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Domestic animals have a special place in families’ hearts, as is the case with cats, so their care is vital to enjoy a healthy and happy pet. In this sense, there are tools such as hair removal brushes, which contribute to the hygiene and good health of your coat and allow you to show all your love with a simple caress. Therefore, it is crucial to know their main characteristics, such as types, uses, materials, dimensions, and accessories. The market offers many models; however, we will show you the ones that stand out from the rest. The Pecute PGT-DS03 includes a slightly curved quick-cleaning button, adapts to the pet’s body’s shape, and is suitable for small and medium-sized cats. The second is the FURminator 502004, specially designed for large, long-haired cats and incorporates a stainless steel edge to eliminate loose hair and reduce fur balls.

catCat Brush Buying Guide

What is the best cat brush on the market?

Your pets’ happiness depends on small details that show them your love, and among these is keeping their coat clean and healthy. For this reason, it is necessary to have a good quality brush, so we have prepared a guide to buying the best cat brush, where you will have the essential information to buy a model that fits the particular characteristics of your cats.


The size and type of pet are among the first aspects to consider when buying a hair remover, as there are specific models for cats of large, medium, or small size. However, they can also be used on dogs, rabbits, and even horses, so you need to compare cat brushes.

It is also essential to consider the coat’s length, as each brush has specific teeth for long, short, thin, or thick hair. In this sense, you will probably find brushes with steel or silicon bristles, as well as those with blades, rakes, and others.

Also, these brushes are usually compact, even when used to comb out large pets. In this sense, the measures could be between 12 x 8 cm and 18 x 10 cm at the base. The blade can be between 7 and 8 cm, while the handle can measure 15 to 20 cm, and the tines between 4 mm and 2 cm.


These brushes can have several uses. First, they are used to remove dead or fallen hairs on your body’s top and bottom layers. Besides, if used regularly, they can significantly reduce hair loss, in some cases by as much as 95%. This way, you avoid pets leaving a lot of hair on the floor, furniture, and clothes.

Also, these tools prevent the formation of knots and hairballs, which in the long run make the pet look bad and cause discomfort and irritation to the skin of the pet. In this sense, it is best to buy a brush that you can use once or twice a week, between 5 to 20 minutes, depending on your pet’s size.

On the other hand, some of these brushes offer a massager’s function, which acts on the blood circulation, contributing to the growth of a healthy and shiny coat. Besides, cats love it.


Stainless steel is one of the primary materials used to manufacture the teeth, blades, or knives of this type of brush. This is because pieces made of this metal offer excellent resistance to wear, do not lose precision, do not rust, and are usually more effective in removing hair from the brush.

Besides, to know how much a cat brush costs, you should consider that in some cases, the blades can have a curved design or rounded edges, so they can adapt to the natural shape of your pet’s body, making it easier to use and avoiding injuries. In this regard, the price may vary depending on the blades.

As for the brushes’ bodies, it can be said that they are made of a combination of materials such as TPR or ABS plastic in many cases. These, in turn, can be coated in certain places with anti-slip materials. They should also have specific shapes and ergonomic handles to comfortably fit the hand’s shape, making the task easier.

Silicone is another material chosen for the manufacture of the body or base of the brush. This can be found in the production of tines, which can result in a more economical brush and provide greater flexibility and softness to the touch. Besides, the results obtained are quite useful depending on the coat of the cat.


The hair ejection button is one of the most sought-after accessories for this type of tool, as it allows you to clean the brush easily and quickly.

In this sense, one of the most practical ways is utilizing a bar that expels the hairs that remain between the blade’s teeth, while another way of doing it is by retracting the bristles to release the hairs.

Other brushes, such as the silicone ones, allow a total cleaning because they can be put under the jet to be washed since they do not have blades or cracks where the hairs can be stored or hidden. On the other hand, some models include a type of handle placed between the index and ring fingers to hold it more comfortably and securely.

The Best Cat Brushes

The coat of pets, precisely that of cats, needs primary care to allow good health and avoid annoying hairballs throughout the house, created in the corners by the accumulation of dead hair. In this sense, we put at your disposal a list of some of the best cat brushes of 2020, intending to facilitate your search to choose one that meets your expectations.

Pecute Brush Dogs and Pets Curved

Main advantage: An efficient brush with which to brush your cat and dogs and rabbits with short or long coats.

Main disadvantage:¬†Some users comment that this brush weighs a little more than it looks. However, it’s just a matter of getting used to it so that you can offer your pet the best possible brush.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The quality of the materials available in its structure guarantees you a long life, thus avoiding additional costs in the future.

Main characteristics explained


To offer your pet cat the best care for its coat depends mostly on the accessories you have at your disposal to carry out such action. This way, having a good cat brush will not be out of place, so acquiring one available on the market will be essential.

First of all, the PGT-DS03 model offers a considerable level of compatibility and is suitable not only for cats but also for dogs and rabbits with short or long coats. In this sense, its use is more comfortable than it seems.

For its part, it has to offer you a variety of benefits, among which the possibility of comfortably removing the loose hairs in your pet’s coat stands out. In this way, you could even reduce hair loss by 95% compared to other cat brush models.


Before buying a cat brush, you should consider details such as its design since this will allow you to deduce how comfortable and practical it will be when using it.

In this way, the brand Pecute offers you a model with an intelligent design. This is due to the arched zone that it has just where the teeth are for brushing because only this way it could adapt quickly and comfortably to the curves of the cat so that you can use it most suitably.

Now, in terms of its measurements, the brush has a curved blade 76 millimeters wide, while the teeth are 4 millimeters long with a gap of 1 millimeter. Its head is 93 millimeters long, and its handle 168 millimeters long.


Depending on the cat brush you decide to purchase, you should consider the type of material available in its structure to verify the level of quality and durability you will have in your hands.

The Pecute brand brush has a structure made of high-quality TPR. This means the guarantee of a long time of use to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future. The teeth are also made of stainless steel. Finally, the brush handle sides are made of soft rubber to guarantee your pet a great experience while brushing its coat.

Best of all, this brush has a very comfortable cleaning system, where removing the hairs and keeping it clean will be a matter of a few minutes.

Furminator Cat Moulting Tool

This is a brush designed for large, long-haired cats, such as the Persian cat, as it reduces the shedding of hair by 90% and prevents the formation of knots, which cause pain and make your pet look bad.

It has a slightly beveled edge that removes the bottom layer of loose hair, the top layer of dead hair, and massages your pet’s skin, stimulating blood circulation, which helps the new hair grow healthy and shiny. However, its cost is not too high, so it is considered the best value cat brush at the moment, according to some users’ opinions.

It measures 8 x 13 x 23 cm, and its 6.7 cm blade is made of stainless steel. On the other hand, it is indicated to be used once or twice a week. For better results, use it for 10 or 20 minutes.

FURminator could be, according to some people’s opinion, the best cat brush brand, and here we will analyze more in-depth the 502004 models:


  • Capacity: This model is designed to work with fur up to 5 centimeters long, as its edge is 6.7 centimeters long.
  • Materials: The edge and teeth are made of stainless steel, so they will not wear out too soon.
  • Molting: According to the manufacturer, using this brush can reduce up to 90% of the hair that your pet lets out with each molt.
  • Handle: A unique advantage for the user is that the handle is ergonomic and has a structure that will allow you to hold it comfortably to comb your cat.


  • Intensity: However, one of the buyers recommended not to use the brush daily to remove more hair than necessary, as this is its function.

Belle & Blu Longhair Dog or Cat Brush

For those who want to know which is the best cat brush, the BELLE & BLU BB-UB-2016 could be the answer, as it is a rake type brush that facilitates the removal of loose hair, knots and tangles, and also avoids irritation to your cat’s or pet’s skin, as it does not pull out healthy hair.

It also incorporates double stainless steel blades, which are rounded at their ends to prevent damage or injury. It also reduces hair loss by up to 90% and promotes both existing and new coats’ shine and health.

It is indicated for use on pets with medium or long hair, whether they are dogs or cats. On the other hand, it measures 24 x 14 x 3 cm, and its ergonomic handle is covered with anti-slip material for more comfortable use.

If among so many models you find it a bit complicated to decide which cat brush to buy, take a look at what this one offers you:


  • Design: This brush has unique bristles designed to untangle the coat and remove dead hair or knots, suitable for regular maintenance.
  • Compatibility: You can use it with long and short-haired pets without problems.
  • Handle: Its handle is ergonomic and has a hole, so you can hang it on the wall if you wish.


  • Price: It may not be the most attractive savers model, as it is a bit expensive.
  • Tugging: Others say that the brush will pull the coat in if you comb too deep.

CeleMoon Soft Silicone Spiked Cat Brush

It is an oval brush with high-quality silicone bristles, which provide security and confidence thanks to its softness and flexibility, so it does not hurt your pet’s skin. Its oval base measures 9 x 7.5 cm, while the tines are 1.5 cm long.

It is suitable not only for removing dead hair but also for providing a pleasant massage that will allow you to relax and feel loved. Also, it offers 90% elimination of dead hair with only 5 minutes of use. For best results, it is recommended to place some water on the tines.

It has a non-slip grip handle, is designed to fit between your fingers comfortably, and is fully washable so that you can rinse thoroughly for maximum hygiene. As if that wasn’t enough, this is one of the cheapest products in this selection.

If you have a limited budget, you may be interested in this product from CELEMOON, as it is one of the cheapest and also the best cat brush for 10 euros:


  • Design: With this brush, you will be more comfortable grooming your cat, as it has a top handle held by your hand so you can pass it through the hair as if you were caressing it.
  • Materials: The structure is made of silicone, so you can also use it as a massager.
  • Maintenance: Its maintenance is relatively simple considering its materials since you can wash it with running water to get rid of the hairs.


  • Small: It is not designed to work with long coats.
  • Hair: As it does not have steel teeth, it can be a little more complicated to remove all the dead hair.

VersionTECH Dog Brush Scraper Comb

This hair removal comb is suitable for cats and dogs of medium and large size, such as European cats or Golden Retrievers, Labrador, or Chihuahua. It has the ability to effectively remove dead and loose hair, as well as help untangle knots and prevent dropping by 90%, giving your pet a better appearance.

Its ergonomic design is light and comfortable and has 12.6 x 7 cm in its base and 19 cm in its non-slip handle. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic and includes 1 cm long stainless steel spikes to prevent damage to the pet’s skin.

On the other hand, it has a cleaning button, which retracts the bristles completely to remove the extracted hairs easily and quickly. It also comes in attractive colors.

By brushing your cat regularly, you can reduce the amount of hair that accumulates on all types of surfaces, as well as keeping her coat healthier and shinier:


  • Design: VersionTECH offers you an ergonomically designed brush that will be comfortable to handle and also to store, as it is compact and has a hole for hanging it.
  • Materials: It has stainless steel teeth to brush your cat, removing dead or weak hairs and not wearing out in the process.
  • Uses: Thanks to its design, you can use this brush with both cats and dogs.


  • Length: However, the teeth are short, so they cannot be used with long coats.
  • Tips: It has been known that the ends of the teeth are not rounded and can hurt if pressed too hard.

Pecute Brush Dogs and Pets Curved

This brush is suitable for the coat of small and medium-sized pets with short or long hair, such as cats, dogs, and rabbits. In this sense, it has stainless steel teeth with smooth tips, which quickly adapt to any hair, whether thick or thin.

Likewise, its sharp blade allows eliminating the loose hairs, reducing up to 95% of the hair loss. Its brush includes a button that facilitates cleaning, as it will enable them to be ejected from the bottom of the leaf, so some users consider it the best cat brush at the moment.

On the other hand, its blade is slightly curved to adapt to the pet’s body’s shape and is 76 mm wide, with teeth 4 mm long and 1 mm apart. Its handle is 168 mm long, its head measures 93 mm, and is made of TPR.

Pecute offers you a model that may become the best cat brush of the moment because it is practical, easy to use, and durable:


  • Design: This brush has an intelligent design, as the area where the teeth are located arched, adapting better to the cat’s curves to make brushing more manageable and more comfortable.
  • Materials: The brush’s structure is made of high-quality TPR, and its teeth are made of stainless steel, a combination that guarantees a long life for the use of the product.
  • Compatibility: Another of its benefits is that you can use a comb for short- and long-haired cats without any problems.
  • Benefits: With the use of this brush, you will be able to remove loose hair from your pet’s coat, as well as the undercoat, thus reducing overall coat loss.
  • Maintenance: Besides, the equipment has a self-cleaning system through which the hairs can be easily removed and keep the brush clean and ready to use.


  • Weight: One of the users commented that the brush is robust, so it feels heavy in hand, tiring.

How to use a cat brush?

Even if your feline friend spends many hours a day grooming, brushing could prevent many hygiene concerns in your home and at the same time avoid excessive hair loss for your cat. If you have been prevented from using a brush to help you be happy and healthy, here are some points that might interest you to use it properly and get the result you expect.

Detects knots

If your cat has any knots that you can see, try to undo them with your fingers first, so it will be less uncomfortable for her to brush. In the worst case, if they can’t be fixed, cut them carefully with blunt scissors to avoid hurting them. If this affects your cat’s appearance a little, don’t worry; in a short time, the coat will have grown in that area again, and you’ll forget about the problem.

Avoid sensitive areas

Some cats’ areas should not be brushed, such as the area near the eyes, the whiskers, and the chin. Avoid these places, as you could get considerably upset and end up brushing without the option of trying again for a long time.

Take care of the brushing direction

The way you should brush is always bareback, that is, in the natural tendency of hair growth, so that the follicles are not injured. If your pet has a very abundant coat, you can do it by tufts, and when everything is well untangled, finish with a general brushing.

Start getting used to your pet.

However, if your cat is still a puppy, it’s much better to start teaching her that grooming is part of the care routine you provide, and she’ll soon be more than willing to show her love in that way and cooperate with you. Start slowly with short sessions.

But if your cat is an adult and you’re just starting to brush her, you’ll want to choose that first moment carefully. He prefers some time when he’s calm and relaxed.

You can start the process by gently stroking it and then proceed to brush it very gently. The aim is not to get him perfectly brushed but to familiarize him with the feeling and not associate it with rough play from which he has to defend himself. Remember that the brush may give him some jerks that are likely to upset him. So it’s best to stop the moment you feel uncomfortable and cuddle him again to calm him down.

Ensure that this first brushing is done on your back, which is more easily accessible or somewhere you find it more tolerant, covering only a small space. As it becomes more lenient, you can brush it entirely with a session of about 5 minutes a day, depending on the type of coat.

Keep the brush clean.

Try to keep your cat’s brush clean at all times, remove hair and dirt frequently, use a little soap, and dry thoroughly.

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