Cardboard Boxes For Cats And 100% Natural Food: The Best Of The Best For Cats

More and more people are opting for a natural diet for their cat. It provides different benefits for your health and that combined with a cardboard box translates into: healthy cat and happy cat! In this article we guide you to find the best natural food for your feline. 

Cardboard boxes for cats and natural food: the best combination for a happy cat

Cats have a very demanding palate. Natural food is much tastier and full of nutrients , which will make your cat healthier than ever. With his inner health so strengthened and cared for, your cat will be able to use that energy to play with his beloved cardboard boxes. Do you know why they like it so much?

Why Cats Love Cardboard Boxes

  1. Inside the box a cat feels that they cannot attack him. It is an ideal hiding place when you do not want to be disturbed.
  2. If something interesting happens in front of that shelter, like a toy or prey (another brother cat or his human, for example), the box allows him to jump out to find his target and then quickly return to that hiding protection.
  3. Cardboard boxes at home make the cat lower the levels of corticosteroids related to anxiety , improve its quality of life.
  4. Conclution? Give your cat a cardboard box and he will be happy (and if not, ask those who made a whole cardboard city in their living room 🐱🐱🐱).  

 Schesir, a creative and quality solution to save time

I don’t have time to do it myself! It is understandable that it is more comfortable due to the madness of the day to day to give your cat his ration of food that he eats so richly. But if you are looking for a true quality brand, Schesir is the best option: more than 200 references of wet foods, tuna and chicken based on very tasty ingredients.

Schesir’s natural foods are prepared with 100% natural ingredients, steamed and processed by hand to maintain all the nutrients found in the raw materials. They do not contain colorants or preservatives. In addition, all Schesir products are 100% cruelty free.

At Schesir they carefully select the best parts of the meat and fish. All the manufacturing characteristics are detailed on the packaging, for example, in the 12 x 85 gram wet bags .

Schesir knows … Cats love boxes!

Schesir proposes the usual quality in multipack FSC cardboard containers that can be reused as a comfortable shed with an exclusive design. It is beautiful and ecological, in addition to coming free with the food Yes! In this life (almost) everything has a solution and it will be due to inventions.

The multipack is not thrown away and becomes a beautiful house for your cat. Your cat will love his new box, with an original decoration that will look great in any part of the house and a creative recycling in favor of the environment. Take a look at this video to see what it looks like. Schesir gives you the opportunity to download a discount coupon from their website.

 We recommend Schesir’s Natural Food

The Schesir brand is known for guaranteeing the highest quality in food for cats and dogs. They do not use preservatives or colorings, only the best parts of meat and fish to preserve the integrity of the nutrients. Thus, they also achieve better digestion in animals, without forgetting the enjoyment of the palate.

Schesir advocates quality food because he believes that the best healthy and tasty nutrition comes from nature . If humans take care of part of our health with healthy food, why not do the same with your cat?

The brand has a line of wet and dry food , of optimal quality for cats and dogs. Additionally, Schesir is committed to planet earth. From recipes made from sustainable ingredients to the use of recyclable packaging.

And Remember: 

  1. The best medicine is preventive.
  2. Take care of your cat on the inside and it will be healthy on the outside. 
  3. Food is a fundamental factor in their hope and quality of life.

Divyesh Patel