The best underpads for dogs

There can be many circumstances in which your beloved “dog” could “pee” at home. And, no matter how much love you have for it, you are not excited that your wooden floor can rise or the smell that urine can leave in your house. But there are times when it is inevitable that this can happen. Not everything is going to be joy and happiness with these wonderful pets.

The good news is that the market for dogs is huge. And that a widely used solution has already been created for when your pet cannot go out to urinate or does not have the ability to hold on. These are the soaps that will protect your floor from unnecessary wetting and also retain the smell. In this guide we will help you learn how they work.

  • Puppies cannot go outside until they have their recommended vaccinations. And the elderly or dogs with any ailment cannot either. And in these cases you need soakers so that they can relieve themselves at home without dirtying your floor or leaving bad smells.
  • Soakers are not for you to go on a weekend or vacation and leave your pet alone with a place to urinate or defecate. When a dog is left alone, it feels very sad and abandoned, according to experts in animal behavior.
  • When you go to buy a pad for your pet, you will find a wide variety of materials and sizes, and you can choose between single-use or washable pads. Do not miss the purchase criteria that exist to get the product that you most need.

The best underpads for dogs on the market: our recommendations

Of any product that you are going to buy for a dog, you will probably find a wide variety in the market. So we want to give you a hand and make the buying process easier with this list of the five most popular products on the market among customers with a detailed description. This way, you can get an idea of ​​what other people like.

  • The most functional underpads for dogs
  • The best underpads for small dogs
  • The best reusable pads for dogs
  • The best underpads for large dogs
  • The most absorbent dog pads

The most functional underpads for dogs

This pack of underpads protects floors and carpets from odors by being absorbent and waterproof. They have a gel that prevents moisture from escaping. There are 105 units that measure 60 x 60 centimeters each.

And users say that it can last for several uses and that they usually leave the same soaker available for two to three days without odors.

hairy dog sticking tongue out

The best underpads for small dogs

This product contains 100 pads, each measuring 56 x 56 cm. Its core is absorbent and turns the liquid into a gel on first contact, in addition to having an anti-leakage material with a plastic coating to avoid damaging the floor.

They are intended only for puppies and small dogs, although the same brand offers options for large dogs.

The best reusable pads for dogs

This pad is not disposable, but can be washed and kept in use. It measures 90 x 160 cm and its base is non-slip. The top layer is made of water-absorbent material, which can absorb urine quickly in 2 minutes.

The middle part is cotton and velvet. Manufacturers promise that it will not sink to the ground. It is machine washable and reusable.

The best underpads for large dogs

These soakers come in a box of 50, carry charcoal, which helps control odor, and are disposable. It has a large size, specifically 71.1 x 86.3 cm to be able to use one for a longer time.

It has five layers to prevent urine from getting on the floor. The liquid turns to gel in the core of the soaker and the base lining is plastic.

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The most absorbent dog pads

These soakers have six absorbent layers and turn liquid into gel. One wipe can absorb up to 1,200 milliliters without odor. They come with sticky stickers on the bottom to prevent the soaker from slipping.

Each measures 60 x 60 centimeters and comes 50 in the package. Its central layer contains natural cellulose that improves absorption.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Underpants

There are many reasons why you may have to resort to the use of underpads. And your dog may be urinating at home and you don’t really know why. Therefore, our mission in the following lines will be to clarify the most important doubts you may have. Both about these particular products and about the habits of your beloved puppy.

What are dog underpads?

Dog pads are fabrics, which can be washable and reusable, or disposable, and which are placed on the floor so that a dog can urinate on this object without dirtying the house. In addition, the vast majority are created to retain the smell. They are sanitary products and seek to protect the surface on which your dog could urinate from moisture.

What types of dog need underpads or for what reasons?

The vast majority of dogs will relieve themselves outside the home and it is really easy to educate these animals to hold out until then and not pee on the floor. But there are different times in a dog’s life when he will need these underpads for various reasons. In the following list you will see when it will be most needed:

  • When your dog is a puppy. If a dog comes home as a baby, remember that you cannot take him out for a walk until he has all his vaccinations. And, therefore, you will have no choice but to relieve yourself at home.
  • An elderly dog. Some animals reach an age that, like adults, begin to have great mobility problems. In that case, don’t put him through the torture of going out for a walk. Put on a soaker and make life easier.
  • A recently operated dog. If your dog has had to go through a complicated surgery and has limited mobility, he will not be able to go out, so he will need a pad to do his things at home.
  • When you spend many hours away from home. If you have to spend many hours away from home, it would be best to find someone to take your dog out because these animals need to walk, play and socialize. But, if for some reason it can’t be, put a soaker on it. For a dog, as for humans, it is torture to endure the “pee” or “poop” for many hours.
  • During the delivery of a bitch. The soaker can absorb blood from the placenta and the mucus in which the puppy is wrapped.

black puppy

How do I train my dog ​​to urinate in his pads?

Canine education experts recommend that you help your puppy become familiar with the towel by placing it on it several times a day. At first, he probably won’t understand your insistence that he put his paws on that cloth, but when he finally does his business there, reward him with love and a treat. You will know that when you do that it is a good thing.

If, on the other hand, he does not find out the first time and insists on urinating outside, as soon as you see him, take the puppy to his soaker. And remember that education that works with animals is positive. So, don’t scold him. Just reward him again when he uses his soaker. For best results, initially do this practice in a small room.

In addition to padding for dogs, are there other products for my pet to urinate at home?

Soakers are the cleanest and most hygienic way to control odor and dirt that your dog’s urine can leave behind. But on the market there is a huge variety of products created for “man’s best friend.” For example, natural grass in boxes or on the mat. The grass absorbs liquid and also odors, and it has become very fashionable.

How do I train my dog ​​to relieve himself in the street after using the pad in his first months?

Dogs are very intelligent animals. Although in its first months of life it has had to use the soaker to relieve itself, it will not be difficult for you to understand that you should do them in the street, when you start to take it out. Around three months of age, the puppy has already received the necessary vaccinations and it is the perfect time to start going for a walk.

Your dog will smell other people’s urine. And when he urinates or defecates on long walks, give him a treat. Of course, remember that you should do it next to trees or bushes if possible, so reward it with more intensity in those cases. If he does it where he shouldn’t, don’t scold him, just don’t pay much attention to him. Avoid associating urine with the end of the walk.

Can I use dog pads to go on vacation without my pet?

When you are going to spend days away from home, you should take your pet or find someone who can and wants to take care of it. Leaving an animal alone for days, even if they are few and you leave toys handy, can be very painful and distressing for an animal. Dogs are social animals and they want the company of humans, who are their friends.

In addition, they feel sad when the people they live with leave, even for a few hours, as studies carried out by experts in animal behavior have proven. When it comes to adopting a “dog” in our life, we already know that we will have to change habits. But their great love and company will be worth it.

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Purchase criteria

When you go to buy underpads for your dog you have to inform yourself so that your purchase is what you need. And we are going to give you some important criteria that you can follow and that will be very useful to you. If anything, even something as simple as a soaker has a wide variety of options to choose from! The most important criteria you should look at are:

  • Absorption
  • Material
  • Size
  • Single use or reusable
  • Accessories


One of the most important criteria, since if we place soakers in our home is so that the liquids do not spoil the floor of the house and so that they do not leave odors. To know the level of absorption you have to look at how many layers the soaker has and what its lower layer is like, the one that is in contact with the ground. To do this, you need to look at what materials it integrates.

In general, the underpads stand out with a highly absorbent top layer, a middle zone capable of turning the liquid into a gel so that the urine is compacted and a plastic base that prevents all this from passing to the ground. Also, you should look at how many liters it has the capacity to hold. Products usually indicate it. This way, you will know how many days you can use the same soaker.


The material will greatly condition that the soaker fulfills its function of keeping your floor dry and also that there are no odors caused by your pet’s waste. Additionally, the material will also lead to a soaker being washable and reusable or having to be thrown away and a new one used. The most common materials that make up these products are:

  • Cotton: very common for the upper part due to its level of absorption, to prevent urine from remaining on the surface.
  • Waterproof plastic: optimal for the base to prevent debris from passing through and reaching the ground.
  • Charcoal: some soakers use it to trap and neutralize the odor.
  • Velvet: can be used in washable and reusable pads to prevent urine from seeping through.
  • Cellulose: a very absorbent material and very common also in diapers.

cute puppy looking at the camera


In this criterion you should look at the size of your pet, that of your house and how many days you are willing to leave the same soaker on the floor. If it is very large, you can give it more days of use, but there is also a risk that it could smell at some point. And, as with any product, an elderly German Shepherd is not the same as a baby Chihuahua to choose the size.

dog urinating

Single use or reusable

We find underpads on the market that must be thrown away after two or three days of use or we have the option of buying ones that can be machine washed every few days and continue to be used. Similar to what happens with baby diapers. We have made a table for you so that you can better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Single use Washable and reusable
Advantage They tend to be more efficient in neutralizing odor.

They give less work: When it is dirty, it is thrown away and a new one is put in.

Very respectful with the environment.

Very nice designs and colors to choose from.

In the long run, they represent savings.

Drawbacks They pollute: They use materials such as cellulose, which is obtained from trees and, when thrown away, they cannot be recycled, as they are composed of a variety of different materials.

If you have to use them for a long time, they cost more in the long run.

They give more work. You have to keep your cleaning on point.

In principle, the investment is higher. The common thing is to buy two to have a spare when one is washing. If you must use it for a long time, then it is a savings.


Many soakers contain an adhesive on the base so that the soaker cannot move out of place. Another common complement is to add a box under the soaker to make sure it never gets wet. There are those who include pheromones on the soaker that will make a puppy’s instinct understand, during its education, that this is where it should urinate.


Underpants are necessary for certain circumstances and vital moments of a dog. They make life easier for both our pets and the people they live with. There are times when a dog cannot leave the house to relieve himself and it is not to anyone’s liking to urinate on the floor of your home. The good thing is that there are many options to choose from.

Even if you are an environmentalist and you are looking to use few objects in your life, you have soaps made for you. Just remember that these accessories are not for you to go away from home for a few days and leave your pet with a place to urinate and defecate. If you are going to go, take him with you or find someone who will give him company in your absence.

Divyesh Patel