The 5 Best Doggie Grass Patches – #2 is Top Voted

There’s few things dogs love more than the feel of fresh grass under their feet, but unfortunately, we can’t let them roam around the yard all day (and some of us may not even have yards). So if you’re looking to give your dog the joy of nature wherever they may be, get them one of these grass patches. Coming in both artificial and real varieties, they make the perfect relaxation spot for dogs who might not have regular access to grass but also the ideal potty trainer for puppies. Our list includes the top options designed for just those purposes.

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

Few options out there are as easy to set up, use, and throw away as the Fresh Patch, which is why we recommend it as our number one pick. The real grass is sprouted from a fresh sod mat and encased in a disposable cardboard base, so all you need to do is open the lid and place it down wherever you want your pup to do their business. And because the mat is fresh sod, it’s plenty absorbent but won’t create the kind of mess that real dirt might. It also comes in three different sizes, ensuring there’s something to fit your particular space and pooch.


  • 100 percent natural
  • Great for apartments and balconies
  • Natural odor neutralizer


  • Must be replaced every 1-2 week
  • Not very big

DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty

The Doggie Lawn is made with soft, fresh grass that your dog will love, plus a cardboard base that makes it easy to toss the whole thing out after a week or two. That makes it perfect for apartments, condos, or any other household that doesn’t have a yard or easy access to nature. It only comes in two sizes, which can limit where or how you use it, but it’s otherwise a great potty trainer for young dogs or even a lounge area for older ones who want to feel real grass on their coats.


  • Larger than other options
  • Biodegradable
  • Locally-sourced materials


  • Not quite as absorbent as real soil
  • A little expensive

Petmaker Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies and Small Pets

dog taking a bath

While nothing compares to real grass when it comes to potty trainer mats, not all of us want to deal with the mess and regular replacements that those products sometimes entail. For an artificial alternative to a fresh grass patch, get the Petmaker Bathroom Mat. It’s just like the real thing but features synthetic, non-toxic blades that won’t degrade over time and won’t need to be thrown out after a week or two. And rather than having sod to absorb the mess, it incorporates a bottom base tray that catches the liquid and can easily be wiped down and cleaned afterward.


  • Great for potty training small dogs
  • Antimicrobial designs
  • Ideal for small apartments


  • Requires regular washing
  • Only two sizes

Patio Pet Life Real Grass Potty

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent than a disposable mat but still want to give your dog the feel and smell of real grass, you need the Patio Pet Life Potty. It’s one of the only grass patches out there designed to be used with a permanent plastic base, allowing you to keep the latter in your home and throw the former out whenever it’s ready. The base is sturdy and stylish enough to satisfy you, and the hydroponically grown grass is fresh and soft sufficient to pamper your pooch. There is one catch, however: the base is sold separately.


  • Absorbent sod mat
  • Comes in two spacious sizes
  • Grown in California


  • Requires plastic base
  • Very expensive

Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass Patch

Though it might technically be synthetic, the Zen Garden PZG Premium Mat is one of the most realistic looking and feeling artificial grass patches available. Each blade is carefully manicured to resemble an actual piece of grass, complete with a soft, uneven cut and a fescue-like 4-tone color. The result is a lush bed of green that you can use inside or outside and that both you, your pet, and even your kids will love. It also comes in a large and spacious size, so you can cover a whole patio or porch if you want.


  • Drainage holes let water through
  • Rubber backing on base to keep from slipping
  • Weather and UV resistant


  • No case to catch liquid
  • Color may lighten over time

Doggie Grass Patches Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a grass patch?

We all know dogs love grass. But unfortunately, not all of us can give them access to it. Whether you live in an apartment, a condo or want to keep some extra grass inside for enjoyment, grass patches are the ideal way to bring a little of nature into your home. These patches are also great for potty training since grass is naturally odor neutralizing and the sod mats it grows on are naturally absorbent.

How do I maintain my grass patch?

Grass patches come in at least two different varieties — synthetic or artificial and real or natural. Which type you have will determine how you should maintain it. In general, authentic grass patches need to be replaced every one to two weeks, depending on how much they’re used. You should clean artificial mats at least once or twice a week as well.

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