Best Dog Cages 2022: Expert Shopping Guide & Reviews

Best Dog Cages 2021 Expert Shopping Guide & Reviews

Best Dog Cages

Everyone who has dogs as pets has a deep affection for them. However, there is one thing to keep in mind: many dogs are aggressive. Therefore, it is best to keep them away from other people. You surely want to avoid the inconvenience such as bites, blows and all types of injuries they can cause.

This is why there is an option that you can use to keep your dog in a safe place for a while: dog cages. So here is a complete guide with everything you need to know about them. We encourage you to read this article carefully and follow the suggestions below.

Shopping guide: everything you need to know about dog cages

You now know the best alternatives on the market. However, you should not be in a hurry when buying a dog cage. In this section, we will develop a buying guide with everything you need to know to make the right choice. We will analyze the characteristics and the different questions you can ask yourself.

What is a dog cage?

A dog cage is a very practical accessory which fulfills various purposes. Do not think that a cage is an element to keep your dog in prison. But it is clear that it is sometimes recommended to use it as protection, especially if your pet is very aggressive.

On other occasions, a dog cage becomes your pet’s home as well as a play environment. In fact, there are versions of cages that allow you to include beds and blankets to provide maximum comfort to your dog. Cages can be both inside the house and in the garden, because they are adaptable to any environment.

What are the pros and cons of a dog cage?

There are many advantages to owning a dog cage, but using it can also have drawbacks. So ask yourself if the investment is worth it and if your dog really needs this kind of product. This is why we detail everything you need to know in a short explanatory table.


  • Provides maximum protection for your pet.
  • Animal can have its own house.
  • If the dog is aggressive, you will prevent him from biting other people.
  • You protect your pet.
  • The dog will be there.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Some dogs may take a long time to get used to because they may feel trapped.
  • If the dog is very active, he may injure himself while trying to escape.
  • The dog may feel nervous and threatened.
  • The cage takes up a lot of space, especially in small houses.

husky in a cage

Is a dog cage a good idea for my pet?

Of course it is a good idea. In fact, your dog will feel at home in his own personal space. Indeed, the cage gives him a feeling of security and stability, as well as a comfortable sleeping area. However, for the dog’s cage to have the desired effects, you must choose the one that will be most suitable for your animal. Otherwise, you could cause damage and scare him.

If your dog is very restless and likes to run around the house, a cage can be a good solution. It allows you to educate your pet until he manages to behave well and stops damaging your home. And, as we have already mentioned, the cage prevents it from biting other people.

Is using a dog cage cruel?

The vast majority of people think it is cruel. No one likes the idea of ​​being locked in a cage all day. But in dogs, it is exactly the opposite. In fact, they need a comfortable place to rest. And for them, a dog cage is much better than sleeping under the table or on the sofa.

Even their wild brothers and sisters, wolves, need a place where they can sleep and rest. The difference is that they prefer small holes and burrows to large spaces. It is in this kind of environment that they feel comfortable. Well, it’s the same feeling that your pet feels with a dog cage.

Are dog cages safe?

In general: yes. However, there are a few factors that can influence the safety of the cage. First of all, mention should be made of its material, which in most cases is made of metal. And secondly, the size, which must be suitable for your pet, otherwise you will have problems.

These aspects are closely linked, as your dog can injure himself in a metal cage that is too small. Conversely, if you use a very large cage for a very small dog, he could escape and get lost. You should pay special attention to these items especially when installing the cage outside the house.

However, in general, once the dog is used to it, the cage is a completely safe element for him. In addition, it helps protect it from stray dogs, rats and any other aggressive animal that tries to attack your animal. This will avoid traveling to the veterinarian to heal serious injuries to your dog.

What types of dog cages are there?

In the market, you can find a wide variety of dog cages, to the point where you won’t know where to turn. How do I know which one is right for my pet? What size and shape to choose? So many questions are jostling in your head. But if you care about these aspects, it is because you want to offer the best to your pet.

The most important thing is that you can best meet the needs of your dog and that he does not feel uncomfortable in his cage. Remember that one of the main objectives of this accessory is to provide your fur ball with a home to live in. For this reason, we have created a table with the most common types of cages and their characteristics.

Type of cage

Characteristics disadvantages
Plastic and metal cage The most used.

Plastic structure with metal door.

Light and easy to carry.

Ideal for traveling by plane or to go to the vet.

Can accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Not the safest.

Plastic is a fragile material which tends to break easily.

Metal cage Ensures maximum security.

Very durable material.

With great ventilation.

Dogs can injure themselves when trying to escape.

If the cage is not stainless steel, the dog can catch tetanus.

Wooden cage Above all works as a decorative cage.

Used indoors.

Slightly resistant material, so can easily break.

Need regular cleaning.

Wood and metal cage Best combination of elegance and safety.

Ideal for outdoors.

Can accommodate large, medium and small dogs.

Maybe a little heavy.
Folding cage Very practical, because it can be folded anywhere.

Almost always made of metal, therefore very resistant.

Mechanisms can deteriorate over time.

When are dog cages needed?

There is no specific answer to this question, as there are some basic aspects to consider. First, assess your dog’s level of aggression. If it is extremely aggressive, the cage is essential. If not, it is not mandatory. However, you will need to consider other circumstances in which it may be appropriate.

As you already know, dog cages are a way to provide your pet with a comfortable and practical living space. So if you want to give your pet a gift and keep him happy for a while, you can consider this option. Now, if you want to keep your dog in the garden, a cage or a cage is ideal so that it is always protected.

What size of dog cage is right for my pet?

To determine the correct size of the dog cage, the first thing you should keep in mind is the size of your pet. Obviously, you do not want your dog to be injured while being locked up. It is therefore important that your dog has great freedom of movement. So he can eat, drink and take care of himself in the greatest of comforts.

On the other hand, choosing a small cage can sometimes be a better solution. This is the case where the dog is violent. This way you train him to reduce his aggressiveness and he will learn to behave properly. In these cases, the grids should be narrow, so that children do not put their hands on them.

Is it better dog cages or transport cages?

There is also no specific answer to this question, as they have completely different functions. A cage is a space that the dog considers as his home. In addition, you generally do not move the cage around the house. While the transport cage is a smaller element which aims to transport your dog.

Leaving your dog locked in a transport cage inside the house is a bad idea because he would have absolutely no freedom. Conversely, it would not be practical to carry a large dog cage on the street, to go to the vet for example. In reality, there is no product better than another, the use is simply not the same.

Is it better to use dog cages or cages?

Unlike the previous case, these two elements perform very similar functions. Both the cage and the cage are used to keep your dog comfortable. The cage is adequate if the dog is calm, friendly and poses no danger to house order. In addition, it is freely accessible, which allows your dog to come and go at any time.

On the other hand, if you need your pet to stay in a limited area, the best choice will be dog cages. However, many people use them by leaving the door open so that the dog can go in and out freely. This is a valid option if your dog is not aggressive.

puppy in a cage

Where to place a dog cage?

The best place to place a dog cage is in a corner of the house, because it is a place that does not disturb family members. It is essential that this is a place where it is neither too hot nor too cold. The same goes if you want to put the cage in the garden. Try not to expose it to too much weather.

Also remember that dogs like to be as close to their owners as possible because they want to feel loved. So you can place the dog’s cage in the living room or anywhere you can keep an eye on it. Finally, it is important not to move the cage too much, as it will take time for the dog to get used to it.

How do pets get used to dog cages?

First, never force your dog into the cage. If you push or force it, it will not see the cage as a safe place and will not consider it as its comfort zone. It is best to motivate your pet to enter the cage alone, using the “all is well” strategy.

This technique involves using rewards each time your dog enters the cage. You can also place gifts there. Also give him cookies and treats, not to mention toys, like rubber bones. Finally, we recommend that you put blankets inside so that the animal feels comfortable in its new home and that it wants to stay there.

At what age can my pet use a dog cage?

A common mistake often made is to wait for the dog to grow up before using a protective cage. By waiting too long, the cage sometimes has the opposite desired effect and prevents the animal from reducing its level of aggressiveness. Therefore, it will be more likely to bite. In fact, training should be done at an early age so that the dog can get used to it.

For this reason, our best recommendation is that you start using the cage as soon as possible. After birth, wait a month or two for your dog to develop a little more and buy a puppy cage. This will make it much easier for your furry ball to adjust and feel comfortable in its new home.

How to clean dog cages?

To be able to effectively clean a dog cage, you must take into account the material of manufacture. Metal cages are not cleaned in the same way as wooden cages. Before going into details, however, there are a few general steps you need to follow. Remove all dust and surface dirt with a microfiber cloth.

Remove food waste and clean up feces and urine (you must do this every day). Now you can start the deep cleaning. For metal cages, apply a specific product that preserves the material and prevents the appearance of rust. You can also polish the grills using a mixture of water and alcohol.

For wooden cages, a floor cleaner should be used. You can also recover the shine of the material by using olive oil and disinfecting the surface with white vinegar. In the case of plastic cages, use water and liquid soap. It is important not to abuse products because they are harmful to the dog.

Recommendations for dog cages

It is essential that you never abuse the use of the cage, especially if your dog is not used to it. You need to identify when your pet is comfortable and when it is not. If you notice he’s sad, take him for a walk. On the other hand, if you go out, do not forget to leave him his daily food and drinks.

The cage must always be clean, otherwise the dog may get infections. You can also train it so that it does not do its business indoors, so that you do not have to clean up afterwards. Finally, whenever you can, reward your companion with a gift, treats, cookies, or a new toy.

pitbull brown

What are the best brands of dog cages on the market?

To know the best brands of dog cages, just look again at the ranking that we put at the beginning of the article. The brand is one of the most important criteria in choosing a dog cage because it guarantees the maximum quality of the product that you are going to buy. You also benefit from a guarantee and the possibility of reimbursement in the event of a default.


It is the most recommended and requested brand on the market. She has a wide variety of cages with different models and sizes. Its products offer maximum comfort and security to your dog with an unbeatable value for money. The materials used are durable and light, ideal for any environment.


Second, the PawHut brand always dazzles with its premium dog houses. Its security systems offer complete protection to your pets. The brand has a complete product catalog. She is the best manufacturer of cages for puppies with their corral version for up to eight dogs.


Finally, the cages manufactured by Ellie-Bo are an option suitable for strong and robust dogs. Their stainless steel material guarantees ideal security at a reduced price. The brand has large and small foldable models and other varieties so that you can choose the ideal cage and make your dog comfortable.

How much do dog cages cost approximately?

It all depends on the brand, size and materials used. Known brands will always have a higher cost, but this is understandable in view of all the advantages mentioned in the previous point. On the other hand, stainless steel cages are much more expensive than plastic or wooden ones.

A small cage of medium production and by a mid-range brand can be around 20-25 dollars. But a cage for a large dog with first quality materials can reach up to 60 dollars. The most important thing is that you choose the cage that will best suit your animal and your budget.

Purchase criteria

We have already answered the most important questions you can ask yourself when buying a dog cage. Now you need to determine the best option for your dog, keeping in mind several purchase criteria. In this section, we will analyze the following fundamental aspects:

  • Cut
  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Dog breed
  • Lifestyle
  • Cut

As we have already mentioned, the size of the cage is directly related to the dimensions of the animal. For example, a German shepherd needs a large cage. For a chihuahua, on the other hand, a coral cage may be sufficient. In either case, it is essential that there is enough space to put the animal’s food.

Also consider how many toys you want your dog to have in his cage. And if you intend to keep your pet in the cage for a few hours a day, do not forget to put blankets in it. Remember that you need to provide maximum comfort for your companion to feel comfortable. Otherwise, he may run away and may injure himself.


The manufacturing materials are a fundamental criterion for the purchase of a quality dog ​​cage. First of all, we recommend that you avoid buying plastic cages. Since metal cages are the most durable, they provide more protection and security.

The metal should be stainless steel because rust damages the cage more quickly and can cause tetanus in your pet. The best investment you can make is a hybrid wood and metal cage. In addition to offering maximum protection, it gives an elegant and decorative appearance to the entire room.


When buying a cage, you need to consider the type of equipment you will be placing in it. We repeat that blankets and beds are essential for your dog to feel comfortable in his new home. Toys are another element that allows your pet to take full advantage of his cage.

On the other hand, even if you clean regularly, you should know that dogs always emit a bad smell, especially if they do their needs in the cage. So an aromatizer can be an effective enough option for the room to be filled with a pleasant scent. Finally, don’t forget to buy and place their food and drink in the cage.

Dog breed

Here is another essential criterion that you should keep in mind, as it is closely related to the size of the cage. The breed of the dog will determine the level of aggressiveness of it. For example, metal cages are most suitable for sturdy dogs. Wooden cages, on the other hand, are preferable for small dogs because they cannot break them.

However, if the dog is likely to be very restless, use a hybrid wooden and metal cage instead. In this way, if your pet tries to escape, there is no risk of injury. Be aware that cuts in the skin can lead to infection. However, whatever the breed, we repeat that it is not advisable to buy plastic cages.


The last criterion to analyze is the lifestyle that you and your animal lead, since both influence the type of cage. For example, if you are outdoors often, but do not always bring your dog with you, a spacious corral cage is a great alternative. This way your pet will not be bored when he is alone.

On the other hand, if your dog behaves well only in your presence, then a small cage is a good option when you have to go out. Also determine if your dog is more playful or calm. Depending on the case, you can decide to buy either a cage in which you can insert toys or a simple cage.


In summary

The care and well-being of our pets is fundamental. Animals are also living things that need our attention. Dog cages help protect your pet and others. But remember that this accessory should not be used to keep your pet locked up all day, but to provide him with a home.

Never leave your dog in the cage for too long without food. A balanced diet is also essential for him. Whenever you have the opportunity, spoil it so that it feels loved by its owner. In this way, your best friend will be faithful to you for a long time and will be extremely grateful to you.

We are at the end of this guide to dog cages. If you liked the article, feel free to leave a comment below in addition to sharing it on your social networks. See you soon!

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