The 6 Best Dog Toilets of 2022

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When you have pets at home it is important to educate them so that they can perform their physiological needs in a specific place and you don’t have to deal with feces, urine and bad odors. Therefore, you may be interested in acquiring a dog toilet. The Trixie 23416 model has a structure in which a towel is placed and prevents its movement thanks to its anti-slip system. Another model we also recommend is the BPS 5703, which consists of a polypropylene tray with a removable, double-bottomed screen, which will keep the faeces on top and the urine on the bottom.

Dog Toilet Buying Guide – Which is the best dog toilet on the market?

Dog toilets are an effective way to keep the corners of the house clean and free of stains and odours and the increase in sales of these devices seems to corroborate their effectiveness. Thus, we see that there is a great variety of models on the market, of different brands and prices.

That’s why before asking how much it costs, we’ve put together the most important features you should consider in this guide to buying the best dog toilet on the market, so you can choose the model that best suits you and your pet’s needs.

Types of toilets

In comparing dog toilets, we found several types. On the one hand, there are the trays with bars, wall simulators or hydrants, designed for male dogs, which serve as support when they lift their paws.

On the other hand, we find the tray-type models with artificial grass to make the pet feel like in the garden. Similarly, there are dog trays with fun designs that you can combine with your home decoration.

In the case of the male models, it is noteworthy that the support is almost always removable and is easily placed by simply inserting it into the grid, so it can be used as a tray or with the wall depending on the adaptation of your dog.

The artificial turf models have a modern style and will not keep odors away, thanks to an efficient drainage system, so it is an easy to maintain product.

With regard to the models for dogs, in general, this type of tray can be fitted with an interchangeable absorbent cloth that facilitates the cleaning of this accessory.


We also find that there are toilets of different sizes, so you should choose the one that best suits the space you are going to provide for your dog. These dog toilets usually have large, medium or small dimensions and the one you choose will depend on the size of your pet, as they can be for puppies or small breeds, for medium or large dogs.

On the other hand, it is to be appreciated that these products are generally rectangular in shape, although angular models can be obtained, ideal for placing them in corners and saving space; even so, the rectangular ones are the most common.

Keep in mind that the dog toilet is a solution for teaching puppies to relieve themselves and also an alternative for those people who work all day and don’t have enough time to take their pets out several times a day, or for those rainy days, since the dog will always appreciate those walks on the street or going to the park.


It should be noted that thanks to their manufacture in high quality plastic materials, usually PVC, dog toilets are resistant to climate change, corrosion and do not generate a greater impact on the environment, so they can be used both inside the house and outside.

In addition, they are fully reusable, which will have a positive economic impact on your pocket, and you can even purchase the disposable diapers for the trays to maintain better hygiene, although this is optional.

Another important aspect to consider, is that the toilet should be placed in a separate place from the place where the dog eats or sleeps, in order to avoid infectious diseases for our dog.

Cleanliness and adaptability

Thanks to their design and materials, these products are very easy to clean, as you only need water and disinfectant soap to wash them and eliminate residues and bad odors, so it will not be a problem at the time of cleaning. As for solid waste, it is advisable to collect it in plastic bags so as not to contaminate the sewage channels.

Remember that the training phase of your dog is not an easy task, it is necessary to arm yourself with patience to achieve the goal, which is that the dog learns where to pee and defecate, because they will always be attracted by the smell of your urine to do always in the same place, but you must be aware when the dog begins to get into the position to make their needs and take it immediately to the tray until you get used to it.

The 6 Best Dog Toilets

Pet care and cleaning comfort is one of the priorities of pet owners, especially when it comes to their basic needs. A dog toilet is an ideal option because it will help you get your pet used to doing its business in one place. So here’s a summary of the best dog toilets of 2020, rated positively by users to help you with your purchase.

Trixie 23416 Toilet puppy loo

Main advantage:

One of the most remarkable aspects of this dog toilet is that it has a non-slip system that prevents both the wipe and the product from moving, which will prevent urine or faeces disasters in your home.

Main disadvantage:

One of the disadvantages of this model is that it does not include soaking towels to start with, so you will need to make an additional investment and buy them separately.

If you want to acquire a toilet to train your pet and avoid the disasters of feces and urine all over the house, perhaps this model presented by Trixie can be of your interest.



Before choosing a dog toilet model, you should consider its design, as this feature encompasses many important aspects that will determine whether the product is ideal for your pet.

The Trixie 23416 comes in a beige design, giving it a sleek and clean look. In addition, this product consists of 2 pieces, where the bottom can be placed a wipe for your pet to perform their physiological needs and, the frame will hold it automatically and prevent any movement. In addition, this product comes in 2 presentations: 65 x 55 and 49 x 41 centimeters, so you can choose the one that best suits the size and age of your dog. In addition, you can attach any model of soaking wipes with dimensions of 56 x 56 centimetres.


One important feature you should look at before buying a dog toilet is its practicality, as there is no point in selecting an option if it is not comfortable and easy to use.

This option presented Trixie is very versatile, since you will have the ability to adapt any model and size of wipes for use, especially if these come to have a higher measures, as you can bend or cut the edges and place it without any problem. In addition, this product is ideal to use when the dog is still in its first months, so you can train it to do their needs in the toilet and not cause disorders in your home. However, it is suitable for dogs of any size as long as their dimensions do not exceed those of the product.


One feature that is very important and one that you should not overlook so that you can choose a good quality dog toilet, is to look at the materials used to make it.

Made of good quality plastic, this Trixie product is strong and durable. In addition, a rubberized anti-slip system is located at the bottom of the toilet, which will prevent the product from moving when your pet is settling in to perform its physiological needs. On the other hand, it is easy to clean, since you can wash it with water and non-aggressive detergent so that it does not affect the anti-slip system.

Additionally, it should be noted that the dimensions and support capacity of the 23416 model will depend on the size you choose, as well as the weight and measurements of your dog. That is to say, you must select a size according to your pet’s build.

BPS Indoor Toilet Training Tray

Presented in a structure made of polypropylene, this dog toilet enjoys good levels of strength and durability for use by puppies and older dogs. In addition, the design of this model is very interesting, as it has a bowl-shaped base that will prevent the spillage of urine; in the middle you can place a wetting cloth for the absorption of liquids and, the top grid, will prevent your dog from wetting his paws while keeping the feces away from the urine to prevent mixing of odors.

Additionally, it is easy to clean, so you can wash the toilet with water and detergent and use a grate brush.

On the other hand, it comes in a size of 49 x 36 x 3 centimetres which, in addition, you can choose from various sizes according to the measurements of your pet.

The BPS model 5703 has one of the cheapest prices in the list, so you can buy it with a small investment. Here are the pros and cons of this.


Materials: This product is made of polypropylene, which provides good levels of strength and durability, as it can easily support the weight of your pet.

Cleaning: You can wash the toilet in a very practical way by using water and detergent so that it is clean for a new use.

Design: The grid will keep the feces on top and the double bottom will prevent any spillage of urine in the area, as well as prevent the dog from getting its legs wet.


Training: Some dogs will need to be trained to start using the toilet.

black pug

Locisne Pet Doggy Toilet Doggy training

To know which is the best dog toilet you should consider several models, so we present you the Locisne Toilet Doggy, a very resistant dog toilet, made of PVC.

The closed design prevents urine from splashing and has a removable wall in case your pet is male, to support him when he pees, and you can easily remove it for your female pet.

This model has a compact size that can be placed anywhere in the house, as it measures 50 x 38 x 3 cm with the wall and weighs approximately 3.5 kg, and without the wall it measures 34 x 46 x 3 cm and weighs 2 kg.

It also has the capacity to absorb up to 1 litre of urine without a nappy, although you can also put a nappy inside the box for greater comfort.

The Doggy Toilet is also a prominent item among the best on the market and that is why we show you the basic elements that favour and disfavour this product.


Materials: PVC plastic is the main manufacturing material of this model, so it is very resistant to shocks.

Weight: The weight of the product ranges from 2 to 3.5 kilograms, depending on the size purchased, so it is compact and light to move.

Design: It has a modern closed design that avoids splashing urine on the floor and includes a removable wall that serves as a support for the males.

Absorption: Unlike other toilets, this one can absorb up to 1 litre of urine without the need for an extra nappy.


Depth: According to the opinion of several buyers, the inner surface of the article is not deep enough to place waste-absorbing sand.

PawHut Artificial Grass Dog Toilet Tray

If you’re looking for a good quality dog toilet that will last a long time, we recommend the PawHut dog tray, an artificial grass toilet that is ideal for dogs whose appearance will attract your dog to pee. This tray has a drain and a removable drawer, easy to clean.

You’ll find it’s a very useful product for getting dogs used to doing their business in the same place. In addition, it is lightweight and washable, because it is made of PP and PE plastics.

It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, as it measures 51 x 63 x 6 cm, so it can be placed in any space in the house. In addition, the toilet drawer has a capacity of 2000 ml, which is appropriate to avoid washing the tray all the time.

PawHut is a brand that stands out among the best in the international pet industry, since its products have state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, it is considered the best brand of dog toilets today and here we leave you details of their model.


Materials: It is a product that is made of a mixture of two types of plastic, PP and PE, which add extra hardness.

Weight: It is a light and easy to carry model, so it will not take up too much space in your home.

Design: It has a captivating design, similar to garden grass, which encourages canines to use it.

Accessories: It has a removable tray that can collect enough urine, avoiding its continuous extraction.


Absorption: Several users said that the product does not absorb enough liquid, so it is concentrated on the surface, generating bad odors and making it difficult to clean.

black dog in a boat

Unknown dogtoilet24 in different colors and sizes

The Dog Toilet 24 is a model that could well be the best dog toilet in the market for its quality/price ratio. This product is made of high quality and resistant PVC plastic, with a rectangular tray design, which comes in an eye-catching sky-blue color and has a grid with a fence design that prevents splashes when the dog is peeing or getting its paws wet.

In this case, we are talking about a large model, as it has dimensions of 65 cm long by 50 cm wide, so it is suitable for large breed dogs.

This product represents a good investment if your dog is big, because it is among the cheapest and has an efficient performance to meet the physiological needs of your pet without leaving home.

If you’re a discerning buyer looking for the best quality and still not sure which dog toilet to buy, the Dog Toilet 24 is a good choice.


Materials: It stands out because it is made mostly of PVC plastic, a material of good resistance and quality of use.

Size: It is special for large breeds, since it has dimensions of 65 centimeters long, by 50 centimeters wide.

Color: As it is designed with striking blue shades, it attracts the attention of the canine to use it.

Design: On the outer surface, it has a rod pattern with holes that prevent accidental splashing of urine or soiling of the dog.


Accessories: It is a model that does not have a removable tray to remove the urine residue, so it tends to generate bad odors if not performed daily cleaning of the surface.

golden retriever in green grass

Dan Dogs Animal-WC Toilet Training Tray

This is the best dog toilet according to several customers, because it is made of PVC plastic, a material highly resistant to aging, natural impacts, corrosion and is also reusable.

It is good to note that this product comes with a rubber design placed on the bottom that protects the floor from spills and a fence that prevents splashing to the outside. This toilet also has a simulation wall and a bar that serves as a support, suitable for male dogs.

This product is available in size s for small breed dogs and size L for larger ones. On the other hand, this model is easy to clean and disinfect, so if maintenance is constant you can extend its life.

According to the opinions of many users, this model could be catalogued as the best dog toilet of the moment, since its design is adapted to the needs of the animals.


Materials: This product is made of high strength PVC plastic that withstands shock, corrosion, abrasive chemicals and can be reused.

Design: It has an innovative design that integrates a rubber surface in its lower part, protecting the floor from spills. It also has a support bar for male dogs.

Size: This model can be found in different sizes, specifically in sizes S, M and L, so you can choose according to the size of your pet.

Cleaning: Being made of PVC plastic, the toilet is easy to clean, which simplifies the care of your pet.


Surface: It has been expressed that the interior surface of the product is a little rough, which irritates the skin of the canines.

dog in the sand

How to use a dog toilet?

Having a dog toilet can be an excellent option to stop worrying about places where your pet can perform its physiological needs inside the house, when you don’t have time to take it out for a walk. This tool gives you the facility to keep it in a fixed place and can be easily cleaned. Here are a few tips to help you make the dog toilet less traumatic.

Establish schedules

Just as you must set a schedule for your outings, it is also important that you control the time you eat and go to the bathroom. This way you can maintain a sequence and guide your pet to the toilet when the time is right.

Normally, dogs go to the bathroom 30 to 40 minutes after eating or drinking, which allows you to have an approximate time. In this sense, it is advisable that you know the signs your dog gives when he feels like going to the bathroom such as smelling the floor a lot, walking with his tail down. They’ll tell you when it’s time to take it to the toilet.

You must remember that you will not need to force your pet to use the toilet, as this will have the opposite effect to the one you want. Simply guide him to the equipment and let him take his time. With patience and dedication, you will be able to see the expected results.

Rewards and penalties

Training a pet brings with it the need to initiate a system of rewards and penalties for when it deserves them. While many experts indicate that penalties can be somewhat counterproductive, one of the most widely used in dog psychology is to ignore the act. Also, the rewards when you do your business where you need to be are incentives for you to continue this successful behavior.


It is important that you place the dog toilet in a strategic location that is well known to your pet, where he can feel comfortable to relieve himself. It is also essential to erase any trace of odours when you go to the bathroom in places that are not indicated, this helps to prevent you from doing it again in the same place.

Be constant

Dog training depends entirely on being consistent in everything you want to teach. If you want him to start going to the bathroom in the dog toilet, the right thing to do is to motivate and guide him to do it, because that way he gets used to making it a habit.

Likewise, keeping the area clean but not making its smell disappear completely is recommended for dogs that are in the process of training, since they will be guided by the smell to the places where it normally makes its necessities.


This is a point you should keep even if your dog is already an adult. Consistency is the reinforcement of your pet’s habits, so maintaining good supervision will allow you to positively reinforce the behaviours you consider to be correct in your dog and to reject those that are bad for coexistence.

dog looking upwards

The most popular brands

If you have a pet at home, you’ll want to provide him with the ideal accessories so that he can enjoy unconditional comfort at all times. This being the case, dog toilets are considered an ideal product to get rid of bad smells and stains in the different corners of your home produced by canine faeces. If you are looking for one of these, we would advise you to consider brands such as Petsafe, Woofaloo and Kerbl, as they have a wide variety of models and designs from which to choose the one that best suits you and your pet.

The Petsafe brand is known for manufacturing electronic training products for pets to cover the different needs that your canine may have at home. It should be noted that it manufactures its products in the United States and is at the forefront of the various research projects it has to carry out in order to create innovative products with advanced designs.

It is important to note that the brand keeps customers in over 52 countries happy, as they say they are very grateful for the benefits offered by each product made by Petsafe. The company also points out that day by day, as there are many stories told by some customers regarding their pets and the use of products manufactured by the company.

In this sense, every word motivates the company to continue marketing products of high quality, resistance and durability, capable of offering each pet the opportunity to stay comfortably at home or even learn and maintain a proper training.

The Woofaloo brand was born in 2012 to offer each of its users the best dog toilets capable of avoiding those annoying smells and stains on table legs, chairs or even household furniture. For this wonderful invention would allow the dog to carry out its needs in a single space in a comfortable and hygienic way.

It is worth noting that the brand took 3 years to establish itself, since it took the time to design each of the models that it would offer to the general public through the different internet sales pages.

In this sense, once it was ready to impose itself in the market as a leading brand in the manufacture of dog toilets, it made available to the general public really attractive designs that were easy to clean, transport and store. This is how over time Woofaloo gained fame and became the favorite brand for many customers to provide their pets with considerable comfort and convenience.

Kerbl’s story begins in 1962 in a humble and small farm located in Felizenzell when Isidor Kerbl, through the help he offered to cows during risky births, took into account the idea of making tools that would make this process more comfortable, safe and reliable for both the animal and the person practicing the activity.

Thus, in 1984, Albert Kerbl was founded, keeping at its disposal only 5 members of the labor staff, who, carrying out a hard work, would achieve the manufacture of each product proposed by the brand.

Today, Kerbl offers a wide range of tools and accessories designed to bring quality and comfort to every use. They are also exported to Northern Europe and America. On the other hand, it remains a family business that is also managed by its own owners with considerable reliability.

“Review the information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Dan 46 x 35 x 23 cm

Main advantage:

One of the advantages of this option is that it has an eye-catching design so that male dogs can be attracted to do their business in it, as it offers a small wall and a post.

Main disadvantage:

Your canine may not know how to use the toilet right away even if you follow his instinct, so you should take the time to get him used to using it when he wants to urinate.

Verdict: 9.9/10

With this dog toilet you will be able to teach your pets to do their needs in one place and not have to be cleaning every moment. It is easy to install and has a design that does not take up too much space.

Main characteristics explained


Having a dog as a pet is a big responsibility, but it brings many benefits. It has been proven that canines have great intelligence and can take orders and carry them out. If you want to avoid dirt in the house, the first thing you have to teach him is where to relieve himself.

And that’s when Dan’s dog toilet comes into play. This model is designed to follow the male instinct in dogs to urinate on walls and posts and therefore has both a small wall and a plastic post that will make them feel more comfortable. At the base it has a grate that will drop the urine into a tray to prevent it from accumulating and spilling.

It measures 46 x 35 x 23 centimetres and is suitable for several breeds of dog and even some cats or rabbits.


When you are about to purchase a toilet for your pet, you should pay attention to the materials used to make it. Most you might find is plastic, but make sure it’s at least a strong, durable plastic.

This Dan’s dog toilet has a structure made of plastic, specifically PVC. This material has been treated to eliminate toxins that can affect your pet’s health. It is also anti-aging to prevent contact with the acidity of the urine from affecting the composition of the structure. Other special features that have been applied to the treatment of this PVC are anti-corrosion, anti-impact and reusable.

Rubber edges have been incorporated into the base that will keep your floors free of scratches and stains. They also make the toilet more stable so that it does not move while the dog is using it.


Last but not least, the toilet cleaning requirements. As you may know, these toilets usually have a similar function to children’s urinals, so you should be on the lookout for emptying and cleaning them in time to avoid the accumulation of bad odours and bacteria.

With Dan’s toilet, you shouldn’t have a problem cleaning it. The top grid prevents the dog’s paws from getting dirty with urine and also drops the urine into a lower tray so you can easily dispose of it later. The tray, as you can imagine, can be completely removed, which also makes it easier to wash it with soap and water so that it does not smell bad.

According to the manufacturer, the approximate capacity of the urine tray is 1 litre, but if you want to avoid cleaning it so often, you can put an absorbent diaper in it.

Incartami Italy Puppy Training

If you have a puppy at home and you need to train it to do its needs in one place, we recommend the Puppy Training by Incartami Italia, a very complete accessory to train your pet, especially if you do not have a garden or a backyard where you can take it out several times during the day, since you can make your dog use this tray in any available space inside the house.

This indoor dog toilet measures 58.5 x 38.5 x 4 cm and is designed especially for young dogs. It should be noted that this model incorporates the bar that is very useful for male dogs and their natural instinct to lift their paw when urinating, so it is a functional product that you can take advantage of with your pet.

The Puppy Training is a product that due to its good value for money is one of the cheapest you will find, standing out for being the best dog toilet for 30 euros.


Design: It has a comfortable and compact design that fits the needs of the puppies. Its design is suitable for interior spaces such as home rooms.

Size: It has dimensions of 58.5 x 38.5 x 4 centimeters in length, which are adapted to dogs of various breeds and sizes.

Utility: The model stands out from the rest as it has a folding bar, which is useful for the males to support their legs when urinating.

Cleaning: It is made of water-resistant materials, so it is easy to carry out daily cleaning.


Surface: It was stated that the surface is irritable to the puppies’ paws, so it can be uncomfortable to use.

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