Best 10 Heating Dog Pads in 2022 [Recommended]

Heating pads for dogs

Heating pads for dogs are of particular interest to young puppies and animals with joint conditions who suffer from the cold and may even have difficulty moving around in winter.

But it is also an ideal accessory to bring comfort to your companion when the mercury drops, whether young, old, healthy or weak.

There are different kinds of heating pads, and not all of them will meet your needs and those of your companion.

Also, to choose the right accessory and avoid endangering the health of your pet, here is some information to know about heating pads and pads for dogs.

Heating pads for dogs, what is it?

Heating pads and pads for dogs, which you can also find commercially under the name of “heating beds”, are accessories intended to bring a little warmth to your companion in cold weather.

These products are perfect for helping your dog get warm after a long walk in winter, keeping puppies neglected by their mothers warm, relieving joint pains of old dogs or, quite simply, comforting and relaxing your pet.

There are several types of heating pads, the simplest functioning as hot water bottles, and the most elaborate with an electric heating system.

Why offer a heating mat to your dog?

Cushions and heating mats serve several purposes, and there are many reasons to offer one to your four-legged friend.

To fight against puppy hypothermia

Unfortunately, some dogs do not take care of their puppies as they should to guarantee their survival, or even abandon them completely.

However, newborn puppies are unable to regulate their body temperature themselves and need, during the first days of their existence, almost permanent contact with their mother to stay warm.

A heating pad can replace the mother’s heat and keep the puppies at the correct temperature.

Depending on the age of the puppies and the frequency of the mother’s absences, it is possible that the heating pad is not enough and must be associated with a heating lamp.

In any case, I strongly recommend that you take advice from a breeder or a veterinarian if you have to take care of orphaned or neglected puppies by their mother.

It should also be noted that newborn puppies are prone to hypothermia in winter as in summer: even if it is sunny, the heating pad will therefore be required.

white puppy

To relieve joint pain in dogs

Joint pain often overwhelms older dogs which, like humans, tend to develop osteoarthritis over time.

This type of condition – which can be mild or very disabling – can cause stiffness, pain and movement difficulties in your doggie.

Indeed, the cold has the effect of reducing the viscosity of the synovial fluid which lubricates the joints, causing an increase in friction between the cartilages already damaged in the event of osteoarthritis.

If your faithful companion starts to age or drags his or her paw in cold and / or wet weather, you will not be able to give him a better gift than a good heated bed!

puppy sleeping 2

To improve a sleep in winter

If your companion sleeps outside, it’s a safe bet that his sleeping couch seems less attractive to him in the wind and rain than in summer.

So that he always feels good there and enjoys a comfortable and relaxing resting place, you can add a heating pad.

The importance of offering your dog a space where he feels good is crucial for him to develop and maintain a balanced behavior.

A stressful environment, which causes him discomfort, may indeed push him to manifest his suffering through a destructive attitude or disobedience.

To welcome a new companion

If you have just adopted a puppy that is going to sleep for the first time away from its siblings, it is important to provide it with a warm space where it will feel comfortable and safe.

A heating pad will soften the shock of separation by allowing her not to suddenly spend nights surrounded by her mother’s warmth in the cold of a classic basket.

This type of trick can also facilitate the education of your dog which will accept more easily a place of rest where he feels at ease and will be less tempted to cry at your door at night to hope to sleep with you.

Likewise, instilling a puppy into calm by asking him to lie on a cushion he adores is always easier than directing him to a space he does not particularly like, which can lead him to confuse return to calm and punishment.

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The different types of dog mats and heating pads

The electric heating mat

Electric cushions and carpets simply plug into a wall outlet, just like any electronic device.

Most of these accessories are adjustable, allowing the master to choose the ideal temperature to warm up his companion.

Some heating mats can be designed in microfiber or PVC, while most of the cushions are generally made of synthetic fibers and padded to offer the animal more comfort.

The heating pad to go in the microwave

The microwave oven cushions consist of two separate parts: the hot water bottle, which is the only part to go into the oven, and the padding.

Once the hot water bottle has warmed up after a few minutes in the microwave, simply put it back in the cushion padding to get a warm bed for your doggie!

The heat is however only diffused for a limited time, unlike the electric cushion which heats continuously.

Self-heating dog cushions

The self-heating cushions are designed in thermal fibers which return the heat of the dog towards him in order to avoid the losses.

Operating without electricity or any heating system, these accessories are perfect for keeping animals warm and easy while minimizing health risks.

On the other hand, its heating power is slightly less, especially in the short term or if the animal is already cold.

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How to choose a heating cushion for your dog?

The choice of the heating pad that will suit your dog strongly depends on his character and his needs.

In the case of a newborn puppy, the electric cushion – potentially accompanied by a heating lamp – is required for continuous warming.

For a dog suffering from pronounced joint pain, the electric cushion also appears to be the best solution.

The same goes for weakened dogs, or those in hypothermia needing to be warmed up quickly.

Warning: in the case of a dog with severe hypothermia, it is necessary to take the animal to the veterinarian so that he can rehydrate it while warming it!

For middle-aged dogs, to whom you just want to offer a good, cozy bed, the self-heating cushion is an excellent solution.

It is also the one that is essential if you have a turbulent or destructive animal, which could be electrocuted by chewing the wire of its electric carpet or scalding by piercing the hot water bottle of its microwave cushion.

The microwave cushion is an economical and easy-to-transport solution, ideal for providing occasional comfort to your pet.

On the other hand, it is a little more restrictive if you want to keep your dog warm over time, because the hot water bottle must be put in the microwave every six to ten hours.

dog sleeping with blanket

The best dog heating pads and mats

The Pet Store self-heating mat

The Pet Magasin self-heating mat is almost unanimous among dog and cat owners thanks to its film in Mylar, a material with unbeatable insulating power.

These accessories are sold in pairs, one of the rugs being in large format (72cm x 87cm), the other in small size (28cm x 43cm).

However, it should be noted that these two rugs are not very thick and are not designed to be soft, but warm.

They perfectly insulate the dog from cold ground, and can also be placed on its usual basket or cushion to return the animal’s body heat to it.


Giving your dog a heating pad is without doubt one of the best gifts you can give him this winter, especially if he is starting to age or if he is an emotional doggie who is in great need of comfort.

It is also a treat for dogs sensitive to cold, and more particularly those with short hair such as greyhounds, chihuahuas or mastiffs.

The wide choice of products available on the market gives you the opportunity to find an accessory perfectly suited to the needs and character of your animal.

Have you already bought a heating mat for your faithful companion? How did he welcome him?

Tell us about your experiences or ask us your questions in the comments of this article!

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