Best Dog Crates For Large & XL Dogs – Shopping Guide & Review

If you have decided to share your life with a large dog, then you must provide him with a space where he can feel safe and have some privacy. For this, give him a nice gift by offering him a large crate so that he can spend hours there.

Large dogs often take on the role of house keepers and spend many hours in the garden (when you have one). So offer him a crate where he can shelter and protect himself from the rain or the sun. These crates can also be used to train your dog so that he can stay home alone safely.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Large Dog Crates

Before buying a large crate, there are a number of pieces of information you need to know: the most common characteristics of crates and those of canine pets. Then you can choose the dog crate that suits you and your four-legged friend. In this guide, we try to resolve the most common doubts you may have.

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What is a large dog house for?

Just like you like to have your privacy, a dog finds it nice to have its own space. A large crate can be located outside or inside the house. Outdoors, it can be used to provide the animal with a roof that covers it from the sun during the hours it spends in the garden. It can also be used to provide a warm space to shelter.

Inside the house, it can be used as a way to educate your dog to stay alone. If he’s used to being around people, staying home alone can be scary. So offering him a space where he feels comfortable and protected when you go to work, like a crate, is a good idea.

Is it practical for my dog ​​to sleep in a dog house outside?

It is more and more common for dogs to sleep indoors, in the same room or the same bed as their owner. But sleeping outside is not a problem and some animals even like it. Large dogs, in particular, like to stay outside to keep house.

So it depends on the character of your companion. Some pets get too used to life outside the home, especially in villages, in houses with large gardens. These dogs do not want to sleep at home and prefer to stay in their crate. But if you see that your dog is not happy outside, because he feels alone, then let him sleep inside.

How to train my dog ​​to be alone in a large crate?

A crate can also be very useful in training a dog to be alone and to feel safe at home when you are not there. If your pet is new to the home, but you have to go out for several hours a day to work, you need to make it feel good without you. And for that, a large crate is ideal.

The first few days when you have to leave your big dog alone, put a treat in his crate. It will end up being happy because it will associate your departure with something positive and it will remain there for hours the time that you return. A dog doesn’t like being without you at home, but if you provide shelter for him, you help him feel better.

It is best to lock your dog inside its crate. He probably won’t like it at first, but reward him and pretend it’s natural. Start by locking it up for only a few hours. Put her favorite toy and a blanket inside. When he gets used to being alone in his shelter, he will feel more comfortable staying alone at home while you are at work.

Is it practical for my dog ​​to spend his days outside and in his large crate?

As with everything, it depends on your animal. Examine his reactions to see what makes him happier and less happy. If you see him crying in the garden when you’re not with him, then that doesn’t suit him. But if you see him having fun, running around, watching around the house and having fun, then there is no problem for him to stay outside.

If you see your dog making holes in the lawn or destroying pots, mats or plants, he is bored outside. But if you see that he is having fun and that he is not on the stage to wait until you go out, then let him spend the day in the garden. Do the same if you see that he asks to leave.

What are the pros and cons of a large dog crate?

The following table summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of a large dog crate. This product can be used in several ways and its use will largely depend on the character of the animal. Here we go further in the question because we also want the crate to make your pet happy.


  • Perfect place to shelter your dog from rain and sun
  • Useful for giving your dog a safe place
  • Your pet will have their own space


  • exclusive use of this crate as your dog’s house can make you feel lonely.

Should I walk my dog ​​even with a large garden and a crate?

Even if you have a large garden and a large crate where your pet can take shelter and feel comfortable, each dog needs to go for a walk. Dogs love to share moments with their owners and going out for a walk is very good for their socialization. This will educate your dog to be in contact with other animals and people.

So do not settle for your garden thinking that your animal has already done its business and has stretched its legs. Take him out for a few hours a day so he can visit new places, walk with you, play with other dogs and take advantage of new scents and stimuli. What dogs want most is spending time with humans.

small cute dog

Besides a crate, what should I put in the garden to make my pet happy?

In addition to its crate, if you want your large dog to spend hours outside without getting bored, then he needs something to stimulate him. You can for example make him a play area delimited in the garden but in which he does not feel locked up. In this space, there may be sand so that he can hide his toys.

You can also create a place where the animal goes to the toilet. Always remember that a garden should not replace walks. Finally, you can also create a pit in your yard so that your dog can use it to cool off in hot weather. Avoid toxic plants in your garden or chemicals for your crops.

Where should I install a large dog crate in the garden?

It is important to observe where your dog prefers to spend his time in the garden and sleep. This information can be very useful in choosing the location of the crate. You will therefore be sure that your pet will use it. Another important aspect to consider is that the crate should be located in a large space. Your dog should not feel that it is a punishment.

All around the house there should be enough space to play and run. In his crate, put him the toys he likes and a blanket or mattress to be a little comfortable. Your dog must also be able to access the family home from his crate.

How to maintain the hygiene of my large dog’s crate?

If your large dog’s crate is in the garden, you run the risk of harboring a wide variety of insects and parasites, especially in hot weather. To avoid this, clean the crate frequently with water and disinfect with a chemical, such as ammonia. Be sure to rinse well after that.

It is also recommended to apply a special product in the house to repel fleas and ticks. If you have put mattresses or blankets inside the crate, wash them regularly with very hot water in a washing machine. If your dog is urinating near his shelter, give it a wash and educate it so that it does its needs in another more suitable place.

What is the use of a covered terrace in a large crate?

You can easily find on the market a large crate with covered terrace. The biggest advantage of this space is that it allows the animal to be outside, while being protected from the sun or rain. This place is ideal for allowing your pet to have a panoramic view of the site, and this, without having to suffer the bad weather.

On several occasions, your large dog may want to monitor what is going on around the house or watch what you are doing in the garden. But if there is a lot of sun or if it is raining, it must protect itself for its greatest comfort. The additional terrace which accompanies the crate offers these possibilities to your pet.

bunch of dogs in a crater

Why not use a large crate?

If your pet cries or is nervous when you leave it in the garden, you should not force it to stay in its crate all the time. Some dogs may be happy to live in their own crate, but this is not the norm. Do not use this space as an exclusive home for your pet. Your dog should also participate in the family routine.

If you leave your furry animal outside the house, it may feel lonely or punished for something it ignores. The crate is a good place to shelter when he spends hours in the garden. But that shouldn’t stop him from spending time at home with the family. The crate should only be a complement.

Purchase criteria

When buying a large dog crate, you should be aware of and evaluate certain aspects of your pet and the product. Here we summarize the most important points to take into account so that you can make the right choice. These aspects are:

  1. Materials: advantages and disadvantages
  2. Cut
  3. Ground
  4. Roof
  5. Complements for the crate

Materials: advantages and disadvantages

We find on the market, large dog crates made of various materials. Wood and hard plastic are the most common and used materials. In the following table, you will find the advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose the most suitable dog mascot crate:

Materials for a large dog crate Benefits disadvantages
Wood Better protection for dogs against high summer temperatures

Same thing with the cold: insulates more effectively

Very beautiful for the aesthetics of a garden

Biodegradable if you want to get rid of it

 Generally more expensive.

Wood tends to rot with humidity, cold and rain. It therefore needs more maintenance and care.

Difficult to clean

Hard plastic  Resistant

Several colors and models to choose from

High quality and very durable material

Easy to clean

Plastic heats up a lot with high temperatures. Its use is therefore not recommended for the summer.

Also does not cover low temperatures and extreme cold

Not ecological

Less bite resistance


The perfect dimensions of a large crate should allow your animal to turn around, lie down, enter and exit without difficulty. If you choose a model that is too small, it will be very uncomfortable for your dog. If you choose a model that is too large, it will be too cold in winter. And if you have two dogs, see if both of them freely fit inside.

To choose a crate, measure your animal lengthwise and without the tail. Also measure the height from the end of the front leg to the end of its head. Choose a shelter that is, inside, higher than him. Experts recommend that the height of the house does not exceed 50% of the height of the dog and 25% of its length.


It is recommended that the soil be slightly raised if you live in a humid place, where the rains can be frequent. In this way, neither moisture nor cold will get inside and the material of the house will last longer. Often the lower part of the shelter is thick to isolate moisture or so that there are feet on which the crate rests.

If the shelter is not raised, it must have some type of insulating material in its base. Sometimes the floor can be detached from the rest of the crate to allow better cleaning. Always keep in mind that the base must be strong to support the weight of your pet.


The roof of a large crate can take many forms. As with houses, it is strongly recommended to choose the shape according to the climate of the place where it will be installed. Many crates have removable roofs to facilitate cleaning of the interior. Here are the most common roofs:

Sloping or gable roofs . If you live in an area where rain or even snow is frequent, then the roof should be pitched. This allows the water to slide and not accumulate on the roof of the crate.

Flat roofs . In regions where the climate is warmer and drier, houses with flat roofs are more suitable. The interior is more comfortable and the height is the same throughout the crate.

Roof with cornice . Whether the roof is flat or tilted, the ledge can help protect your pet from the rain or the sun when he wants to lie down in his shelter and head out.


For a large crate to be comfortable for your pet, it must have a mattress inside. Indeed, large dogs need to rest their body on a soft and comfortable surface. You can also put a blanket on him that he likes. Both should be kept clean and dry.

Your pet must associate its crate with a place of leisure and pleasure. So put toys that he likes. Finally, you can also add doors to its crate of different shapes to keep your pet warm when he goes to sleep or rest and it is cold outside.

dog in a crater

In summary

If your dog likes to spend hours in the garden, then we recommend that you create a suitable large crate where he can shelter from time to time. Crates can also be used by your furry companion as a safe space when you want to teach him to stay alone at home during your working hours.

Just because your big dog has a garden with a shelter doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to take a walk. Socialization is essential. Finally, if you have provided him with a dog house outside, make sure that it allows him easy access to the family home. Your dog should not feel alone or punished. The crate is the ideal complement to give it its own space.

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