The 5 Best Parrot Cages of 2022 – Reviewed By Expert Vets

The 5 Best Parrot Cages of 2020 - Reviewed By Expert Vets

Parrot Cage – Buying Guide, Reviews & Opinions

People who are used to having birds and parrots in the garden or an area within the house choose to acquire special cages. Therefore, on this occasion, we will tell you about several suitable parrots, which are also optimal for other types of domestic birds. However, before you buy a cage like this, it is best to know what size and design you need and the manufacturing material. We invite you to review various models and brands, as well as the characteristics of each cage, to determine which to purchase. One of the most outstanding is the Ecommerce Excellence Noble, which has a quite striking oriental design, so it will serve to have parrots at home and decorate environments. Besides, it comes with a 60 x 56 x 5 cm tray that makes cleaning the cage easier. On the other hand, we recommend the Moly 30428, an external area where parrots can be distracted. It should also be noted that this cage is also suitable for macaws, as its internal dimensions are 93 x 69 x 160 cm.

Parrot Cage Buying Guide

What is the best parrot cage?

Although there are many cages for parrots on the market today, it is best that, before buying, discover what qualities they must have so that you can make a proper choice. For example, characteristics such as materials, size, doors, number of hangers, food containers, wheels, among others, are some of the things you must take into account to acquire the right product. Here is a guide to buying the best parrot cage; perhaps this will clarify your doubts.


When comparing parrot cages, the materials of manufacture must be taken into account, as their durability will depend mainly on them. Although most of these products are made of metal and plastic, it is advisable to check in the specifications the type of material and paint they have.

You can find a stainless steel cage, a material that can withstand moisture and weather changes without any problems, plus it’s easy to clean.

On the other hand, we mentioned that the cages are covered with electrostatic paint in some cases, as this is not toxic to the birds. This aspect is crucial because the parrots, macaws, yacos, and many other birds are used to moving through the cage, holding on to the beak and legs.


Before you ask yourself how much an individual cage costs, it is best to know what size you need. We say this because, if you have many parrots or other birds, it is best to choose a large cage where your pets feel comfortable and grow without difficulty.

If you only have a couple of small parrots, you might want to choose a more compact cage. Also, such a product could be useful for homes or gardens with limited space.

Another aspect of the cages that you should consider is the distance between the bars. Perhaps 1 cm is enough so that there is enough ventilation inside the cage, and, in turn, the birds can not get out of it. Of course, some of these animals don’t escape or get lost. Even if they get out of the cage, they go back into the cage to eat or sleep.

Besides, we can say that, depending on the size and brand you choose, you can find an excellent and economical cage, due to the tremendous variety on the Internet.


This is an aspect that sometimes users forget to check, but it is vital to know before making the purchase.

Some cages only have one entrance in the front; others include extra doors on their sides. The latter is more common and serves to facilitate food entry into the cage and catch the parrots when you need to remove them or maintain the structure, perches, containers, and trays.


This part of the cages is quite useful, and you should know that the number of hangers varies according to each model. For example, sometimes, several hangers come with the purchase of the product.

If you have more than two birds as pets, the cage you buy should come with several perches because there would be enough space where the animals can walk or sleep.

On the other hand, we mentioned that many hangers are usually made of wood because it is a natural material, with which parrots and other birds will feel very identified.


For the birds to feed themselves inside the cage, the cage must have one or more containers inside, which will be used for water and solid food.

Therefore, some cages bring these containers with them, which means you won’t have to buy them separately. However, if the cage does not come with them or wants to use more containers, it is possible to find them on the Internet of various materials, sizes and prices.


This is the accessory that usually goes under the cages so that food residues and bird droppings do not fall on the floor. It may seem unnecessary, but even in the garden, it’s indispensable to use a tray for the cage of parrots or other types of birds.

Excrement from these animals could cause a virus or allergic reaction in humans. For this reason, it is recommended to be very careful when cleaning the birds’ feces, using trays and nose filters.

Top 5 Cages for Parrots

The custom of having birds as pets in the home is widespread today, so many people choose to buy cages for these animals. However, we present some of the best parrot cages of 2021, as perhaps some of them will meet your expectations.

Ecommerce Excellence Elegant & Chic Metal Parrot Cage

Main advantage:

This is a durable and robust parrot cage, thanks to the high quality of its processing materials. And you can place it anywhere without taking up much space.

Main disadvantage:

Although this cage’s dimensions may be compatible with different parrot sizes, some users recommend that this model be used so that small parrots can enjoy the interior space more comfortably.

This parrot cage is sturdy, stylish, and practical, so your pet will enjoy the comfort of having a coat rack and walls to hang or sleep. Besides, it includes containers of water and food for daily feeding.

Main characteristics explained:


One aspect to consider before making any purchase is to evaluate the design of the cage. According to some users, this detail will determine if the product is right for your pet. The Ecommerce Excellence Noble comes in a rectangular design with a semi-curved roof, giving it an oriental and elegant look. Its color is metallic and powder coated, so it will not unbalance your home decoration.

There is a door on the roof for you to let your pet out whenever he wants. You can put a coat hanger on it to hang or go outside and fly away quietly. On its sides, it has three small doors that will give you access to the food bowls for when you want to add more or replace the water.

The main door includes a security system that opens only from the outside. So your partner can’t escape whenever he wants. Additionally, the legs of the cage are equipped with wheels to move it when you want.


Another factor that users recommend checking in the parrot cage model you have selected is the processing materials. With this in mind, you will quickly identify the durability and resistance of the product to everyday circumstances. This model’s structure is made entirely of metal and covered with powder, providing decorative aspects and durable and resistance to parrots’ pecking.

Also, iron has rust resistance and some water resistance, so your parrot will be able to spark water when bathing and will not have any adverse effect on the cage’s structure or strength.

On the other hand, the safety lock on this cage is brass. Granting elegance and defense against the possible escape of your pet or the intrusion of other animals. Besides, because it is bright, it allows you to match the environment’s beauty and colors.


Another feature to consider before spending a single euro is to evaluate the accessories that come with the parrot cage. In this way, they can make the product more useful and practical day after day. One of the most outstanding accessories in the Ecommerce Excellence Noble is the three containers for water and food since you can keep the food in several containers so that your pet does not miss it at any time.

Additionally, it has two hangers so that the parrot can be hung or slept on. These are made of wood, which will give you the right comfort to feel more at ease. It should be noted that these hangers are adjustable so that you can place them in any slot in the cage. Also, the tray and bottom grid are removable for easy cleaning so that you can maintain optimal hygiene inside the cage.

Moly 30428 Large Parrot Cage

If you want to know which is the best cage for parrots, this could be the right answer, as it has wheels to slide it from one side of the home more comfortable.

Besides, the cage’s cleaning will be straightforward due to the removable tray it comes with. The front door has a unique lock, so if you don’t want the parrots to come out, you can use it.

On the other hand, it has an outdoor park at the top, so that the parrot can be distracted in it. This area also has a ladder and a removable tray.

We can also mention that this cage design comes with two hangers, one located at the bottom and above. The birds will be able to sleep there without any problem.

Another vital aspect of saying is that the current product is a big cage, with 93 x 69 x 160 cm in its internal part, house parrots and macaws.

To acquire the best cage for parrots of the moment should consider details such as ease of transport that offers or even the variety of accessories available for the enjoyment and rest of your birds.


  • Wheels: This cage is equipped with resistant and durable wheels that make its transport easy and comfortable.
  • Removable tray: Being able to clean this cage will be easier than you think, thanks to the removable tray that comes with it.
  • Outdoor Park: The cage has an outdoor park right at the top, ideal for your parrot to be appropriately distracted.
  • Hangers: This model has two hangers, one located at the bottom and one located at the cage’s top. Therefore, your birds will rest comfortably.


  • Dimensions: You should consider the fact that the sizes available in this cage are quite considerable, so if you have a small space at home, you should choose another model.

Pet Product Distribution ULA60w Bird and Parrot Cage

Parrots can be comfortable and grow happily in this cage, as it has four food containers and three perches where they can walk or rest.

It should be noted that the containers are quite practical, as they do not need to be removed to fill with water or food, but lift the black lid and place the food. You can even do this whole process from the outside of the cage.

On another note, it is essential to know that it measures 70 x 42.5 x 69 cm, so you will see if it fits in the garden or the area where you want to place it.

Besides, it has a wide front door to comfortably accommodate birds or parrots, so it is convenient and functional.

Pet Product Distribution has available for you the best parrot cage for 50 euros. In this way, you would be choosing one of the cheapest models available on the market.


  • Accessories: This cage has several accessories, such as four containers ideal for water and food for the birds and three perches designed for their rest.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this cage are 70 x 42.5 x 69 centimeters. So you can position it wherever you want.
  • Practicality: An efficient model where you only have to lift the black lid available on the containers to place the water and food for the birds easily.


  • Stability: For some users, this cage does not seem stable enough compared to other models available on the market.

Yahee Bird Cage Metal Cage

According to some users, this is the best cage for parrots of the moment, being one of the cheapest and most compact today. That is to say, its dimensions are 46 x 36 x 92 cm, which is enough for several small parrots.

Also, it should be noted that the distance between the bars is 1 cm, sufficient to prevent the animals from escaping and provide adequate ventilation.

On the other hand, we mentioned that the cage structure is made of metal, and the food containers are made of white plastic.

Also, we cannot forget to mention its four perches of 45.9 cm approximately in length, in which the parrots will feel comfortable walking or resting at night. The cage design is black and includes a swing, so your pets can have fun in it.

If you want to know what parrot cage to buy first, you should consider details as simple as its dimensions or even the level of ventilation that could offer your birds.


  • Dimensions: The dimensions available in this cage are 46 x 36 x 92 centimeters so that you could accommodate several small parrots inside.
  • Ventilation: The ventilation level in this cage is appropriate for your birds because the distance between the bars is 1 cm.
  • Materials: This cage is made of metal, while the containers are made of white plastic. Therefore, it is considered a robust and quality model.


  • Color: It is worth mentioning that this model is only available in black. Therefore, you will not have the opportunity to choose from several options, the one you prefer.

Pet Home Cage for Yacos Parrots

It is a cage for yacca parrots, which are very beautiful with their unique gray color. Besides, at the top, there is an area for these pets to entertain themselves.

The cage’s dimensions together with its removable tray are 156 x 64 x 64 cm, which means that it is quite large for several parrots.

We also mentioned that he brings four food containers and two wooden hangers. It even has a door with a safety lock for those moments when you don’t want the parrots to get out of the cage.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the cage has four wheels on its legs, through which you can slide it from one place to another very quickly. The design also includes two removable trays that you can take out to clean the cage of the residues left by your pets.

Keeping your birds comfortable will be an easy task as long as you can count on a high-quality and durable parrot cage.


  • Accessories: It should be noted that this cage includes with its purchase a total of 4 containers and two special wooden perches for the rest of the birds.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions available in this cage are 156 x 64 x 64 centimeters, which means that it can be easily positioned in any space.
  • Transport: The transport of this cage is an easy task, thanks to the wheels included in the cage’s legs.


  • Gate: Different users miss a gate at the top of the cage so that birds have easy access to the park.

Ecommerce Excellence Elegant & Chic Metal Parrot Cage

According to some buyers, this is the best parrot cage of the moment since its external measurements are 81 x 78 x 155 cm, being exceptionally comfortable to place in the garden or somewhere inside the house. Also, these dimensions give the parrots more room to move around.

This cage comes with two perches made of wood, a natural brown material, and resistance, in which birds can feel comfortable and rest.

Besides, the package includes three containers for water or solid food, which means that you will not have to buy these accessories separately.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the bars’ width is 3.2 mm, and the distance between each one is 2.5 cm. This means that the pets will have sufficient ventilation inside the cage.

Ecommerce Excellence has a great variety of cage models for you from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. This is why it is considered the best brand of parrot cages available on the market.


  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this cage are 81 x 78 x 155 centimeters, so you can easily place it both inside and outside.
  • Hangers: It has two hangers made of resistant wood. In this way, the birds will be able to rest appropriately.
  • Vessels: The cage has three special containers for food and water. Therefore, you will not have to make any additional expenses.
  • Ventilation: With the use of this cage, your pets will be able to stay adequately ventilated, as it has 3.2-millimeter bars, and each one maintains a separation of 2.5 centimeters.


  • Mounting: It should be noted that this cage is supplied wholly disassembled, so you must carry out an appropriate assembly of the cage to be able to put it into operation.

How to use a parrot cage?

Among the birds that are usually used as companions are parrots, not only because of their bright and colorful plumage but also because of their intelligence, which allows them to interact with their owners to establish real friendly relationships. If you have purchased a special cage to give it a home, here are some recommendations.

Make sure you keep the cage tightly closed.

As we mentioned, parrots are curious animals, and their beaks become a versatile tool that they can use, among other things, to open doors. Therefore, always try to verify that the closures are correctly placed. They can find a way to activate the simple locks and escape, which can put them at risk of getting lost or caught by some other animal in your home.

Keep the cage clean.

To not deteriorate the appearance of the kennel in a short time and keep your pet’s home in better condition, cleaning is indispensable. You can frequently remove the hangers, food trays, and water to wash them to achieve this. Similarly, it would help if you did this with the lower tray, where the stool is deposited, which you can wash more easily using boiling water and a little diluted liquid dish soap.

This combination of ingredients can make it easier for the residue to come off if you leave it to soak for a few minutes and reduce the rubbing time to stay clean. If you do this activity regularly, you will avoid spending more time than you intend to maintain the cage’s hygiene than if you allow the dirt to settle for too long.

Please put it in a suitable place.

To maintain your pets’ health, try to place them in a ventilated place, where the sun’s rays are not direct. You must also verify that your pet does not have access to plants or any nearby object; remember that they can use their legs as a press to grab things and thus bring them closer. This can pose a risk if it can reach a toxic vegetable, for example.

To cover his biting needs, you can add some safe toy inside the cage, so he can naturally wear out his beak and not have the urge to deteriorate the bars. Also, this will prevent deformations in this part of your body since it never stops growing.

Replace damaged accessories.

When you notice that some of the parts that are part of the necessary accessories to feed your parrot are in bad condition or broken, it is better to replace them. These accessories are usually easy to find or to acquire separately, and by removing them, you can avoid that your parrot gets hurt with some sharp point.

Be careful with the paint.

If, after some time of using the cage, you consider it necessary to paint it, use appropriate enamels, remember that as the birds are holding on to the bars, they are in danger of ingesting paint residues endanger them if it is a toxic enamel.

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