Broccoli for Cats: Can Cats Eat Broccoli? Is it Good For Cats?

can cats eat broccoli

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As we know a cat is carnivorous , and therefore it would not cross our minds to feed it vegetables.

Well, if we think about it, dogs are also carnivores and eat almost everything. Because of this, a cat shouldn’t have a problem with one or two pieces of broccoli, purely by logic. Or if?

Want to find out if you can add your cat to your broccoli-based diet? You have come to the right place.

Can cats eat broccoli?

By proxy, they can eat whatever. Another thing is that they feel good or want to eat it.

As a carnivore, the cat needs to consume largely animal protein. Broccoli is not meat but vegetables, so we are already misled.

can cats eat broccoli

However, just as herbivores can eat meat in times of need, all carnivores can eat vegetables. It is all about how the digestive system is prepared, but above all, we talk about quantities for which they are prepared to digest normally.

A cat should eat no more fruit and vegetables than meat. Never. They should not exceed 10-15% of your daily consumption. The rest of that% must be composed mostly of meat.

If you give your cat too much broccoli, the next time you see him running down the hall, you may hear some very suspicious noises coming out of his butt.

Can a cat go vegan?

All that said, broccoli is not harmful to cats. If not, instead, to the contrary, and we detail below its benefits.

Advantages of eating broccoli in cats

Broccoli is characterized by being an antioxidant pump and being a great weapon to prevent health problems as worrying as cancer.

Broccoli contains a large amount of vitamins A and B

The fact that a cat eats broccoli helps it fight the reproduction of any tumor in its body while also reducing its cholesterol levels, especially when steamed (something we also recommend).

Also, broccoli contains a lot of fiber, which will help your cat with constipation or diarrhea problems. However, do not abuse. Use it as a supplement to any medication you may be giving him. As we already said above, a cat should eat this type of food in its proper measure.

broccoli for catsSome vets sometimes also talk about broccoli having the property of causing vomiting when your cat is unwell and needs to do so. Do not worry if your cat vomits because if it does it, it is required to purge itself.

In any case, cats are much more selective about food than dogs. A cat will not eat broccoli if it does not believe that it needs it. There are many cases in which cats are seen to eat something that they apparently should not (such as grass from our garden), but that by experience or instinct, they know that they have to eat to recover.

How to feed my cat broccoli?

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At this point, I’m sure you’re dying to give your furry a little broccoli.

There are many ways to give this beneficial vegetable. For example, there is the option of searching for this ingredient in pre-made products for the most comfortable people.

Another option, much healthier and more natural, is to give the cat broccoli directly. However, we must avoid giving it raw since cats that are not used to it will be much more difficult to digest.

In any case, broccoli should be cleaned and then steam boiled to increase its properties, and when we are going to give it to a cat, do not add flavors or other ingredients. In any case, if we want to do it for ourselves, let’s first separate the portion that will be for the cat, and in ours, we put what we want.

If your cat has a hard time believing that what you are giving him suits him, you can always try mixing it with food that he likes a lot. There are very capricious cats with food, and it may not be easy, but if the cat knows that it needs it, it will end up consuming it.

A good tip is to accompany the cheese or carrot broccoli (yes, cats usually like carrots). You can even try making a porridge that generally tastes good. Thus, your cat will not guess what is inside. I know, it’s like feeding a little boy.

Other ways to consume the properties of broccoli

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Suppose your cat has any health problem that we mentioned initially, and there is no way to eat all the inventions that we have said. In that case, you can always resort to vitamin supplements prepared for pets, which have the same vitamins and antioxidants as vegetables.

Although as we already said, it is always better for the animal to consume the product naturally. But you know, these little furry four-legged princes will not always be ready to eat the vegetables.

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