Best Dog Bowls & Diners in 2022 – [Top Tested and Reviewed]

Best Dog Bowls & Diners in 2021 – [Top Tested and Reviewed]

Best Dog Bowls & Diners

A healthy dog ​​is a happy dog ​​and to ensure his health, in addition to the unconditional love and affection that you give him, it is essential to feed him in a healthy and correct manner. As you may already know, dog bowls must be made from tough materials, but what other features should they meet?

In order to choose the right bowl, you should take into account the size of your animal, its eating habits or its state of health, among others. Did you know that there are anti-anxiety bowls for dogs? Yes, you read that right! In this guide, we will show you everything you should know about this product. Let’s go !

Dog bowls are accessories specially designed so that you can properly feed your pet.

That is why it is very important to choose it well. In addition, the right bowl can even help you deal with your pet’s weight problems.

Since there are many models of dog bowls, it is essential to choose a model that suits your pet’s needs. This can range from a raised bowl or, as mentioned above, an anti-gluttonous bowl, which helps to improve your pet’s level of anxiety.

Dog bowls can be made with different materials, but the best choice is stainless steel, especially 18/8.

Ranking: The best dog bowls available on the market

Portable, individual, double or with specific needs, to control the weight of your pets, for example. You will understand, there are a multitude of models on the current market as well as a wide range of prices, adapted to all budgets. So that you can choose from these models, we have prepared a ranking with the 5 best products on the market. Here they are:

Shopping guide: everything you need to know about dog bowls

Portable, large, small, or even vending machines or even anti-glutton bowls, the options are very numerous, which can make the choice difficult. To help you in your research, in the rest of the article we will answer the questions most frequently asked by users.

What are dog bowls and why are they so important?

These are containers designed to serve dry or wet food for your dog. It is essential for the health of your pet and is one of the essential accessories when you have a dog in the house. The right bowl can help improve bowel problems or promote weight loss, to name a few.

How can a bad bowl harm the dog’s health?

In 2012, Petco had to withdraw its stainless steel bowls from the market because they were radioactive, according to Basis Pet. It is recommended to carefully check the quality of the product. Never choose a stainless steel bowl that is unsuitable for the dishwasher or if it is intended for “household use only”.

The product descriptions for dog bowls may hide the fact that stainless steel is less than type 304 (also called 18/8 stainless steel), steel suitable for food use.

cute bulldog eating from bowl

Why is it so important to keep your dog’s bowl clean?

It often happens that we forget to clean the dog’s bowl, which could harm the dog’s health. A person would not use the same dish for a week without washing it and it should be the same with your doggie’s bowl. Otherwise, bacteria responsible for diseases can develop.

Stomach pain, diarrhea or vomiting are symptoms that can be caused by poor hygiene in your pet’s bowl. How to do? Wash it regularly with soap and water. Remember to rinse well.

What types of dog bowls can you find on the current market?

Nowadays, there is a wide choice of dog bowls. There are so many models, it can be difficult to choose one that suits your best friend’s needs. Below, we present a selection of the main models, by their shape and their material. In addition, we will discuss the features, advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Types of bowls

Characteristics Benefits disadvantages
In plastic They come in different shapes and sizes. These are containers made of different polymers. If you opt for this type of bowl, choose a quality product that does not contain carcinogenic substances, such as bisphenol A or BPA. They are easy to clean. They are economical, light and very easy to handle. They generally incorporate a non-slip ring underneath to prevent it from moving The dog may be allergic to some of its components. Check the condition of his muzzle and watch out for possible irritations.
Ceramic These are bowls of different sizes depending on the needs of the dog. Given their weight, they do not slip on the ground. Easy to clean. They can break easily. It is a porous material that can easily accumulate bacteria.
Stainless steel They are available in different sizes and shapes. They are stainless, robust and easy to clean. It is the most recommended material for dog bowls. They are light. They slide easily if they do not include a non-slip ring. Avoid those with a non-slip rubber base since this facilitates the accumulation of bacteria and fungi.
Anti-gluttonous, anti-anxiety, with obstacles These are mostly plastic bowls. They include different obstacles to force the dog to eat slowly They help to fight against overweight and obesity. They help calm the dog’s anxiety about food and thus avoid intestinal problems. If they are of poor quality, they can be damaged easily.
Travel or foldable These are specially designed travel bowls, usually made of resistant plastic or silicone, although there are also stainless steel models. They are perfect if you travel often. They are foldable and often include a container for food and another for water. Their price is generally higher. Poor quality ones can easily accumulate bacteria. It is therefore important to keep them clean.
Raised bowls You will also find them under the name of “high bowls”. These are bowls placed high so that the dog can eat without bending over. The height is, in most cases, adjustable and these bowls generally consist of two containers, most often made of stainless steel. They should be placed at the height of the animal’s chest, when standing. This type of bowl, when properly adjusted can be very beneficial for the health of the animal. Indeed, this allows him to have a good posture and better digestion, thus avoiding stomach problems. They are ideal for older dogs. It is advisable to be particularly careful and clean the area underneath well, likely to attract moisture and therefore fungi and bacteria.
Distributor bowl If you do not know this type of bowl, you will find a model in our ranking. A dispensing bowl is filled automatically and the kibbles fall into the bowl as the dog eats. You will no longer have to worry about feeding your pet for several days. This model is less expensive than the programmable or automatic model. They are usually transparent so you can see how much food is left. Since they are made of plastic, it is important to clean them thoroughly regularly.
For dogs with long ears These bowls are tall and narrow, particularly suitable for dogs with long falling ears, such as the Beagle or the Cocker Spaniel. They are most often made of plastic. It is important that they include non-slip bases. They prevent your dog from soaking the ears in food. Their price is relatively low. It is important to clean them well to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
Automatic and electronic These are electronic devices that allow you to control the amount of food your dog eats and schedule meals at specific times. This device is ideal if you are a very busy person. You can control the amount of food as well as the time of meals. It helps control overweight and is very handy for sick dogs Its price is higher. Some models may have a complicated configuration. It is better to opt for quality devices in order to avoid programming problems.

Why are anti-gluttonous and anti-anxiety bowls a good idea?

Some dogs don’t chew food, they gobble it up. They not only risk choking but it also causes digestive problems and other health concerns. As a result, the manufacturers of pet accessories have released the anti-anxiety dog ​​bowl, which causes doggies to eat food more slowly.

Are double bowls containing a container for water recommended?

You have surely already seen bowls integrating two containers: one for food and the other for water. However, it is preferable that they be placed in separate and fairly distant containers. This will prevent the food from getting wet and thus prevent the formation of mold and bacteria.

Purchase criteria

If you’ve read our article so far, you know that buying a dog bowl isn’t as easy as you might think. Before choosing the right model for your pet, you should take into account certain important criteria, such as the size or the age of the dog. To make your choice easier, we have listed the main purchasing criteria below:

  • Veterinarian advice
  • Dog size
  • Material
  • Cleanliness
  • Accessories
  • User Ratings and Reviews

Veterinarian advice

It sounds obvious, but no one knows your dog’s physical condition better than your veterinarian. If the dog is old, it is better to opt for raised bowls, while if you do not have much time and your dog is not greedy, you can choose the kibble distributor. However, if possible, consult a professional before choosing.

Animal size

You are not going to feed a Yorkshire terrier with the same amount of food as a German Shepherd. The brands take into account the dimensions of the animal, so you will have no problem finding a bowl at its size. There are bowls in different sizes, such as S, M or L. Make sure you don’t overlook this important aspect for the well-being of your dog.


As mentioned throughout this guide, dog bowls are made of different materials, including wood, for example. It is essential to choose a good quality material, resistant and easy to clean. A good quality stainless steel model remains the best choice.


We have already mentioned the importance of cleanliness above. We advise you to buy an easy-to-wash bowl. If you have little time, even opt for a product compatible with the dishwasher. And remember, wash your dog’s bowl at least once every two or three days.


In addition to the bowl, there are accessories related to it which can be very practical. The non-slip mat, for example, will prevent you from the humidity responsible for the proliferation of germs, while protecting the floor of your house, whether it is terrazzo, parquet or another type of floor covering.

User Ratings and Reviews

Before buying a new bowl for your dog, learn about the ratings and comments written by users. In addition to the 4 or 5 star ratings, you will find interesting technical details which can be very useful to you. So take a little time to analyze customer reviews for the product in question.

dog having a salad


The quality of the food you give your dog is essential for his health. But that’s not all. Accessories such as dog bowls are essential and should be adapted to the needs of each pet. This is all the more necessary, if he is old or if he is overweight, for example. The right bowl can regulate eating habits and even ease anxiety.

We find on the current market, electronic bowls, innovative devices which have many advantages. They allow you to adjust the amount of food and schedule your dog’s meal times. When choosing a bowl, keep in mind the criteria mentioned in our guide, in order to make the best choice for your faithful friend.

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