. In the garden, he may be cold and feel isolated from his adoptive family. In addition, if he is not happy, your dog may start to bark and this will be very annoying for you and your neighbors.

Our selection: The best dog beds on the market

You will be able to discover here, the classification of the five most popular dog beds of the moment on the market. In addition, each product is minutely detailed. In this way, you will be able to buy a bed while visualizing well the product which would correspond best to your needs and that of your little companion.

  1. The best dog bed XL
  2. The best 4 in 1 dog bed
  3. The best dog bed
  4. The best dog bed with padded mattress
  5. The best European dog bed

Shopping guide: everything you need to know about the dog bed

Rest is essential for a good quality of life, and for it to be optimal, you need a comfortable place. Before choosing a bed for your dog, it is important to know its specific needs. Therefore, in this part, we will address the most common questions about the dog bed:

Are the beds different depending on our type of dog?

Yes of course. It is not the same thing a small dog and a large, and because of this, the former adapt more easily to any type of bed than the latter. Large dogs need a bed that adapts to their weight and they also need a better quality mattress and padding.

In addition, if your dog has an illness like osteoarthritis, which is very common in pets, you will need a padding for his bed which is very thick and which dampens his joints, as can do the foam. Always check that the bed has been designed with material that does not produce allergies.

Should the dog bed be placed in the garden?

As they are part of the family, it is not very common for dogs to sleep in the garden as it was done a few years ago. We know that dogs feel the same things that we can feel ourselves. In the garden, it can be very cold. However in summer, if your pet is truly independent, you can put a bed in its kennel.

In any case, many dogs are sad if their family is in another place. And letting a dog spend the night in the garden will lead him to bark all night to protest his situation. These barks can be very annoying for the neighbors. This is also why it is better for him to sleep in the house, for his health and his happiness.

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Can my dog ​​sleep with me in the bed?

He can obviously sleep in your bed. It is still better to know their race and their personality well because some are very independent and need their space. It is therefore possible that he sleeps with you to please you but in reality, he does not really want it. Therefore, it is best to make this decision before the animal enters your life.

As mentioned before, the moment a dog gets used to sleeping in a place, it is then difficult for him to remove this habit from him, so if you let him sleep in your bed, you should know that you will have to maintain this habit so as not to disturb him. If you then decide to ban him from spending the night in your bed one day, he could take this as punishment.

Is it recommended to locate my dog’s bed close to mine?

On the one hand, it must be taken into account that a dog can suffer from flatulence, be a big snorer or have the habit of getting up during the night to drink water or eat. And all of these little pet quirks can negatively affect your own rest, and you might not want them to sleep in your bed or bedroom.

If you do not want him to sleep in your bed, you will have to educate him not to do so and make him understand that he must follow the rules. Do not let him get on the bed without your permission (even if he may do it anyway, when you are not there) because if he does, he will feel too confident. thinking he has power over you and that can affect other bad behavior.

In which room of the house should I put my dog’s bed?

We must take into account what are the most practical places for our four-legged friend to sleep comfortably. And so you can do the same too. The kitchen or living room are often places in the house where the temperature is maintained and it is convenient that your dog can sleep in a different place from yours.

Your bedroom can be a good place to put your dog’s bed if you don’t want to separate during the night but he may want to get on your bed at night. If you do not want it, you will have to impose yourself and educate him so that he follows your rules. If he starts to get on the bed, then it will be difficult for him not to keep this habit.

Where can my dog ​​sleep if my house is small?

Even if your house is small, it is always better to have space to put your dog’s bed and toys. As loyal as a dog can be, he too needs privacy and there are times when they like to be alone without anyone bothering them. You can find a small corner in a common area or in the bedroom of one of the family members.

Know that the place you choose at the start will probably be the one that will be maintained for the next few years. Think about the fact that dogs like to have their routine. You should therefore choose a place that seems convenient and appropriate and where your dog feels comfortable.

What orthopedic beds are available for dogs?

For dogs already old or with health problems such as joints, bones or spine, there are special beds made with a memory foam or viscoelastic foam that adapts to the position of the animal. They can also be purchased for healthy dogs as they are very comfortable.

One of the main characteristics to take into account when choosing an orthopedic bed is the thickness of the mattress. The offer of this type of bed on the market is vast and you will find a wide variety of mattresses in viscoelastic at all prices, all models, all shapes and different fabrics for the coating.

What sleeping habits do dogs have in general?

It is interesting to see how your dog sleeps as it can give you important information in order to be sure that he feels happy in your house and that he is not anxious. You should know that dogs snuggle up when they sleep to keep them warm and safe. If you see him having spasms, it’s because he’s dreaming.

If your dog sometimes sleeps with stretched legs, it means that he is hot or that he is very comfortable. And if you see that at bedtime, he is very doubtful and turns in all positions, it is possible that he may have joint pain and that it is difficult for him to lie down.

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Is it normal for my dog ​​to spend a lot of time sleeping in his bed?

Dogs, when they are still babies, sleep 90% of the day, even if it will be at different times and irregularly. Growing up, they will be able to adapt to the habits of their owners, especially when it comes to going to bed. An adult dog sleeps about 14 hours in small naps during the day and for 8 or 9 hours at night.

Dogs must remain active, even as adults. If he sleeps more than he should, it may be because he is bored. However, if you think he is sleeping excessively or if you see that he has no desire to move for much of the day, then it is best to consult a veterinarian. He may have a physical or emotional problem.

How do I get my dog ​​to use his bed?

If your little companion has just arrived at your home and needs to adapt to your habits, there are a few tips to implement. If the dog is very small and frightened, you can let him sleep with you for the first few nights until he feels comfortable in the house. Then, you will leave it little by little in its own space.

For a dog to use its own bed, it must be nice for it to want to go there on its own. You can take her to bed with a reward. So he will associate his place to sleep with something positive. You should never force it. If he does not like, it is surely there is a reason for this, like the location of his bed, for example, which must not be well located.

What if my dog ​​destroys his beds?

It may be because your dog is playful or nervous that he insists on destroying the beds that you bought him. This implies a high and constant budget. It is natural for dogs to bite things: They have to strengthen their jaws and teeth and this prevents tartar. For this, it is recommended to buy them dog toys that they can chew to release this tension.

In addition, if you are present when he bites his bed, you must educate him by saying “no” firmly when he begins to do so and move him away from his bed. Put it back a moment later and watch for your dog’s reaction. If they do it again, do the same thing again and if they don’t do it, reward them and praise them for their good behavior.

Purchase criteria

When buying a bed for our dog, it is important to assess certain aspects. We have included the most important criteria that you should consider before purchasing the product. This will ensure that you have made the right decision and that your dog will have the rest he needs. These criteria are:

  • material
  • Textile
  • Form
  • External aspects
  • Cut


To get this much deserved rest after hours of playing, a padded mattress or a bed will be essential. The ground does not allow to rest and even less if it is cold. A comfortable and cozy place to spend the night is necessary for our four-legged friends. There are these options:

material Characteristics
Foam It is very common, because durable, inexpensive and fluffy. Manufacturing with polyurethane is especially recommended for large dogs, which are also heavier.
Cedar shavings There is controversy about this. Many people who love animals are seduced by this option, because the chips give off a good smell, it is a natural material and it repels insects. But other people do not recommend them, because they are not washable and after some time you have to buy a new one.
Synthetic fiber  Soft and fluffy. It is the most used material for stuffing cushions.
Cotton There are two characteristics of cotton which make it not recommended: Cotton ends up forming packages which make the bed uncomfortable and gives off bad odors.
Foam rubber pieces Soft and fluffy, ideal for small dogs. For large dogs, high density foam rubber sheets are recommended. There is for example a polyurethane foam widely used for older dogs and with joint problems.
Viscoelastic mattress Used for orthopedic beds. Ideal for dogs with bone, joint or spine problems. It is very comfortable and it maintains the shape of the posture in which the animal will put itself.
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There are two key points when choosing the filling for your dog’s bed: It should be easy to clean and pleasant to the touch. You should also think about the average temperatures depending on your region because some materials insulate from the cold and others are used to cool. There are these options:

Waterproof fabrics. They protect the mattress from humidity and bad odors and are easy to wash. They can however be fresh.

Synthetic leather or canvas. Very easy to clean, even with a knife, but it is not very soft.

Wood . Sometimes the mattress is only part of the bed and can be surrounded by a wooden structure. This one being heavier, if this bed stays in the same place, this material is a good option. Later, you will have to watch to change the canvas covering the mattress.

Plastic . This material is common for outdoor beds if you want a waterproof base for the mattress. Also useful for places where the climate is very hot.


The shape of a bed or a mattress for dogs should be chosen according to the way of sleeping of your pet, and its size, too, so that its ends do not protrude from the bed. He would be inconvenienced. There is a wide variety of beds suitable for all types of dogs. Here are some models that can be found:

Classic mattress . Rectangular carpets or mattresses, normally, although they can also be square or round. They are available in all sizes. They can be more or less thick. A thick mattress will be more suitable for dogs with mobility problems.

Pull-out bed . These are mattresses but with the edges more raised. The dog feels better protected and has the possibility of resting its head on it. They are not recommended for heat.

Hammocks . There are hammocks raised from the ground and made of PVC plastic, sometimes with holes, which are the best option in hot countries.

Igloo . Closed bed on top which gives the dog some privacy. Recommended in areas with colder temperatures where the dog can take refuge. Generally, there are only for small dogs.

Sofa . As stated, it has a sofa shape, which makes it a welcoming place. There is also a headrest but unlike the igloos, the sofa has an open part.

Plastic bed . It may sound uncomfortable, yet they are ideal for females who are ready to give birth. It is a good option, too, for older or sick dogs.

External aspects

The climate is one of the most important aspects to observe when choosing a bed. There are very hot materials, to warm the animal and protect it from low temperatures and there are, on the contrary, those which serve to cool in hot climates. Both the materials and the shapes of the beds adapt to different temperatures.

We must also think about where to place the bed, if it can be dirty or wet and choose the material of it accordingly. If it is an outdoor bed, it is better to be waterproof, and if it is in a dusty place in the house, it must be able to be dismantled to be washed.



Whether your dog stays quietly inside his bed or on his mattress is essential so that his rest is restful and that he does not get up with pain. This must be purchased according to the length and height of the animal that will use it. Normally, a bed model is always offered in different sizes.

It should also be borne in mind that small dogs adapt much more easily to different kinds of beds or padded mattresses. But if you have a large dog, as we said earlier, it will need good support and a quality bed so that the weight of its body is not a hindrance in its rest.

In summary

In the same way that it is important for us to have a comfortable bed to sleep after a long day of work and leisure activities, your dog also needs a pleasant place to rest. We should not take this subject lightly because sleeping well brings a quality of life to our four-legged friends.

Dog beds are available in a wide variety of fabric, size and padding to suit the needs of each animal. Sleeping is something we need to do every day to regain our strength, so make sure you have the right bed so your dog can feel good and have his own place where he can relax. all tranquility.

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