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SONGMICS 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree

This multi-level Songmix cat tree is really a cat meow! It is a multi-level playhouse that offers a lot of fun for you and your cat. There are 2 large apartments ideal for taking a nap, with three plush blankets and raised edges. So your feline friends can rest their heads while they keep an eye on the rest of the room. A slope covered by a tank allows you to go from one level to another with more pleasure.

It also features sisal-covered scrapers and a natural particle board construction that ensures the stability and solidity of the unit. The manufacturer also adds a 30 month warranty!

SONGMICS 69″ Multi Level Cat Tree With Feeder Bowl

It’s definitely an all-in-one kind of cat tree. If you start sharing your life with a cat, the SONGMICS 69 “Multi-level cat tree with feeding bowl” is all you need for a cat box. It is also suitable for kittens and cats.

SONGMICS 69" Multi Level Cat Tree With Feeder Bowl

It includes cisal-covered scratch posts, a swing, a basket, a plate and a feeding bowl. Made from high quality particleboard, this product is robust and solid. It is 68.5 inches tall and 36.2 inches long and 35.4 inches wide. So you’ll need some space to install it, but it’s worth it.

Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree


This particular piece has an interesting mix of elements called Vesper V-High Base cat tree. It is made of high quality MDF that has been produced from New Zealand pine. The design is strong and the construction is solid. The surfaces and cushions can be removed for cleaning or replacement. The edges and corners are rounded to make the tree safe and fun and to increase your cat’s playing time.

Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree

What I like most about this product is that it is easy to assemble and install. I don’t want a product that is really complex and very complicated to assemble. The dimensions of this product are 47.9 inches high with a base that measures 22.1 inches by 22.1 inches. As the manufacturer indicates, this piece is elegant, but practical.

CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Playplace Cat Hammocks Wall Tree

Apart from the fact that it is undeniably a Cat Playplace Deluxe with Hammock, what I like most about this product is the name of the manufacturer! If I had thought directly at the launch of this website, I would have tried to reproduce a kind of chat theme on words as a website domain. I would have preferred not to meet the right people for cattrophy.

CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Playplace Cat Hammocks Wall Tree

But what about Deluxe Playplace? It’s fantastic, to say the least. It has a scale, sisal, multiple levels and a fabric swing that can support up to 62 pounds. The solid wood construction makes it extremely stable and durable. It is 55 inches long by 52 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

Go Pet Club Huge 87.5″ Cat Tree Condo

If you thought we already caught the big guys, you’d be wrong. This 87.5 “cat house” from Go Pet is a monster, but it has to happen because of all the extra services. Your cat will never get bored spending time in this cat house in a cat tree.

Go Pet Club Huge 87.5" Cat Tree Condo

All the sticks are covered with natural scratch rope and everything is covered with fake rage for convenience. The material of the board is ironed, giving it strength and durability. Moreover, this huge, spacious unit is easy to install. It has an impressive length of 87.5 inches by 23.5 inches wide and 42 inches high.

CatHaven Cat Tree-Like Condo

Where your cat’s house is ahead of the others on this list, each hen house is adjustable and you can rotate and secure it in different positions. It also looks like it’s the only cat tree on my list in the top ten. A cat house weighs up to 32 pounds, so you know it’s sturdy.

CatHaven Cat Tree-Like Condo

Besides, I was able to perfectly assemble it in 17 minutes. The manual says it only takes 15 minutes, and I could achieve that if I had to keep my cat away from the incomplete product. The longest part of this five foot high playground has a square base in an artificial turret, with three different size rugs and plenty of room to climb, stretch or scratch a cat or kitten.

Merry Products Modern Folding Cat Tree

Who says you can’t fold a cat tree? I know it can’t, and that’s why it’s a modern folding cat tree from Mira Productions on my list. I’m sure the strange wishes of a cat owner can sometimes be bent.

Merry Products Modern Folding Cat Tree

This product is easy to fold and can be folded into a flat shape for storage or transport after manufacture. It is also a laminated wooden stand which is fully carpeted. Not only does this give your pet stability, but it also gives him plenty of room to scratch and rub.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model

Made of pressed wood and covered with fake wool, it is a cat tree that attracts attention being in the right place in our house. The Armarkat Cat Tree will support a total weight of 60 pounds so that 2 cats can share it whenever they want. It’s ivory in colour, which allows it to blend into any room’s decor and, as a bonus, it’s easy to assemble with simple instructions if you need to point something out. The overall dimensions are 3 inches in total, i.e. 31 inches wide by 31 inches wide.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model

New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower With 4 Perches

Built of solid wood and 4 perch, this large cat tower has a scratched unsold sister rope. Add to this a home-quality rug and a high-quality hanger for every special kitten or cat in your life. It’s big and strong enough to handle a house with a cat (like mine!) or for big cats.

New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower With 4 Perches

It’s easy to put together and your cat(s) will love it as soon as it’s pushed into the claw. This cat turret is between 20 and 24 inches wide and 65 inches high.

PawHut 9.5′ Floor to Ceiling Adjustable Cat Tree Tower

You think your cats are climbing walls? Well, with this cleverly reversible PawHut Cat Tree Tower ceiling floor, give your friends all the exercise they need. Made of steel pipes, polyester fabric and chipboard, this adjustable wall unit is sturdy and contains all the bases.

PawHut 9.5' Floor to Ceiling Adjustable Cat Tree Tower

You can adjust the tension from floor to ceiling, which keeps everything stable and in place, and the spring-loaded supports allow easy movement. It can be 30.25 inches wide at 12 inches deep and 114.75 inches high at 89 inches long. Assembly is simple, and all you need is packing.

How to use a cat tree

One of the cats’ favorite toys are scratching trees, which are special objects to keep them distracted and active inside the home. With this product, your pet will be able to climb, scratch, file his nails and rest as he would do outdoors. All this, due to the importance of your pet having a personalized place to attend to its needs. Therefore, we show you the advice you should take into account when using this article.

Select the place of installation

A very important factor to consider when installing the tree is where you will place it, since your pet will spend a lot of time playing on it. When scratching, your muscles and limbs stretch simultaneously, so the place should be spacious and quiet. It is recommended that it be placed near the cat’s resting area. Preferably close to the walls so that it has greater support.

Place it on a safe surface

Another essential aspect is that the surface on which you will install the tree is sufficiently firm and stable to support the weight of the item and the cat at the same time. Therefore, it is advisable to place the product on a carpet that will prevent it from moving from its place, ensuring the life of your pet. Keep it away from embossed surfaces such as steps.

It unites the bases

To start with the assembly of the device, start by joining the bases correctly. You can use screws or nuts, as needed, between the joints. Also, for a better fit, you can use a drill to put the pieces together.

Mount the horizontal platforms

Once the bases are attached, it is time to mount the horizontal platforms where the cat can rest or play. It is necessary to follow the instructions described in the product’s manual which will indicate step by step, including through illustrations, the proper way to position the parts between the mast. Also, use screws or nuts to secure them.

Test the silkiness of the fabric

All cat trees are covered with a special fabric that provides comfort to the animal. Make sure the fabric is soft, otherwise the cat will reject the product. Also, if the fabric is too rough, it can irritate your skin and nails. Generally, a soft, fluffy fabric, similar to that of your sleeping mattress, is recommended.

Get used to your cat


Teaching your cat to use the item can be a long and tedious process. Be patient and do some exercises with your pet. Get their attention by placing toys around the surface. Also, he carefully places his legs on the mast and tears his nails, as in this way his smell will be impregnated giving him the impression that this is his territory. On the other hand, rewarding you every time you use the product is a good option.

Clean it constantly

Because your pet will spend much of its time using the tree, you need to clean the object frequently to prevent the buildup of bacteria and the spread of unpleasant odors. With the help of a steam vacuum cleaner, it removes all the fur that has adhered to the fabric.

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