Can Cats Eat Watermelon? – Can Cats Eat watermelon without any problem?

cat eating watermelon

Can cats eat watermelon?

Watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit and is perfect for recovering all the water we lose during those hot days. But can cats eat watermelon? Can they also enjoy this summer delicacy?

cat eating watermelon

Is it advisable to give watermelon to cats?

Well the answer is yes, cats can eat watermelon without any problem. There are some very simple precautions to keep in mind so that your cat’s health is not affected.

If we speak from a nutritional point of view, we can say that watermelon contains vitamins A and C and both in significant amounts. Watermelon also has essential minerals, potassium and magnesium. All these nutrients are essential to have a balanced diet and keep your cat healthy. But if your cat suffers from diabetes, you should know that it is not advisable to give it watermelon because of the natural sugar it has integrated.

Keep in mind that cats are carnivorous animals and as such their diet must be based on meat so do not think that you can feed a cat with watermelon or any other fruit. You can complement a diet with fruits but not sustain it.

The cat and the watermelon

The flavor of the watermelon is rather sweet and that makes people like it very much. But it is said that cats cannot appreciate the sweet nuances of food, which is typical of carnivores, so watermelon may not be very successful with your cat.

The pulp of the watermelon is a safe food for your cat . However, neither the seeds it contains nor the bark are. You have to remove everything before giving a piece to the animal because both the bark and the seeds are not food that the cat can digest and therefore accumulate in its stomach. If this accumulation is large it can lead to serious gastrointestinal problems.

The seeds have a percentage of cyanide and this is very dangerous for cats. As we mentioned before, you cannot undo them in your stomach. Also, if your cat breaks one of these nuggets when biting, it will release cyanide and could cause intoxication …

Always in moderation

It happens with watermelon but with any other food it can also happen, and that is that in excess is the problem. Cats can eat watermelon but always limiting the amount because if you give them a lot of this fruit, the consequences for their health are dire and will be visible over time and when you want to act the problem could have already grown more than you think.

A few pieces a day is more than enough and will provide you with the minerals and vitamins you need in just the right amount.

If you have any questions about how to feed your cat, or the specific amounts for your feline in question, always consult a veterinary specialist who can give you personalized advice for your case and explain how the fruit works in your cat’s body.

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How to feed a cat watermelon?

This is a simple process , you will see that cats love fruit not for its sweetness, but for its freshness in summer, especially when we talk about watermelon.

Cats Eat Watermelon

To give him your portion of watermelon you must follow some very easy steps:

  1. Cut the piece of watermelon that you are going to give it, we recommend that it be a medium size pulling small, and remove both the rind and all the seeds.
  2. Cut the piece into smaller pieces and place them on your usual food plate.
  3. Stay close while eating the watermelon in case it chokes, especially if it is the first time you eat it. It is a very soft fruit and due to the large amount of water it contains, it is very easy to chew. But if a cat has never eaten watermelon, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on it while doing so.

Possible allergies cats can have to food

As with people, cats can also be allergic to what type of food. Check your feces and urine days after eating the watermelon to see if something is wrong. It is best to start by giving it a small amount of watermelon and once you are sure that there is no problem, you gradually increase the amount.

If you see that the urine of the cat changes color drastically or if you see that it begins to make poop rather soft, immediately remove the watermelon from your diet since it will surely be this food that is causing these intestinal problems.

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