The Best Kennels for Dogs – Check #2 (Best Cheapest Option)

Dog kennels – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2020

Dogs, as man’s best friend, deserve a comfortable place to rest and sleep. For that reason, dog kennels are highly sought after and sold in the pet products market. There are many models of kennels to choose from in various types of shops, however, alternatives such as the Ferranti Dobermann kennel, which has a removable roof and is made of anti-bacterial metal, and the PawHut ESD02-0140731, which has non-slip feet and waterproof wood, always stand out, as they are incredible items that attract the attention of those who want to give their pets the best at all times.

From the Great Dane to the regal Chihuahua, every dog deserves some time outside. But canines are sometimes too adventurous for their own good, so you can’t just open the door and expect them to resist the call of the wild. With an outdoor dog kennel, you can give your pooch that much-needed open sky without worrying that they’ll wander off. Of course, not all dogs are made the same and neither are dog kennels. That’s why we considered differentiating factors like size and portability in choosing our five favorite kennels.”

Advantek Pet Gazebo

When it comes to our beloved pets, we all have high standards for their well-being. The Advantek Pet Gazebo meets those standards without breaking the bank. It’s spacious, it’s strong, and it’s ideal for outdoor use. Sporting a weather-resistant polyethylene roof, you can leave your dog outside and feel secure that he’s protected from the elements. Owners of escape artists will also find peace of mind, as the galvanized steel construction is durable and strong. Although assembly can take a little work and time, the Advantek Pet Gazebo is even portable and collapses down for transport. That means your pet can lounge in luxury for the next beach day or camping trip. The best part of all? The octagonal design is spacious so that your pooch has ample room to move about and feel the grass between their paws.


  • Offered in multiple sizes
  • Can connect multiple gazebos together
  • Works equally well outdoors or inside


  • May require anchoring for strong dogs
  • Hard to assemble with just one person

Smonter Reinforced

Some dogs require a few extra measures to ensure their safety (and the safety of those tasty-looking couch cushions). If your pooch suffers from separation anxiety, sees containment as a challenge for escape, or is prone to aggressive behavior, Smonter created a kennel designed for them. Its walls are made of reinforced steel and shaped in a way that prevents chewing on the bars, so this tough metal kennel is virtually inescapable. As an added protection, the door sports three collision-proof locks, and the paint is nontoxic should Fido try giving it a taste. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, this one has lockable wheels to move it in and out of the house with ease.


  • Floor liner trays for easy cleaning
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Available in different colors and sizes


Not suitable for extra large dogs


MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get your dog outside and moving, we recommend the MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen. As a no-frills, easy-to-install kennel, this one is best suited for mild-mannered dogs that won’t try to escape. That being said, the construction is durable and rust-resistant, and it comes with ground anchors to keep it in place. Best of all, this is not only the best budget kennel that we found, it also provides the most space. The eight wire panels can be arranged in a variety of ways to optimize its size to suit any backyard. It doesn’t have a roof or provide any protection from the sun or rain, but it can be attached to a covered wire crate to protect your pooch from dicey weather.


  • Great value for the price
  • Versatile shape
  • Different heights available


  • No roof
  • Moves easily without the anchoring

AmazonBasics Welded Outdoor Wire Kennel

With such big hearts, it’s no wonder large dog breeds are some of the most lovable and mild-mannered canines out there. Being of such imposing stature, your plus-sized pooch may need some extra accommodations. AmazonBasics’ Welded Outdoor Wire Kennel is an affordable and well-built structure for owners of this class of heavy-footed dogs. At six feet high and over eight feet long, there’s plenty of space to move around.

Heavy dogs require heavy kennels. At almost 120 pounds, this iron structure is stable and can take quite a beating. It even holds its own against the elements, as it comes with a weather-guard roof that’s designed to withstand all sorts of inclement conditions. Your Mastiffs, Great Danes, Ridgebacks, Labs, and all the infinite mixes in-between will appreciate the spacious interior and a chance to stretch their extra long legs.


  • AmazonBasics 1-year warranty
  • Coated metal means no sharp edges
  • Wide sturdy door


  • Lock not included

Zampa Portable Kennel

Parting from your shaggy best friend can be difficult, so why do it? The Zampa Portable Kennel is a lightweight portable option for dog owners that just can’t bear to leave their canine behind. Ideal for smaller to mid-sized dogs, the soft vinyl walling and mesh windows won’t withstand determined chewers, but they will provide a quick pop-up habitat for your next trip to the beach. At approximately eight pounds, it’s deceptively sturdy and comes with four stakes to secure it to the ground. When it’s time to go home, the Zampa collapses down and slips easily into the included tote bag. Owners of puppies will be relieved (ahem) to discover that the floor material is water-resistant and easy to clean.


  • Removable mesh ceiling
  • Great value for the price
  • Comfortable and safe


  • Collapsing it down requires know-how
  • Determined dogs may chew their way out


Frequently Asked Questions

dog house

Guide to buying a doghouse

In order to buy the best, you must know exactly what the best is, so here are some features you should look for in your new doghouse. Surely, these aspects can help you choose the right alternative for your pet.

Buying Guide

Size and design

Not all dogs are the same size, as each breed has unique characteristics that make them different from each other, for that reason, not all kennels are good for all types of dogs. Take into consideration the size of your pet and choose a kennel that has dimensions according to it, because a big dog in a very small house can feel quite uncomfortable and anxious and this is not good for dogs. Just as buying a very large kennel for a small dog can make the product lose that cozy factor that pets enjoy.

The design is also an aspect that you should take into account in your guide to buy the best doghouse, because if you want this product to combine with the decoration of your home or garden, then you will have to see the various options on the market to choose the one that looks best with the place where you will place it.

However, the design is not only the surface appearance. For a longer duration of your hut, look for those with, for example, sloping roofs, as this will make the water slide and not get stagnant. Another feature to consider is the door, as you should purchase a kennel with a door large enough for your dog to get in and out without difficulty.

Materials and practicality

Materials can make a big difference in price, so if you’re looking for a good, affordable kennel, then you should probably look for plastic materials that will help you save while keeping your pet protected. When comparing dog houses, you will find models made of plastic, insulating panels made of a variety of materials, wood, etc.

You must bear in mind that the materials must not only be resistant to deal with the environment, but also not be damaged by constant use by your dog. Bites, bumps and scratches are things that can happen and if the material is weak, the hut could deteriorate.

Practicality is also a must in your quest. Remember that the really economical product is one that can offer you a long time of use for a good price. That’s why you have to find practical booths for yourself. The washing is part of it. Dogs are constantly making a mess, but if you want the kennel to last, make sure you clean it constantly. Because of that, finding a booth with easy-to-wash materials will be a relief.

Additionally, there are several models that are made with all pets in mind, so these dog houses are not only for dogs, but also for cats and bunnies. So, if you own these little animals, maybe you can find a little house for them and for your dog in the same place.

Protection and security


Dogs are part of the family. Because these little creatures are one of a group, they deserve the same care and attention as anyone else, so before you ask yourself how much the product costs or whether it is affordable enough, your first concern should always be whether the doghouse you are looking at is safe for your pet and will provide the necessary protection.

Dog kennels are intended for use in the garden or yard and although some people choose to keep them indoors so that their dog has a place to stay, most of the time these products are left outside the home. To ensure that your little friend will always be protected from the weather, you should pay attention to the level of protection the kiosk offers.

The product must offer security against the weather and, although most of the time the dog will only want to be covered from the sun’s rays, the kennel must also withstand rain and snow. However, remember that if the rains are extremely heavy, as well as the snows, then it is advisable to let your pet in the house.

You should also try to buy a doghouse that has a somewhat elevated structure, because that way it will be more difficult for rainwater to splash your pet through the door when it falls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the dimensions of a Labrador retriever kennel?

The size of a Labrador can vary from one dog to another, but the right formula for finding an ideal kennel is the same. All you need to do is measure your dog and add 25% more to the measurement so that he has enough space to be there safely.

Q2: How do you isolate a doghouse?

Get an insulating material, such as aluminized polyester, and cut pieces the size of the inner walls of the doghouse and the outside of the floor. Stick them in those places. This will retain your dog’s body heat. Then, using asphalt tiles, you can cover the roof. This will protect your dog from cold temperatures.

Q3: Which is better, a resin or wooden doghouse?

Even though wooden kennels are usually much more expensive, this type of product is still the best, since, in addition to a nice design that combines with absolutely everything, it also offers better thermal insulation to keep your pet protected no matter what the weather.

Q4: How to make a doghouse with pallets?

Unless the pallets you’ve got are exactly the same size as you need, you’ll have to take them apart until you have the separate boards.

When they’re all loose, start making the floor. Join about 4 or 5 boards and make their support with some pallets at the bottom. Stick them together. Remember that, to avoid humidity, you should raise the stand from the ground, therefore, it is recommended that you add a base. Cover them with an insulating material to help your pet be comfortable with the temperatures.

Do the same process with the sides and join them using nails. Make sure the walls are properly shaped to accommodate a sloping roof, as this will prevent water from pooling. Place the roof quite carefully and, after that, nail it down or use metal fasteners to hold it in place, but give yourself a chance to fold it down.

Paint the stand with a product suitable for outdoors to give more resistance. Cover the roof with a type of insulation as well to keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter, otherwise your pet will not feel well in his kennel.

Q5: What is a kennel for anti-petard dogs?

Dogs are animals that get scared when it comes to loud sounds. For that reason, many suffer because of firecrackers. Firecracker booths have a noise cancellation system to prevent dogs from hearing firecrackers, and if they do, these sounds will be muffled.

Q6: How to clean a padded doghouse?

Remove all objects found there. Afterwards, it is advisable to vacuum the house with a portable vacuum cleaner to absorb hairs and other dirt. When you are done with this step, use soap and water, and help yourself to a brush to remove the dirt. However, make sure everything is dry before your dog comes in. Spray some flea repellent to prevent fleas from proliferating in the house.

Q7: How should an outdoor wooden doghouse be treated?

It should be treated by choosing between different alternatives that serve to protect the wood under exterior conditions. For example, varnishes and certain paints.

Read the user manuals of both the product you are considering and those of your stand to be able to choose the right one, however, you must take into account that, besides wanting to give a better look to the wood, you are looking to protect it and give it durability. Clean the wood and, after that, just add the chosen product.

Q8: How do you make a construction doghouse?

Building materials are as diverse as wood, stone, and brick or cement blocks, and although they look very different from each other, the instructions do not change much from one material to another. The process is practically the same and the only thing that changes is the way the pieces are put together. For example, with blocks, the cement serves as a glue. However, with wood, nails are the best allies.

If possible, leave space between the floor and the place where you will place the stand to avoid humidity. Leave a door at least 7 cm larger than your dog in height and width. It includes a sloping roof to avoid water stagnation and, for the rest, everything is in your hands and your ideas.

Can I leave my dog unattended in an outdoor dog kennel?

dog in a cage


This depends less on the kennel and more on the dog. Owners should certainly learn the habits and personality of their dog before leaving them unattended in the confines of a kennel. A great way to do this is to place the kennel inside and leave them alone for a period of time. See if your pooch tries to escape and see if the kennel holds up. A kennel escapee is safer inside than outside, as most dogs will take the opportunity for an impromptu jaunt around town.

What should I do if my dog has separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety can result in property damage and is a major cause of distress for dogs. Do not indulge your dog’s unhealthy attachment to its overlord (you), as they must learn to be comfortable on their own. This means making sure your dog is happy and occupied in your absence. For mild cases, outdoor kennels are a great way to ensure your dog thrives by itself. Give them some good food, a couple of chew toys, and plenty of water and space, and they may become accustomed to periods of separation. For moderate to severe separation anxiety, professional behavioral therapy is usually recommended.

How to use a doghouse

Dog kennels are products that will really make your dog’s life better, because not only will he be able to feel comfortable inside your home, but he will also have a place exclusively for him, where he can take shelter from the weather, sleep or simply rest for a while. To give your pet the best, you not only have to buy a quality kennel but also know how to use it and, if you don’t already know, here you can learn how to do it so that you and your pet can benefit from it to the fullest.

Read the instructions

No matter which house you decide to bring into your home, each one, depending on its size, manufacturer or design, has different assembly instructions. Therefore, the first thing you need to do as soon as you have the package with you is to read the instructions to know what the steps are for setting up your new booth.

Organize parts and tools

Take the package to the place where you’ll want to leave the doghouse. There, he takes out all the pieces delicately to prevent them from deteriorating and, after that, he proceeds to organize all the parts you need to build the place. Also keep the tools you will use handy.

By helping you with the instruction manual, check that all the parts are complete, so that you can avoid starting to put everything together and then realising that you are missing something necessary.

Assemble the structure

In order to make the process easier, first assemble the main structure before you do anything else. This way, you’ll have the walls and floor in place before you proceed to place the ceiling and other accessories that may be included in the purchase.

Otherwise, setting up the booth will be a little more complicated and could take longer than usual.

Place the roof

When the main structure is already assembled and completely secure, then you will have no more problems placing the roof. There are several different designs, such as folding and fixed, and each has different instructions.

Follow the instructions in the manual to do this properly and, before you celebrate the completion of the booth, if you have a drop ceiling, check that it opens and closes properly. Similarly, if you have a fixed roof, make sure it is in place, because if it is not, water may come in when it rains or snows.

Save all the stuff

If the kennel is ready, then the only thing missing is comfort for your pet. Keep all your dog’s things inside the kennel so that your dog has his toys, pillows and everything else he needs close by.


To give a special touch to the stand after it is ready, you can personalize it by decorating it to your liking. Add your pet’s name or paint it, so the kennel will be unique for your dog. This is specifically fun for the little ones in the house.

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