Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Reviews for 2022

Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Reviews for 2021

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews – Automatic Litter Boxes 2020

The litter box is undoubtedly an essential tool if you have a cat at home. This is your pet’s toilet area and it helps keep feces and urine there. However, litter boxes can sometimes give off unpleasant odors. To remedy this problem, there are various options: closed trays, scented litter or even the self-cleaning litter tray.

These are more expensive than conventional bins, but this comes with a big advantage: they automatically or semi-automatically evacuate dirty litter and waste, which is then stored in a bag. Many people choose this practical and useful solution, which eliminates bad odors and provides an always clean space for pets.

In short

There are two types of self-cleaning litter boxes: semi-automatic or manual, which require your participation to activate the cleaning mechanism and electric automatic which evacuate waste without you having to do anything.

A self-cleaning litter box and a quality scented and clumping litter will get rid of bad smells.

Cats are very clean animals that care about their personal hygiene. In addition to being very practical for you, this type of tray will make your pet more comfortable and happy.

Ranking: The best self-cleaning litters available on the  market

The litter box is an essential tool for cats who live indoors. These animals like to spend a lot of time grooming and appreciate cleanliness. Although practical, a litter box is a real concentration of bacteria. Self-cleaning containers respond to this problem by eliminating waste and bad odors. To help you choose from the multitude of choices, here are the best products available on Amazon:

The best large self-cleaning litter

The best self-cleaning odor neutralizing litter

The best self-cleaning litter charcoal filters

The best designer self-cleaning litter


The best large self-cleaning litter


Omega Paw Roll’n Clean – Self-cleaning litter box for cats over 6kg

Easy to use, this self-cleaning cat litter box cleans very quickly which keeps your pet’s toilet area always clean. All this, without any laborious handling and respecting the rules of hygiene.

The handle located on the top allows the container to be turned over, so that the clean litter is separated from the waste thanks to the integrated filters. Then simply extract the shovel and throw the waste in the trash. This large litter box is ideal for two cats.


The best self-cleaning odor neutralizing litter

PetSafe – ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box With Lid – Odor Neutralization / Highly Absorbent Litter

The litter of blue crystals absorbs urine and dries up excrement, ensuring an incomparable neutralization of odors. The ScoopFree tray contains an automatic rake that activates, depending on your preferences, 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat has passed.

The bin is equipped with security sensors that detect the presence of the cat inside. When the waterproof litter box is full, you just have to remove it and replace it with a new one, thus minimizing the handling of the box and waste. 


Buying guide: everything you need to know about self-cleaning litter

Cats are among the most appreciated pets, thanks to their independence and affection. With a minimum of essential tools, the cat will be perfectly happy. Among these accessories, there is the litter box, where the cat can wash in complete privacy. Below, we answer the questions frequently asked by users regarding self-cleaning litter boxes:

What is a self-cleaning cat litter?

It is a type of litter box with mechanisms for cleaning up waste, with little participation on your part. Litter trays are, in general, an essential tool for all those who have a cat as a pet. They offer your kitten a space dedicated to his personal hygiene, so important to him.

Self-cleaning bins are the ideal option for those who spend little time at home, whether for work, travel, etc. This tool ensures the cleanliness of your animal as well as that of your home. It gets rid of bad smells and provides your cat with an intimate environment. In the rest of the articles, we will develop the different systems of these revolutionary litter boxes.

How does the self-cleaning litter box work?

As a rule, automatic or semi-automatic litter boxes remove excrement and wet litter from the main container by transferring them to another container. This differs according to the models and it is generally equipped with a system preventing the odor from spreading in the house. So, just collect this container (bag or bin) and empty it directly into the trash.

Should we wash the self-cleaning litter boxes?

Yes, regular cleaning of your bin is necessary. The parts that come into contact with your cat’s feces and urine may contain bacteria. It’s your pet’s toilet area, after all. In addition to changing the litter box regularly, it is recommended to wash these parts with a disinfectant soap or product. Choose a product that is safe for your pet. If you are using bleach, be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Does my cat like self-cleaning litter boxes?

cat litter box

Cats are animals that love cleanliness, their cleaning ritual and their habits in general. They can sometimes be bothered by the changes and this can impact their behavior and well-being. It may be that at the start it refuses to enter its new self-cleaning container.

If this happens to your cat, you should educate him and teach him to trust and feel comfortable in his new toilet area.

It is also very likely that your cat will be entertained by its mechanism that moves the litter box. Little by little, he will learn to adapt and love this new environment.

How to teach your cat to use the self-cleaning litter box?

Cats are extremely intelligent and intuitive animals, which learn and adapt quickly. If your kitten does not understand that the litter box is for him, it is usually enough to move the clean litter in front of him several times. If your pet needs to go to another place, quickly direct him to his tank. He will thus understand over time, that this place is intended for his toilet.

If your cat seems disturbed by the self-cleaning system, give it a little time to adapt. Cats are routine animals and can be disturbed by the slightest change. At first, he may refuse to enter it and continue to use his old bin. Give him time and help him get used to it. If this persists, despite your efforts, turn to another bin that pleases him more.

Purchase criteria

When purchasing a self-cleaning litter box, it is important to consider not only your tastes but also the needs and preferences of your pet. In order to find a product that meets these expectations, we present below the four main purchasing criteria to keep in mind.

  • Cleaning system
  • Cut
  • Lid
  • Accessories

Cleaning system

cat litter box

These types of litter boxes have different mechanisms for self-cleaning. The automatic models use electricity while the semi-automatic bins require your manual participation. In the table below you will find the characteristics and advantages of these two types of bins.

automatic Semiautomatic
Benefits They are scheduled to do the cleaning entirely, which will do less work for you.

You will only have to empty the bag regularly and wash the different parts, to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Ideal for travel, waste is eliminated automatically.

These models are more ecological, considering that they do not use electricity.

You will need to activate the cleaning system manually every day.

disadvantages They use more energy, whether it be electricity or batteries.

They are more expensive: The efficient cleaning system also involves a higher cost.

You will have more effort to provide. For example, you will have to turn a crank to empty its contents.

If you are going on a trip without your cat, you will need to call a loved one who can clean your pet’s litter box in your absence. It will be enough to activate the cleaning mechanism about once a day.


Litter Box Advice

When choosing a litter box for your cat, you will need to take into account the size and weight of the animal. Then, you will opt for a model that is neither too small nor too large. Experts recommend that the length of the container is 1.5 times the size of your cat. If you have little space, you can opt for a triangular litter box that you can place in a corner to take up less space.

In addition to having to enter his ferry, the feline also needs to be able to turn in order to bury his stool. Another factor to consider is the height of the entrance, especially for kittens or older cats. They may have difficulty accessing their litter if it is too high.


You will find among the current models models with and without cover. Self-cleaning models often have a cover, but there are also exceptions. In order to find the ideal product for you and your feline, we will develop below these two types of litter boxes as well as their advantages and disadvantages:

With cover Without cover
Benefits This model is suitable for cats who appreciate privacy.

They keep bad smells better.

They avoid spilling the litter on the floor.

Some cats do not like to lose sight of their environment when they go to the bathroom. Cheaper.

They take up less space.

disadvantages They are more bulky.

Some more fearful felines may not appreciate being completely locked up.

They are more expensive.

They let odors spread more easily.

You will need to clean the bin more often and choose a scented litter to hide bad odors.


Litter Box Advice

A self-cleaning litter box will help keep your space cleaner and reduce unpleasant odors. In addition, if you accompany this tool with other practical accessories, cleaning will be even easier and efficient. In the table below, we present the tools to use with your litter and their functions. You will be able to decide if they meet your needs.

If you want Buy Why ?
Avoid finding waste on your floor carpet Place the carpet at the entrance of the litter box, so that your cat can clean its paws after each visit to the toilet area.

In addition, if your cat likes to stir the litter, it will end up on the carpet, not on your floors.

 Avoid bad smells Deodorizer for litter

Scented litter

Carbon filter

Deodorant products are designed to neutralize strong odors.

The scented litter will give a pleasant smell to your environment.

The activated carbon filters will absorb the molecules coming from the stools producing unpleasant odors.

That the stools do not remain stuck to the bin Hygienic bags Some models of self-cleaning litter boxes include a second container in which you place a hygienic bag to collect excrement and dirty litter. If this is not the case, you can choose to use a hygienic bag to avoid that the stool and urine remains get stuck to this part of the bin.
An ecological space Natural and biodegradable litter Litter boxes on the market are made from recycled materials and biodegradable litter. You can then throw it in the toilet, while respecting water and the environment.
Keep the litter box still Anti slip carpet Cats like to stir and turn when they bury their droppings, which can cause the tray to move. To avoid this, you can place a non-slip mat under the tray.

In summary

Litter Box Advice

Given that this is an extremely independent animal, having a cat at home will not require much effort on your part. Hygienic, it does not need to be washed, since it adores to make its own toilet and to lick its hairs thoroughly. In addition, these pets love to be entertained and play on their own. However, to make their lives more comfortable, they will need some essential tools, such as the litter box.

The self-cleaning litter box will make your life easier, will clean up the waste after each use of the tray while reducing unpleasant odors in your home. If you opt for a semi-automatic model, keep in mind that you will still have to activate the self-cleaning mechanism. Then simply empty the waste bag directly into the trash.

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