The best games to keep your dog entertained

One of the things that dogs like the most is playing with you. With this list of games you won’t get bored!

Boredom between you and your dog is forbidden, you know! Between the walks that you will enjoy together, the toys that exist to stimulate his mind and the different ways to play with him at home, fun is guaranteed. That is why now we are talking about the best games to entertain your dog , games in which both of you are involved, of course, as canine educator Sergio Tallón has told us on numerous occasions .

Games to keep your dog entertained

These games can be played both at home and abroad. They are simple things that our dog colleagues love for the simple fact of doing them with you . For example, have you ever tried playing hide and seek with your dog? Chufa quite likes it, it’s a way to keep her alert and active. Playing hide and seek at home is easy. You can take advantage, for example, when your dog chases you when you go to a room, and hide suddenly.

Your dog already knows that it is time to play, activates the alert and looks for you. And when he finds you, you can mark a little road behind him, you’ll see what a laugh! You can apply the same tactic when you are outside, in a field area that is not too big and you can control. When I do it to Chufa at the end she starts running like crazy with joy.

dog playing

In search of the toy

Of course, one of the ways that most revitalizes your dog’s well-being is to take advantage of walks to combine it with games. On walks, especially if they are in nature, the dog releases a lot of energy: walking, running and sniffing. If you add playing to that, it will have been a very beneficial walk. On the street or in nature you can take the opportunity to play throwing a ball or a stick at him and have him bring it to you . Even to hide that toy from him and let him entertain himself looking for it.

He catches

Also when you are with your dog in a park, a pee-dog or in the field, you can play tag, and if you surprise him, even better! Imagine, your dog is so calm sniffing, camping and suddenly you sneak up on her, she gets into playing position and runs! Of course, in the pilla pilla the dog always wins, at least in my case with Chufa because it is very, very fast.

Divyesh Patel