The 10 Best Dog Car Barriers of 2022 [Recommended]

Best Dog Car Barriers

A dog car barrier is an essential accessory for owners who like to take their animals with them wherever they go.

If leaving your loyal companion at home when you go on a weekend or vacation is rarely a suitable solution, traveling with him without providing a suitable restraint system is not more!

Indeed, a dog roaming free in the cockpit, even if it is the nicest and calmest of all doggies, can be dangerous both for the handler and for the animal.

Among the various accessories aimed at ensuring the safety of all living beings present on board a vehicle, we present to you today the separation barrier for dogs, its advantages and disadvantages.

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Dog car barriers: what is it?

A dog car barrier is an accessory used to separate the passenger compartment of a vehicle into two parts: one reserved for dogs, the other for humans.

These barriers are generally removable and adjustable, in order to adapt to different types of vehicles and to disassemble easily.

The separation barriers can be placed either at the rear of the vehicle, between the boot and the rear seat, or at the front, in order to separate the two front seats from the rest of the passenger compartment.

Most of these barriers are made of metal, but for a lower budget it is also possible to obtain a nylon safety net which performs the same function.

The safety criteria are not the same, however, as the net is much less solid and impassable than the barrier – and consequently less expensive.

Why install a dog car barrier?

Installing a car barrier to separate your dog from passengers and / or the driver of the car has two objectives: to guarantee the safety of all passengers and to ensure the comfort of the animal.

Once installed in its dedicated space, separated from humans by a barrier, your dog can indeed enjoy a certain freedom and easily find the position that suits him best for traveling.

It is also impossible for him to access the driving position, and therefore to hamper the driver, which could cause an accident.

If the barrier keeps the dog in the trunk of the car, it also cannot get too close to the passengers, which avoids any risk of bites in the event of panic.

Finally, the dog separation barrier allows handlers to remain in compliance with the law which stipulates that nothing should be able to interfere with the driver’s visibility and movements.

How to install a dog car barrier?

The installation of a dog car barrier varies depending on the model and the location where it will be affixed.

First of all, it is essential to take the measurements of the interior of your car to make sure that the barrier will not be too large to enter it, or too small to hold it in place.

The majority of the products available on the market are adjustable in order to adapt to a maximum of car models, but they are not necessarily suitable for all types of vehicles, however.

Also beware of some barriers and nets that require drilling holes in your car to be properly fixed.

If some masters are ready to do anything for the comfort and safety of their doggies, it is, in my opinion, an unnecessary sacrifice given the wide choice of barriers with less definitive fixing systems.

I therefore recommend you rather opt for a barrier that attaches to the headrests, or that hangs between the floor and the ceiling of the passenger compartment.

Whichever model you choose, car barriers are never very complicated to install, but some may require a little more persistence, especially when delivered as a kit.

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How to choose a barrier?

There is a huge choice of dog car barriers on the market, and it is possible to find them for all dogs and all cars.

To help you make your choice, here are different models most acclaimed by the masters in terms of value for money.

It goes without saying that you cannot expect the same thing from a 5 euro net as from an aluminum barrier at 50 euros, so I invite you to define your own criteria to choose the accessory that will suit you. better.

The different criteria to take into account

The budget

The budget is not to be overlooked in the purchase of a car partition, but it should not be the only factor to take into account.

An inexpensive net may be ideal for very occasional travelers, who have a calm dog and are used to traveling by car.

If the net brings the same freedom of movement to your animal as a barrier, it is not however the best solution in terms of safety, because it will in no case be able to retain the animal in the event of accident or braking brutal.


If you travel often, the probability of an accident occurring – serious or not – is logically higher.

A barrier strong enough to hold your dog in the event of an impact is therefore essential, unless your pet is already supported using a dog seat belt associated with a harness.

Likewise, solidity is a point to take into account if your dog has destructive impulses and you suspect him to be the type to attack the barrier when he faces him.

The dimensions

As I mentioned earlier, the barrier of your choice must of course adapt to the size of your cabin.

Beware of vehicles with high ceilings (jeep, berlingo, kangoo, etc.) which require products that are large enough not to let your dog squeeze in front when passing over the device.

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The separation barriers for dogs that I recommend

Dog car barriers are ideal for traveling with your pet safely, even if they do not offer the same performance as dog seat belts.

Also, I recommend that you attach your pet using an adequate leash and harness during all your trips, and whether you have installed a separation barrier or not.

If you have several dogs, the barrier can become more interesting than the fastening devices, because it avoids the use of leashes which could become tangled between them, which could cause your animals to get annoyed and to bicker during the path.

And you ?

What device did you choose to transport your dogs by car with complete peace of mind?

Ask us your questions or tell us about your experiences by commenting on this article!

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