Best Reviewed Dog Water Fountains Of 2020


Best Reviewed Dog Water Fountains Of 2020


When you consider the fact that a human being should drink an average of 1.5 to 3 liters of water per day, imagine how much a dog might need as a daily ration if you take into account that he plays a lot and that it runs in all directions all the time. When deciding on the preferred model, we recommend that you take the following criteria into account: the capacity of the fountain and its filtration system, its comfort of use and its ease of maintenance.

Or is your dog not a heavy drinker? Or do you want to invest in an original object adapted to the design of your home?

Then discover the dog water fountains!

In fact, in addition to encouraging your dog to drink, they improve the quality of the water distributed and some models are really very stylish and will adapt perfectly to your interior!

What is a dog water fountain?

Water fountains are electric water distributors. And as with any self-respecting fountain, the principle is simple: the water is in constant movement!

This has many advantages as we will see later.

In addition, some models are equipped with filters to purify the water and therefore improve its quality.

Finally, there are a large number of different models with several tank capacities often ranging from 1.5 liters to 10.5 liters, to be adapted according to the size of your dog.

Note : Some water fountains are not electric but manual, they must be actuated by a kind of pedal which will have the effect of a pump. These manual fountains have the appeal of a puzzle game for your dog, and can therefore be very fun!

Current promotions on water fountains

These offers evolve every day, we use an extension connected to Amazon to offer you the best promotions on a daily basis. Take advantage!

What are the different models of dog water fountains?

There are many different models of water fountains and the price ranges are also very varied.

Often suitable for both dogs and cats, the main differences are:

  • The capacity of the water tank (from 1.5 liters to 10.5 liters)
  • The design and stability of the object
  • Filters (to change or not)
  • Engine power

In terms of prices, the first prices are often offered around 25 dollars, but some models can easily reach 90 dollars.


The advantages of having a water fountain for your dog?

The advantages of a water fountain for your dog are numerous!

First of all, some veterinarians recommend the use of fountains to water your dog because they simply encourage him to drink more. Indeed, the runoff of water encourages the dog to be more interested in this object, allowing it to hydrate more.

In addition, water fountains allow water to never be stagnant. This will therefore have an effect on the oxygenation of the water. In this logic, it has been proven that hydrogen peroxide is better for the health of your animal than standing water.

In addition, the models of water fountain fitted with filters also improve the quality of the water. Filters have a purifying role and distribute logically healthier water to your dog.

Another advantage of water fountains is their aesthetics and the wide choice of different models. Indeed, there will necessarily be a model of water fountain for your dog that will be adapted to the decoration of your home!

In short ! The advantages of dog water fountains:

  • Recommended by many veterinarians
  • Encourages dogs to drink more
  • May also suit your cat
  • Oxygen and filter water
  • Improves water quality
  • Match the aesthetics of your interior

How many dogs do you have at home? In fact, the capacity of the dog water fountain you need depends largely on the number of animals you have at home. So if you only have one doggie at home, a 3 liter capacity fountain will do. On the other hand, if you have more than one dog, put on a water fountain of at least 5 liters of volume if you want to be sure that your animals are hydrated well. Whatever the design of the fountain you like, it is essential that the water is constantly filtered, oxygenated and stirred, for the good of your animal.

It is therefore your duty to check the filtration levels of the device. Know then that an activated carbon filter is capable of retaining impurities and bad odors while a foam filter effectively retains large elements such as hairs and various dirt in order to maintain the cleanliness of your animals’ water. .

Finally, it is better to opt for a water fountain with several spouts if you have more than two dogs at home, so that the animals can drink peacefully whenever they need it.


After the filtration system and the capacity of the dog water fountain, you will need to find out about the comfort of use. Indeed, there are currently very silent models, which would be preferable if you place the fountain in a living room. Likewise, some models are capable of indicating to you that the filters must be washed or replaced and also that the fountain must be refilled. In addition, to help and protect you, some water fountains stop working automatically when they empty their water. In short, you must check if the dog water fountain on which you set your sights is able to simplify your life, if the answer is yes, then you can buy it without problem after checking the last point.

It is a fact, dogs need to hydrate to stay healthy and therefore, as a master, it is your job to ensure that your 4-legged friend drinks enough water. Precisely, with a dog water fountain, you can have peace of mind so you just have to determine how to choose the best dog water fountains of 2020. To answer this question, you can get inspired by our comparison for dog water fountains.


1. Petsafe Fountain Cascade Drinkwell Platinum 5 L


Main advantage

This dog fountain will free you from the drudgery of daily filling the water trough or the plate of your animals. You will be certain that they can quench their thirst as they please in cleanliness, the water being continuously renewed.


Main drawback

This device may be automatic, but you will still need to clean it at least once a week. It would be restrictive even if it is a useful precaution.


2. PetSafe Drinkwell 360 ° Pet Water Fountain


Wondering which is the best dog water fountain on the market? If the answer is yes, then know that the Drinkwell Re Inox model is also a possible answer. Indeed, this model has a particular design which is perfectly suitable for pets; especially dogs.

This stainless steel water fountain has a double filtration system to guarantee a continuous flow of filtered and oxygenated water. In addition, as this water fountain comes with several spouts, then you can choose the number of water pipes, depending on the number of pets you have. Regarding filtration, you will be entitled to a foam filter to retain hairs and dirt and an activated carbon filter to purify water.

As for maintenance, you will have no problem, since the essential elements can pass into the dishwasher and in addition, it is easy to disassemble and reassemble the various elements. Those who have already opted for it say that it is very quiet and this will allow you to sleep peacefully at night. In short, it is a good water fountain for dogs.

Connoisseurs will tell you: a fountain in the Drinkwell range is very probably the most efficient on the market. It is a safe bet. The Re Inox is therefore a perfectly justified choice.


3. Petsafe Drinkwell Original Waterfall Fountain 1.5 L


If you want to buy a small water fountain for your pet, then the Petsafe Drinkwell FCB-EU-45 model is a good option. Indeed, with this water fountain, you can leave your dog at home with the assurance that he will be well hydrated.

This fountain is able to offer clear, oxygenated and filtered water to your pet and it can even contain 1.5 liters of water. It should be noted that its capacity is enough for a pet, two at most. You will simply need to clean the device regularly to avoid problems of scale in the long term.

Since the components of this machine run smoothly in the dishwasher, maintenance will therefore be easy. In addition, as this water fountain is silent, you will not be disturbed in your activities. However, pay attention to the noises it will make, because they will be the ones to tell you that the fountain must be supplied with water.

This dog water fountain is therefore ideal for people who have a maximum of two pets at home and who want to acquire a compact water fountain that is easy to handle and maintain.

Find the perfect fountain first, find where to buy the best dog water fountain next. You have to consider the best, most popular models. And precisely this Petsafe Drinkwell FCB-EU-45 is one of them.


Tips for choosing the right water fountain for your dog:

Given the large choice of different models, it can be difficult to navigate. Here are our tips to help you choose a water fountain adapted to your dog’s needs and your desires!

The health of our dogs is really important and as we know that a dog which does not have a water point or which drinks stagnant water can have a fragile health, from where the interest to opt for a water fountain for dogs. If you don’t know how to choose, use this buying guide for the best dog water fountains. Indeed, at the end of your reading, you will know how to buy a water fountain for dogs with a better quality / price ratio.

Tip # 1: The size of the water tank:

First, look at the capacity of the tank. It must be adapted to the size of your dog.

For small breeds, a tank of 1.5 liters to 3 liters may be sufficient.

For medium-sized dog breeds, there are many intermediate models with tanks ranging from 3 liters to 7 liters.

For dog breeds with a larger size, it will then be recommended to choose a model with a 10-liter tank.

In all cases, take a good look at the product’s technical sheet to make sure that the model chosen will match your dog’s needs and size.

Tip # 2: Water filters

Some models are therefore fitted with filters in order to purify the water and therefore improve its quality. However, not all dog water fountains offer this option, so you must be careful when purchasing this item.

In addition, some models of water fountain are equipped with filters that do not need to be changed, so they are more practical. This allows not to worry about this point on a daily basis, but also to save money! On average, refills cost around 2 dollars per filter.

Tip # 3: Stability and silence of the water fountain

During your research and before making your choice, make sure that the model which interests you is very stable. Indeed, some models are criticized because their lack of stability can have the effect that the fountain overturns if the dog is a little too abrupt for example. You must therefore pay attention to this point during your purchase.

In addition, for some models of water fountain the engine can be noisy, which in everyday life can be annoying. So also pay attention to this point to make the best possible purchase.

Tip # 4: Practice to maintain:

Another important point during your research is to make sure that the model you are interested in will be practical to clean daily.

Indeed, some water fountains are easily removable and even washable in a washing machine. So if you want to make your life easier, opt for a practical model to clean and maintain.

Where to find a dog water fountain at the best price?

Water fountains are quite common on specialized websites. You can also find water fountains in stores, such as pet stores. If most water fountains are “marked” according to the animal, frankly, except if you have a large dog, a basic water fountain, same type water fountain for cats  will do the trick.

So do not worry too much about selecting a specific model, rather think about the budget and the use that your dog will make of it. In short, it is quite easy to find and buy a water fountain, now it’s up to you to make the right choice concerning the model that will suit you and your dog the most.

Here is a small selection of water fountains available online and at prices that we find very affordable on the Amazon site. It’s up to you to make your choice, and tell us in the comments which one you have chosen!

Final words and important recommendations

Loving and educating your dog also means protecting it from the vagaries of life. This is why I strongly recommend that you take out dog health insurance as soon as possible. This will save you costs from astronomical veterinarians in the event of an accident or illness.

How to use a dog water fountain?


More and more owners are adopting dog water fountains to avoid having to fill the bowl each time. To make the right choice and use it properly, here are some tips.  


Make maintenance easier

Make sure that the chosen model has refills that are easy to find on the market, or take one without a filter. The Drinkwell Re Inox has a double filtration system intended to continuously oxygenate the water. Most of the parts in the reference are dishwasher-safe so that you don’t have to do anything and take up your time.


Take a product that makes the least noise possible

A noisy water fountain, even if it is very aesthetic, will annoy your animal and you at the same time. The Trixie 24391 is described as silent by users. It can therefore operate day and night.


Take the right size for your small dog like your cat or mastiff

Your pet, one meter tall, could break their neck while drinking from a low tank. Conversely, if you select a tank placed high enough, your bichon will die of thirst, because it will not be able to reach it. So if you have several kinds of animals or breeds at home, adopt several sizes.


Mount the pump on the product

Read the assembly instructions carefully before getting started. First, rid the pump of the air it contains by placing it and running it for about a minute in the tank previously filled with water.


Take the next step

Remove the pump to install the connector. Reposition it and have fun testing the water jet. Five different jets are available on the Drinkwell Re Inox thanks to its 5 interchangeable rings according to preferences as well as the size of your animal.


Adjust the power of the jet

The idea is to give your animals a drink, not a bath. Then adjust the force of the jet so that it does not flood the entire room.


Maintain to keep the pump longer

Although you want to simplify your life in terms of maintenance and cleaning, remember that you will still have to clean the dog water fountain from time to time to preserve its quality. Especially if your doggie drinks directly from it after having dipped the snout in its kibble. It may clog the product.


Make sure the fountain is working properly

In the event of a heat wave, make sure that Fido’s water stays fresh. For this, the fountain must rotate continuously, and the water flow in the same way. The filter keeps it clean and free of hair, dust, and insects.


Provide water that tastes better to the animal

The filter regularly cleans the water, but also gives it a better taste. Some animals are reluctant to drink tap water. So take a model that will encourage them to drink throughout the day. With a model like the Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum, your best friend will not run out of it with his 5 l tank. Besides the water point can accommodate up to 5 animals.


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