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Trees for cats are one of the favorite toys of our kittens, with which they will have all kinds of spaces where they can rest, climb, sharpen their nails and do whatever they want just as they would do in nature. The best thing is that, thanks to the wide range of products on the market, it is possible to find products that fit in almost anywhere or in any environment, so you can offer your pet what it needs and what you prefer. Among these models is the Songmics PCT86G tree, which has a space suitable for 3 or 4 cats weighing less than 7 kilos, including spaces to rest or play, such as the ball area at the top. A slightly smaller approach than the Dibea KB00403 model, which increases the available space to 2.4 metres high with a 60 cm wide by 45 cm deep base where you will find up to seven different levels and various spaces for your cats to have fun, rest or simply sharpen their claws when they need it.

Comparison table


The good stuff

The Bad



Second choice

The good stuff

It is one of the most classic models on the market, offering space for several cats and also has all kinds of elements for both rest and fun, in sizes that reach 2.6 meters, including an adjustment element for the ceiling.

The Bad

According to some users, it is possible that the textiles that cover the different elements of the tree may lose quality over time, in the form of small balls.


A wide and resistant product, with quality materials and different levels, so that your pet does not lack space to have fun.

Shopping guide – What is the best cat tree on the market?

Although your cat will probably be more interested in the box than its future tree at first, the truth is that if we take some trouble to properly evaluate the product and what it has to offer, it will be easier to match it to what our furry friends may need. The advice in our guide to buying the best cat tree will be useful to see what you can find and how to adapt it to your pets.

Tree structure

One of the aspects that make the difference between the models we find in any comparison of trees for cats is their structure. Something that depends, in part, on our available space, but also on what we want to set up. We have a wide variety of proposals on the market to suit all tastes and needs.

In general, a cat tree is a structure that offers different plants and elements in which your pet can move comfortably, jump or even enjoy the different objects included, so that the tree becomes his particular play area, usually having rest areas included for when he needs to take one of his frequent naps.

When it comes to choosing, it’s best to see what your pet needs. The more active you are, the more elements and spaces you need to move around. The same goes for the toys included, which will also help you to be more active. It is also advisable to check the measurements of the product, both in terms of base and height, to avoid buying a product that is larger than we can place at home.

Manufacturing materials

Considering how much one of these trees costs, especially if we are talking about the larger models, another element to consider is the materials used to manufacture the product, which, if they are of good quality, make it more resistant. A control process that should be carried out on all models, but especially if we talk about cheap models, since this is the aspect where they tend to falter.

Starting with the materials of the structure, these are usually wood in the more expensive models and high resistance cardboard in the more economical models, all of them with plastic elements that help the assembly. In this case, it is essential that both elements have the appropriate resistance, since they are the ones that will support both the weight of the structure and the movements of your pet.

Something similar happens with the resting supports, whether they are baskets, huts or other elements, which should also be strong to keep everything in place without any problem. The minimum desirable, in this case, is that they are at least made of chipboard.

On the other hand, we must also verify the quality of the product’s finish. These finishes consist of a textile material, generally soft to the touch, which covers the base and all other elements of the product. As for the bars, they are usually covered with strong sisal rope that serves as a scraper and is safe for the animal’s nails.

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All these materials must be resistant to rubbing and use, and should also be easy to clean, to keep the product in good hygienic conditions.

Mounting system

To conclude our advice, it is time to talk about the tree mounting system. A question in which materials and structure have a lot to say. When it comes to assembly, the more complex the product and its structure, the more complicated the assembly process will be.

However, you don’t have to worry because in general all parts are self-supporting and, at most, require some kind of wrench that in many models is included with the product. This is the case of the tubular structures that allow the different elements of the product to be seated, which usually only need to be screwed onto the base or onto the different elements to leave the tree properly assembled.

As for the rest of the elements, many of them also have threaded parts for their assembly, while in the case of toys it is usually only necessary to hook them to the structure in their proper position so that everything is properly assembled.

What is recommended, especially if the tree has a lot of use, is to take a look at the tree once it has been mounted to proceed with its tightening and correct adjustment. Something that helps to extend the life of the product.

The 4 Best Trees for Cats – Opinions 2020

When it comes to finding products to give our kittens a place to rest, having a cat tree is a highly recommended idea. A task in which the wide variety of existing offer makes it somewhat more complicated to find the best cat tree adapted to what you may need.

To solve the problem, we have carried out our market research, offering you our selection of some of the best cat trees of 2018, suitable for all pockets and spaces.

1. Songmics PCT86G Scraper Tree for Cats with Nests

Main advantage:

Its structure made with an MDF board and the thick columns give stability and consistency to this scraper, being suitable to support the weight of 3 or 4 jacks with weights under 7 kilograms, thanks to its solidity and robustness.

Main disadvantage:

One user noted that she misses some bells inside the balls that make them ring when the cat touches them, to get more attention.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is an exclusive place for your cat to have a cozy home to play, jump or take a nap, highly resistant and durable.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($73.99)

Main characteristics explained

Tree structure

The structure of this model has 4 levels in total, with different elements to play and rest. Its dimensions reach 154 cm high, the base plate measures 50 x 50 cm, the square hut is 35 x 30 x 25 cm and the upper nest measures 36 x 36 cm, and weighs approximately 16.9 kg, so it is the right size to take up a good space in your house.

In this sense, we highlight that this cat tree has a large platform, a wear-resistant sisal that serves the cat to sharpen its claws, as well as a set with hanging balls to distract your pet.

It also has a comfortable little house for the cat to play hide in without having to leave the tree and includes a special hammock so that it can take a nap in it.

Manufacturing materials

As for the materials used in the manufacture of this tree for cats, we would like to highlight that the board is made of MDF, as well as the rest stands, making it a highly resistant model that can withstand the weight of the structure and the movements of your feline.

All the materials together create a product with quality finishes, the base and the other spaces are covered with very soft textured flannel fabric. The supports and bars are covered with a strong sisal coating that serves as a scratching post for the cats and does not damage their claws.

This equipment is highly resistant to daily use and rubbing, and it is recommended to constantly clean the structure to keep the cat tree in a good state of hygiene and conservation.

Mounting system

With regard to the assembly system of this tree, we can point out that all the pieces of this structure come in a plastic bag to prevent loss and facilitate installation, which is simple and convenient.

When assembling, it is necessary to tighten the screws very well in order to provide stability to the structure. It is recommended that the scraper be placed in a corner or against a wall to prevent it from falling during the movements made by the jack. In addition, it is an ideal tree for 3 or 4 cats weighing less than 7 kilos.

As for the accessories, some elements are threaded parts and the toys just have to be hooked on the structure to be mounted properly. Remember to check frequently if the parts need any adjustment or if they need to be tightened, in order to extend the life of this scraper.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($73.99)

2. Draw KB00403 Cat Scraper Tree

If you have space for your pets and you want to give them the biggest model on the market, take a look at the Dibea KB00403 tree. A model of considerable proportions, measuring 60 cm wide by 45 cm deep at the base and with an adjustable height of 2.4 to 2.6 metres, which also allows it to be fitted to the ceiling if its height permits.

In this space we find different levels with all kinds of games, such as a hut, baskets, stairs or a tube, among others. We also find fun toys like balls and pendants, which are easier to have fun with.

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All this in a resistant model, with sisal bars of 8 cm diameter that give more stability to the product. Something that also makes the assembly process easier, so you don’t have to worry about anything to leave the tree properly assembled and safely seated.

Dibea has stood out in the market for its different furniture and home accessories, and even for its options for house pets, which is why some users recommend it as the best brand of trees for cats. For this reason, we have selected this model to tell you its pros and cons.


Space: This tree has two closed platforms so your cats can rest, as well as ladders and other open platforms.

Variety: It is available in seven different colour combinations of grey, black, brown, white and beige.

Materials: The tree is made of MDF wood, 8-centimetre diameter bars made of sisal and upholstered in plush fabric.


Instructions: Some users comment that the instructions are somewhat difficult to decipher, but after understanding them the assembly is quick.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($84.22)

3. Cat Tree Climber Sisal Toy

Finding cheap models inside cat trees is also possible, as we see in the cat scratching tree at Casa Gris. This scraper has a design on three different levels from the base.

On these levels there are three resting areas, such as the semi-closed tray on the left, the open tray on the right or the closed kennel which is almost at ground level, so that your cat has the peace of mind she needs when she wants it.

To give a little more fun to the design, the product has a fun mouse hanging from the highest tray, so that the animal is also entertained. The same goes for the ropes that cover the side bars, which you can use as a scraper to wear out your nails.

Because of its dimensions of 60 cm wide by 95 cm high and 40 cm deep, this option is considered by customers as the best tree for cats for 30 euros, besides having properties that make it a good investment, so we summarize them below, so you know if it is right for your cat pets.


Design: This tree has a simple design that incorporates a cave and three resting platforms, so your cats can play and rest.

Color: It is available in four colors that are black, gray, white and black. This way you will be able to buy the one that goes best with your home decoration.

Price: It is the cheapest tree on the list, however, it is made of top quality material to withstand your kittens’ games.


Size: Some users comment that the tree, especially its cave, is not suitable for adult cats, since it is too small for them.

Mouse: Other customers say that the string holding the mouse should be stronger, as some cats may pull it on the first day.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($50.99)

4. Todeco Tree Climber for Cats

The Todeco Beige tree is an interesting model for those who want to maintain an adequate balance between cost and product design. A fun model that, among other elements, offers your pet a large kennel, a hanging basket, an upper platform or stairs.

All of them have a quality upholstery, offering inside a resistant MDF structure and with elements of adequate resistance to support the movement of your pet. The same applies to the ropes that cover a large part of the bars.

And if we add to all these elements an interesting price, we are surely in front of a firm candidate to be the best tree for cats of quality price relation of this comparison.

If you are still looking for cheaper products for your cats to scratch without damaging their claws, you can take a look at this tree that stands out in the market for its modern and unique design, in addition to other properties we tell you about below.


Manufacturing: The tree is made of MDF wood, natural sisal fibre and velvet coating, all ecological.

Zones: Includes a staircase, a hut, a basket and two platforms, one of them at the top of the tree.

Accessories: In addition to the five different platforms, it includes a mouse and a rope for greater enjoyment.


Large cats: Several users comment that it is not suitable for cats over 3 kg, as the tree is a bit unstable.

Assembly: For some customers, assembly is complicated and instructions do not arrive complete.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($41.49)

Songmics PCT86G Scraper Tree for Cats with Nests

So that your pets have a space to rest and have fun, the model offers a wide range of levels. Specifically, it has a base area with a bag-shaped hammock for resting, accompanied by a hut in the central area and a lookout area at the top.

All this in a structure typical of a climbing tree for cats that in total has five different levels where three to four cats can play with a maximum weight of up to seven kilos.

As for their materials, the quality tubes maintain an adequate resistance, while the different structures have textile and rope coatings that offer a remarkable resistance to use and dirt. A spacious and highly durable model, which could well be the best cat tree of the moment.

There are many options on the market to pamper and care for your kittens, but many customers consider this to be the best cat tree at the moment because it has properties that make it stand out. Below, we describe its positive and negative aspects.

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Multifunction: This tree has a hiding place, a hammock and several platforms for the cats to play or take a nap. It also includes ropes and toys.

Resistance and stability: The structure is made of MDF and flannel type fabric, also, the ropes are made of resistant sisal.

Capacity: The tree is suitable for up to four cats weighing less than 7 kg each.

Assembly: This product includes all parts and an instruction manual in several languages, including Spanish.


Balls: Some users consider that their cats’ lack of interest in some toys included in the tree is because they don’t have a bell inside.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($73.99)

How to use a cat tree

One of the cats’ favorite toys are scratching trees, which are special objects to keep them distracted and active inside the home. With this product, your pet will be able to climb, scratch, file his nails and rest as he would do outdoors. All this, due to the importance of your pet having a personalized place to attend to its needs. Therefore, we show you the advice you should take into account when using this article.

Select the place of installation

A very important factor to consider when installing the tree is where you will place it, since your pet will spend a lot of time playing on it. When scratching, your muscles and limbs stretch simultaneously, so the place should be spacious and quiet. It is recommended that it be placed near the cat’s resting area. Preferably close to the walls so that it has greater support.

Place it on a safe surface

Another essential aspect is that the surface on which you will install the tree is sufficiently firm and stable to support the weight of the item and the cat at the same time. Therefore, it is advisable to place the product on a carpet that will prevent it from moving from its place, ensuring the life of your pet. Keep it away from embossed surfaces such as steps.

It unites the bases

To start with the assembly of the device, start by joining the bases correctly. You can use screws or nuts, as needed, between the joints. Also, for a better fit, you can use a drill to put the pieces together.

Mount the horizontal platforms

Once the bases are attached, it is time to mount the horizontal platforms where the cat can rest or play. It is necessary to follow the instructions described in the product’s manual which will indicate step by step, including through illustrations, the proper way to position the parts between the mast. Also, use screws or nuts to secure them.

Test the silkiness of the fabric

All cat trees are covered with a special fabric that provides comfort to the animal. Make sure the fabric is soft, otherwise the cat will reject the product. Also, if the fabric is too rough, it can irritate your skin and nails. Generally, a soft, fluffy fabric, similar to that of your sleeping mattress, is recommended.

Get used to your cat

Teaching your cat to use the item can be a long and tedious process. Be patient and do some exercises with your pet. Get their attention by placing toys around the surface. Also, he carefully places his legs on the mast and tears his nails, as in this way his smell will be impregnated giving him the impression that this is his territory. On the other hand, rewarding you every time you use the product is a good option.

Clean it constantly

Because your pet will spend much of its time using the tree, you need to clean the object frequently to prevent the buildup of bacteria and the spread of unpleasant odors. With the help of a steam vacuum cleaner, it removes all the fur that has adhered to the fabric.

“Review the information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

PanCasa CT501S-GREY1

If you are still in doubt about which is the best cat tree you can find, the PanaCasa CT501S-GREY1 model would be another option to evaluate.

This model offers you a design in four different levels, with which your furry friends will move comfortably along its entire surface, where they will find spaces to climb, such as ramps to access the different floors or booths in the lower and middle part where they can rest.

The same thing they can do in the three baskets in the upper area, where they will feel like watchers, attentive to everything that is happening. A product with a height of 1.8 meters and a base of 55 cm, upholstered with high quality textile material that does not deteriorate with use.

If you still don’t know which cat tree to buy, we recommend this model from PanaCasa that gives your cats a chance to have fun, rest and take care of themselves. Here are its pros and cons.


Surface: With a surface of four levels, this tree has different spaces, including three rest platforms, two caves and two stairs.

Dimensions: Its dimensions of 55 cm width and length at the base, do not take up much space, so you can place it in your home without any inconvenience.

Quality: It is made of natural sisal rope, E1 flake wood and upholstered in soft plush.


Weight: This model has a weight of 17 kilograms, so it could be heavy to move it when doing the cleaning in your house.

Caves: The two caves incorporated in this tree can be small for large cats. However, they have other spaces to rest.





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