Best Shedding Brush For Pitbull

The Best Shedding Brush For Your Pitbull

Many pet owners are no strangers to the process of shedding Pitbulls. Regardless of their short coats, your dog will eventually shed dead hairs from its coat and replace them with new ones. During this time, a Pitbull shedding brush will be your most handy tool.

As a result, it’s critical that you understand the fundamentals of Pitbull coat care, especially when it comes to brushes. The glossy, smooth coat sheds only moderately, making it easier to maintain than longer coated dogs.

Pitbull shedding brushes come in a variety of forms and styles. Look for a delicate bristle brush to remove the fur that is building up gradually. It’s vital that the brush you use does not scratch too deeply into the dog’s skin.

How Much Do Pitbulls Shed?

It might be difficult to determine whether a Pitbull sheds or not at first sight. Their thin, sleek, and short coats make it unclear if they shed. However, the fact is that Pitbulls shed more than what you would expect.

A Pitbull, like every other dog breed, does shed. Don’t be fooled by the labels on some breeds touting to be hypoallergenic, which implies they don’t shed.

It’s a harsh reality supported by numerous studies that non-hypoallergenic and hypoallergenic dog breeds do not differ in allergen levels. As a result, Pitbulls are not unique in this regard. The degree of shedding is what varies most.

So, the exact answer is that Pitbulls shed, but not excessively. Because Pitbulls are single-coated dogs, their shedding is classified as moderate to minor. The majority of dog owners will agree that hair loss during the shedding season is at its peak.

The lack of contrasting surfaces to the dog fur is one of the reasons why pet owners fail to spot fur around the home. For example, if your bull is mostly black-coated, the hair will be more apparent on white carpets or clothes than on dark items. The opposite is also true.

The quantity of shed hair varies with the seasons. The amount of shedded hair should decrease or increase as the seasons change. A Pitbull typically sheds twice a year. Furthermore, shedding intensity increases as the dog gets older.

Is Your Pitbull Shedding Too Much: Know The Reasons

In most circumstances, the shedding in these dogs isn’t severe as long as it is due to seasonal climate changes. If the shedding is particularly persistent, it might be due to an unhealthy diet, poor grooming, or a past illness. If you see bunches of your Pitbull’s hair all around, it’s probably because your buddy is having a shedding issue. Inadequate brushing is one of the most common reasons for excessive shedding in dogs.

A wrong choice of Pitbull shampoo and a lack of care for the coat increase the likelihood of over-shedding. Also be on the lookout for fleas and ticks while brushing your Pitbull.

Ticks and fleas cause scaling and bald patches of fur on these dogs if left neglected. Worse, your dog has a chance of suffering from a number of pest-related illnesses like dog anemia. As a result, frequent grooming is an effective approach to minimize shedding.

A Pitbull shedding brush doesn’t cost much, but will be very helpful in the maintenance of your Bull’s coat. Brushing him more frequently will not only aid in the removal of dead hair and debris, but it will also decrease parasitic infections and bald patches.

Shedding Seasons of Pitbulls

Your Pitbull will shed more in certain seasons. During these times, keep your dog well-hydrated and brush his coat with a shedding brush on a daily basis to remove loose hair. Giving your Pitbull plenty of fresh water is an easy method to keep him or her well hydrated. A properly-hydrated pit bull will shed less fur than a dehydrated one. Also, make sure to comb his coat on a regular basis.

Stress or Anxiety

Just like humans, stress is a causative factor for hair fall. If your dog has separation anxiety or is kept in a cage for long periods of time, he might begin to lose excess hair. He will also shed more fur if he is tense. If you notice more than usual fur in your dog’s crate, it’s an indication that he was kept confined for a long time or is nervous. To alleviate your pet’s stress, you must exercise the dog and socialize him/her regularly.

Unhealthy/Change in Diet

Pitbulls may shed excessively after a significant alteration in their protein diet. To reduce the risk of excessive shedding as a result of a dietary change, gradually introduce your dog to a new food. Among Pitbull dogs, there will be less coat shedding if a gradual shift in diet is implemented. When you transition your dog to a new diet, such as from chicken-based to fish-based, you will observe hair loss before seeing a new lustrous short coat.

Tips to Reduce Shedding in Your Pitbull

Listed below are few tips which will help minimize shedding in your Pitbull dog breed:

Regular Brushing Using A Pitbull Brush

Brushing your Pitbull’s coat with a Pitbull brush spreads his skin’s natural oils throughout his fur, preventing excessive shedding. As they have short hair, a bristle brush is most suitable for them. A Pitbull brush will of course be the best choice. Choose a brush with round-tip bristles if you wish to give your beautiful dog a pleasant massage while grooming his coat.

Bathe Regularly

Bathing your dog on a regular basis helps to shed the loose fur in the bath tub rather than landing on your furniture and bed. Following the bath, blow dry your dog’s coat using a low-heat or cool setting blow dryer. This will further help the loose fur to fall off.

Use a Deshedding Tool

A rubber curry comb is an excellent deshedding tool for your Pitbull. You may use this type of comb before spring, when your pitbull’s winter coat is shed, and also before the Fall when the winter coat is growing back.

A Well-balanced Diet

Giving your pitbull a high-protein diet is also one of the most effective methods for reducing excessive shedding. Your dog requires a meat-based diet. Meat, in addition to other nutrients, has easy digestible elements that your dog will readily absorb, unlike a diet of grains or corn. Vitamin-rich diets should not be offered to your dog unless a professional veterinarian advises you to do so.

Which is The Best Pitbull Shedding Brush?

You must brush your dog frequently in order to be able to prevent him from shedding. One of the most effective methods to reduce shedding is to use the best and finest brush. Here’s a list of brushes we suggest if you have a Pitbull, but during heavy shedding periods, regular brushes will not be effective. During these periods, you’ll need special de-shedding tools designed specifically for removing dead hair. We will make your search easier for the best pitbull shedding brush available in the market. We shortlisted this one as the best option:

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs – Short Hair

For a variety of reasons, this deshedding tool is perfect for your pitbull:

  • The Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool is a high-performance grooming tool that has an ergonomic handle that comfortably fits in your palm and makes grooming easy. The grip is simple to grasp and hold on to.
  • This grooming tool has teeth that remove loose and dead fur without injuring your dog’s skin. The FURejector button makes it simple to remove extra hair as it gets collected. Simply push the FURejector button to discharge the collected fur once this gadget has removed the dead hair.
  • For a pleasant deshedding experience, the teeth are curved to match your dog’s natural build and form. The teeth are protected from causing harm or discomfort to your Pitbull’s skin by a skin guard on both sides, giving a painless and pleasurable deshedding experience.
  • This tool removes all of the dead and loose undercoat fur from your dog’s topcoat, leaving him or her wonderfully clean. Moreover, this really efficient brush comes at a very attractive price, making it affordable for all Pitbull owners. It is especially designed for short-coat dog breeds such as Pitbulls.

Final Thoughts

If you own a pitbull, buying a deshedding tool is well worth the investment. You want your dog’s fur to shed less and brushing his coat with a deshedding tool is one of the most effective methods for reducing hair shedding. You need not look any further when you have the FURminator deshedding tool (insert your link)

This amazing tool works most effectively to remove extra loose hair as a result of shedding. If you are wondering where to get your FURminator deshedding tool (insert your link) from? Well, you can simply order one from a trusted e-commerce website and get it delivered easily at your doorstep!

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