Can my cat eat Maria cookies?

What happens if my pussy eats a cookie? Can my cat eat Maria cookies or are they bad for her health? We answer this and other questions 

The power jack is essential to keep your health in good condition. Therefore; You always have to provide quality food and cans , appropriate to their size, weight and breed. This premise does not exempt, however, from giving -from time to time- a treat to your kitten in the form of human food. 

Before giving your cat any type of food intended for humans, you must make sure that its intake will not endanger its health. Here we show you the list of prohibited foods for felines, but consult your veterinarian if you have the slightest doubt.

Can my cat eat Maria cookies?

The answer to this question, following the instructions of the veterinarian  José Javier González, from the Veterinary Clinic Vet & Vet , is negative because this sweet contains harmful ingredients for your cat such as sugar. But not only that. 

Maria cookies are composed of sugars, iodized salt, milk, corn syrup or vegetable fat, among others. 

Maria cookies are made up of 25 ingredients, some of them harmful to cats 👇

If we break down some of the components of Maria cookies, we see that they are not suitable for our cats:

  • Sugar:  this food can cause vomiting in cats since it is very harmful to their body because they do not digest it well. 
  • Salt:  an enemy for felines since they can cause kidney problems. 
  • Milk:  a very harmful ingredient for cats as they are lactose intolerant . Felines, according to the veterinarian consulted, should only drink milk during the lactation period.
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If you want to give your cat a treat, bet on a more natural and less harmful food, such as pieces of watermelon . 🍉👇

Can Cats Eat Cookies?

In line with the aforementioned and contrasted with the aforementioned veterinarian who shared with us the list of prohibited foods for cats (those that can put their health at risk), sweets (cakes, cookies, cakes …) appear in her. 

It is best to prevent our cat from having access to cookies . It should be noted that cats do not taste like people and sweet, according to the doctor of the Vet & Vet clinic, is a taste they do not enjoy and is also detrimental to their metabolism. 

“Let’s avoid chocolate, cakes and cookies as they can cause vomiting , liver failure , loss of coordination and lethargy ,” says the veterinarian.


Divyesh Patel