Can a dog eat raw meat? Yes, but in Ideal Proportions

dog eating food

Can a dog eat raw meat? Yes, but in Ideal Proportions

Dogs are carnivorous animals, descendants of the wolf, which makes us question the nature of their diet. Many people have wondered if I can give raw meat to my dog, and what happens if my dog ​​eats raw meat. In the following article we will see in detail the pros and cons of the diet based on raw meat for dogs. Keep reading!

Raw meat diet for dogs

Considering that years ago dogs received a random diet in which there was not so much concern about their diet and nothing was heard about dry food or feed,  raw meat frequently entered into their daily ration .

Regarding the question of whether I can give my dog ​​raw meat, the answer is yes. The digestive tract of dogs is designed and prepared to digest raw meat like their cousins ​​the wolves do. They have a short intestine, so  food spends little time in the digestive system and prevents putrefaction , as well as very powerful gastric enzymes and a highly acidic secretion of juices. Therefore, the raw dog meat diet is possible, but is it ideal?

dog eating food

Is it wrong to give raw meat to dogs?

The drawbacks of raw dog meat can be many, which we should be aware of before making any decisions. It may be that our desire is to feed our dog in a “natural” way, but  this does not mean that it is the most recommended. Carefully read the points in the following list to find out why it is wrong to give raw meat to dogs:

1. It is not a balanced diet

Raw meat is a very powerful protein source, but it lacks many other beneficial nutrients for dogs. I  can give my dog ​​raw meat if I accompany him  with fruits, vegetables and / or cereals to complete his feeding.

2. Transmission of diseases

Just like for people,  raw meat can be a focus of infection and transmission of  bacterial and viral diseases . For this reason, we are recommended to cook the meat and thus eliminate any pathogen that may be present.

3. Cooked meat

Following the previous section, we can think that cooking meat for our dog is the solution to the transmission of diseases. This is true, but we must  cook without salt or any type of spice, in addition to removing the bones since when they are cooked they tend to splinter and we can create a serious problem.

4. Bones

If the piece of meat also contains bones, we recommend that you remove them. Whether they are cooked or not,  they are always a risk of suffering tears or obstructions  in the digestive tract.

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Is it good to give raw meat to dogs?

Once we know the drawbacks, it is easier to know what benefits can be obtained from raw meat. Dogs can eat raw meat without any problem, they are prepared for it. They are able to tear muscle fibers with their teeth and easily digest them in the digestive, so we wonder if it is good to give raw meat to dogs. The answer to this question is “yes” but with conditions . Therefore, it is essential that you carefully read the following list:

1. Balanced diet

Do not base your diet only on raw meat, accompany it with fruit, vegetables and cereals. If your dog does not suffer any pathology and is a healthy animal, meat (or protein source) can occupy 70% of the ration, while the other 30% will be fiber and carbohydrates, mainly (in addition to vitamins and minerals that contain the other products).

2. Quality meat

Choose safe and quality meat  to avoid intestinal disorders and diseases. They can eat meat from any animal (poultry, rabbit, beef, horse, game, etc.). What  should concern us is whether this meat has a known and safe origin  (with health quality certificates), and choose whether it is more or less fat, to avoid being overweight in our dog.

3. Bones

As we mentioned earlier, we recommend that you do not give your dog bones to avoid any danger, but if you still want to risk it, at least they are raw,  never cooked because they have a high probability of splintering. 

4. Cut the meat

Although dogs are capable of tearing meat steaks, if they eat very anxiously they can choke, so  if you chop the meat you avoid any future problems.

5. Cartilage

If the pieces of meat are accompanied by cartilage, they will be a very beneficial source of collagen and, therefore, a natural chondroprotector.

6. Freeze the meat

Before giving your dog raw meat, it must have been frozen for at least 48 hours to  kill or inactivate any pathogens that may be present. At the same time, when you go to give it to him, remember that it must be totally defrosted.

Now you know what happens if my dog ​​eats raw meat, and it  is that your dog may enjoy the benefits of meat  if we take into account some conditions. We know that we will be exposing it to a possible problem, since it is a “bacteriologically alive” food that requires strict hygienic measures.

Even so, I can give my dog ​​raw meat if I make sure that it is safe for him and that in  addition to meat he will receive other foods  so that he receives a complete and balanced diet. The most important thing is that you enjoy a healthy and happy life!

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