Dog Stroller: The Best Options For 2020

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Dog Stroller: The Best Options For 2020

The dog is a man’s best friend, right? As a child, we all dreamed of having our own dog, just for us. However, this requires work, we must also give him affection on a daily basis so that he feels comfortable. Have you ever thought of giving a gift to your dog? Do not worry, we will help you, because the products and options are many and varied.

Your dog, a loyal pet, is also part of your family. It is important to know how to spoil it from time to time. The dog stroller is a great idea. We have prepared for you this detailed and exhaustive article in order to inform you about everything there is to know about these products. We will analyze the best dog strollers of the year and all of their features. We have also written a section with frequently asked questions from buyers. If you want to know more about dog strollers, this buying guide is for you!

Shopping guide: everything you need to know about dog strollers

In order to make your purchase, you must be familiar with the function of a stroller. Do you know what are its main features? We should be familiar with everything related to a dog stroller so that we can give the best to our pet. We are sure they deserve the best gifts, and the stroller is a great option.

Nobody wants to spend their money unnecessarily on poor quality products. It is therefore very important that you know the most important aspects of dog strollers. We present below the main characteristics of this product so that you can correctly make your purchase. We also answer the most frequently asked questions by users.

What is a dog stroller and what are the benefits?

A dog stroller is a means of transportation that allows us to have better mobility with our pets on the street. Just as a human being prefers to drive to isolated areas by car, the same goes for dogs. In addition, it has many advantages, both for the animal and for its owner. So we will detail everything you need to know about it.

You will find strollers for your pet in different manufacturing materials. In addition, there are also several models and each one matches the characteristics of your dog. It is therefore also very important that we choose a dog stroller that matches our animal. Below are the pros and cons of this product.


  • Better mobility when
  • a walk
  • Orthopedic recovery
  • Better security than a leash
  • The walks are more pleasant
  • Easy to store


  • The dog can
  • get used to not wanting to walk anymore
  • The stroller needs
  • regular cleaning
  • Dog can damage stroller
  • It accumulates bad smells

Ranking: The best dog strollers on the U.S. market

  • Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller
  • TOGfit Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller
  • Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller
  • Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller
  • BestPet All Terrain Pet Dog/Cat Stroller w/RainCover


What types of dog strollers are there?

It is difficult to present specific categories because there is a wide variety of dog strollers on the market today. And all of them have different characteristics. Therefore, it can be difficult to know what is best for your dog. But our idea is to facilitate your choice, so we will present the different types of dog stroller according to their size.

Type of dog strollers

For which dogs? Maximum weight
Small size stroller Chihuahua, Bichon Bolognese, Terrier or French Bulldog 10 – 15 kg
Medium size stroller American Poodle, Basenji or Pit Bull Between 15 and 25 kg
Large stroller German Shepherd, Mastiff or Saint Bernard Over 25 kg
Adjustable stroller Ideal for having multiple dogs at home Depends on size
Orthopedic stroller In case of joint or bone problem Depends on size
  • Small dog stroller : There is no need to invest a large amount in a dog stroller, there are accessible and high quality options. Several models are small and support considerable weights. For example, if you have a chihuahua, you can choose a model that can support about 10 kg. Investing in a top stroller is really an unnecessary waste of money.
  • Stroller for medium-sized dogs : In most cases, the dogs we have at home are medium-sized. It is possible to mention certain breeds such as the poodle. This dog is one of the most beautiful there is. So you can enjoy a great walk with him and be the center of attention, wherever you go.
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  • Stroller for large dogs : Sometimes the most spoiled dogs are also the largest, so it is important to choose a stroller suitable for their size. It is certainly a product that can be expensive, but it can offer different advantages. Imagine, for example, that your German Shepherd is tired and that you do not have your car on hand to go to the vet. With a stroller, everything becomes easy and you do not endanger the life of your pet.
  • Adjustable dog stroller : There are also adjustable dog strollers, which is a great option. However, you must choose a model that is of the highest quality. You need to take a close look at the materials of manufacture and choose the ones that spoil the least.
  • Dog stroller for medical use : Among these models, there are first of all orthopedic strollers, to correct any anomaly. You can also find strollers suitable for dogs with different types of disabilities: dysplasia or paralysis, for example. The idea is to reduce the animal’s suffering as much as possible during a walk.

How often can a dog stroller be used?

It is important that our dog enjoys a regular walk. We shouldn’t just use the stroller to bring our pet to the vet. If we want to be the best owners, we have to take care of our dog. In fact, how often you use the stroller depends on everyone, but you should do it at least once a week.

So you can both enjoy the outdoors and the weather. In fact, it’s even a great way to exercise and greatly improve the physical health and emotional well-being of the dog and its owner. On the other hand, we can sometimes notice mood changes in our pets. They can become sad, nothing better then a little walk to change their ideas!


You just have to walk with your pet in the stroller. And as we mentioned earlier, this also benefits you. Remember that your pet is like a full family member. As many people know, “the dog is a man’s best friend”. It is therefore appropriate to share this moment from time to time, whatever the reason or the occasion.

How to properly use the dog stroller?

There are, of course, safety measures to be observed when using the stroller. The dog must be installed correctly. What can you do to avoid the risks? You must be very careful when using the dog stroller, remember that it is not a toy. Avoid running with it and remember to always push it with both hands, as a precaution.

When you park it, you must also do it in a safe place, to avoid inconvenience. The rule is simple, avoid disturbing others with your stroller. This will guarantee fun for everyone. Otherwise, its use is quite practical and simple.

Does the weather influence the purchase of a dog stroller?

This is very important when you walk the dog with the stroller. Dogs can also suffer from illnesses, colds and sunburns. Therefore, depending on the weather, you need to take precautions. Below are a series of questions you should keep in mind when purchasing a dog stroller.


What to do when it’s very cold?

It is important that you can put cold protection on your dog’s stroller. For example, bedspreads or sheets that can warm your pet are a good option. Just like you can suffer from intense cold, dogs are affected by temperature drops, snow and winter. In fact, they can suffer from colds just like us and we don’t want to be forced to go to the vet.

On the other hand, it is advisable to put on your dog clothes suitable for the cold. You can buy them in a specialized store. There are shirts, hats and even coats that cover the whole dog. This way your dog will be well protected even outside. You should worry as much as possible about the health of your pet.

What to do when it is very hot?

In this case, the opposite can happen, because when the outside heat is very strong, it can affect the animal. What steps can we take then? Obviously, you need to remove all of the items we mentioned above and replace them with lighter clothing, which allows for good ventilation.

Some models of dog strollers offer some kind of cover to protect the dog from the sun’s rays. On the other hand, it is also advisable to always walk in shaded areas. You can, for example, walk in a park or under the trees to prevent your pet from being too disturbed by the sun. In summer, it is advisable to go out either in the morning or at sunset.

Can a classic baby stroller be used for a dog?

If you have young children, you probably have a stroller at home. You might then ask yourself: is it possible to use it for my dog ​​and thus save money? However, the answer is negative, because we know for sure that this type of product is not compatible with our dog. Baby carriages are ergonomically designed, taking into account the user and their purpose.

Remember that children’s strollers are made of materials that do not allow moisture to pass through. In addition, they have been specially developed for human anatomy, very different from canine anatomy. And to top it all, these are models that support much less weight. If it is true that there are very small dogs that weigh practically nothing, it is better not to take the risk.

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How to properly use a dog stroller?

Although the dog stroller can bring you great comfort, it is essential not to abuse it. Otherwise, the dog can quickly get used to it and refuse to walk. Humans should not have a sedentary life because it is completely harmful to health. This can indeed cause obesity, cardiovascular and joint problems.

Know that the same thing happens with dogs. We tend to use a stroller for their safety. However, it is a personal choice that varies according to need. One recommendation is to use the stroller only once or twice a week. On the other hand, if you use it excessively, it can deteriorate faster.

Can a child use a dog stroller?

Do not let children, especially if you have not taught them, drive the dog stroller. As we said earlier in the article, this product is not a toy, and children of course see it as such. For this reason, we recommend that you take maximum precautions to protect and extend the life of the stroller.

  • Keep children out of the dog stroller.
  • It is not a suitable item for children under 12 years old because it is not a toy.
  • Keep the dog car in a safe place out of the reach of small children.

How to properly maintain a dog stroller?

We advise you to follow a good maintenance routine because we all know that it generates good results. If you don’t, the dog stroller can quickly get damaged and this is something we want to avoid. Although this does not seem to be the case, the stroller, like any element or accessory for animals, also requires good maintenance, as well as a verification of operation each time it is used.

When cleaning, lubricating parts and occasional repairs, it is best to avoid problems. Proper maintenance saves us money and eliminates the need to replace the stroller regularly, which is an excessive investment. If you maintain it regularly, you will undoubtedly extend its lifespan.

What are the differences between a stroller and a dog wheelchair?

One of the variants that we can find is the dog wheelchair, it is also very useful. At the start of this guide, we mentioned that sometimes dogs can suffer from pain. He can, for example, make an invoice because of a bad fall. In this case, it goes without saying that it is better to buy a wheelchair than a stroller.

The dog does not need to be lying down and standing still all day. A dog wheelchair allows you to move it easily without causing it pain. In this way, your pet can lead a normal life in a very short time. Also called “walkers”, wheelchairs for dogs are not necessarily very expensive products.

How do I know if my dog ​​will like being in a stroller?

Surely you are excited about buying a stroller for your dog. But another question arises: will your pet feel comfortable with this product? The best way to know the answer is to simply try, although in most cases the dogs are all very happy once installed in the stroller. Below are a series of recommendations to make your dog comfortable.

  • Some dogs may be afraid because they are not used to strollers.
  • Never force it, it must gradually adapt to the stroller.
  • You can leave the stroller in view of the animal so that it can become familiar with it.
  • When using the stroller, avoid sudden movements.

Purchase criteria

Today there is a wide variety of brands and models of dog strollers on the market. This can be an opportunity or a disadvantage. It is extremely important not to buy the first product offered, as this can be a trap. When purchasing a stroller, you must keep in mind certain purchasing criteria in order to select the best product. We discuss below the most important criteria to allow you to choose your dog stroller according to your needs.

  • Quality
  • Mark
  • Comfort
  • Manufacturing materials
  • Type of dog
  • use
  • displacement


As we said before, the materials of manufacture must be of quality. It is indeed something vital in any product. We absolutely must avoid plastics because they are likely to break more easily. Therefore, the best option we suggest is to choose stainless steel materials.

This recommendation concerns the stems, which must be able to properly support the weight of the animal. On the other hand, we have to check that the fabric is not easily vulnerable to stains and dirt. It must also be ensured that the material does not deteriorate easily, so that unnecessary repairs are not necessary. Here are some other additional factors regarding the quality of a dog stroller:

  • Carrying capacity: Never buy a stroller with a low weight capacity just to spend less.
  • Wheel size : Analyze the area in which you will use the stroller: on the sidewalk, in rural areas or in cities.
  • Safety : Mention may be made here of brakes or belts and any device usable in an emergency.
  • Design : You should feel comfortable walking around with the stroller.
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And just like you need a certified mark on any product, that of the dog stroller is essential. In this way, we also guarantee the efficiency of the stroller. Keep in mind that this way you can also get different benefits. If you need, for example, to buy a spare part to carry out a repair, you can easily find it on the Internet.

Famous brands always guarantee good product quality. In addition, they often offer a refund during the warranty period. So remember to have your dog stroller guaranteed when you buy it. A good brand, in most cases, is synonymous with very good quality.


We cannot buy a dog stroller which is uncomfortable for our pet. First of all, he cannot feel comfortable or secure. The product must therefore be under warranty, in the event of a bad experience. Either way, before you choose a stroller for your dog, take the time to determine which one is best for you.


It is advisable, as far as possible, to put yourself in the place of your pet. Imagine that you are in a car with very poor comfort. You feel tight and you can barely breathe, which is certainly something very unpleasant. The dog feels the same and may even bark to make you understand. You should therefore buy a dog stroller that has enough space to transport the animal.

Manufacturing materials

Keep in mind that dogs can suffer from allergic reactions due to different materials. It is therefore appropriate that you consult the veterinarian before purchasing a dog stroller. We don’t want to cause trouble for our pet. Also pay attention to the metallic elements.

If there is rust, the dog can be injured, suffering from diseases such as tetanus (a disease that can lead to the amputation of certain members of the body). It is also recommended that the padding of the car is very comfortable so that the dog does not suffer. On the other hand, this prevents the dog from suffering from rashes.

Type of dog

You should know how to choose the right stroller size for your dog’s breed. For example, we don’t want to lose money by buying a large stroller to transport a small puppy. We also don’t want to avoid spending a little more by buying a small car for a German shepherd. It can even damage the car and ultimately make you spend more money.


It is also important to determine the type of use you are going to give to the dog stroller. It is not the same thing to use a stroller to transport injured animals or to go for a walk. In fact, its functionality can even influence design and decoration.

We invite you to buy a dog stroller only if you really plan to use it wisely. Consider how often you plan to use your dog stroller. If you want to be able to keep it well for a long time, it is better not to use it much.


The dog stroller must have good mobility as it is a necessary characteristic for any model. We don’t want the wheels to hit obstacles because it wastes time and requires a lot more effort. We can thus damage it in a very short time. In this case, it is preferable to use wheels allowing 360-degree turns.

On the other hand, the handlebars must also have a correct steering system, which provides good comfort to the person pushing the stroller. In a dog stroller, it is essential that the driving is simple, so that the user and the driver feel comfortable. Otherwise, you might as well set this option aside and return to the leash.

In summary

We hope, with this buying guide, to have convinced you to use a dog stroller. It has many advantages and your pet can only feel comfortable there. Whether to take him to the vet or just take a walk, it’s a great option. And so that you choose the best, we invite you to take into account all of our suggestions.

You should pay special attention to your animals in order to give them all the affection and attention that they need. Remember that a good part of your responsibility as an owner is to provide them with good food and ensure their good hygiene. If you respect this, you will enjoy your moments with the “best friend of man”: the dog. Don’t forget everything we explained to you in this buying guide, follow our recommendations and you will have a successful purchase!

We are coming to the end of this buying guide for dog strollers. If you liked this article, we encourage you to share it on your social networks. You can also leave us a comment below. Or both, thank you!