Care and education for a water dog puppy

Among the multiple breeds of dog that we normally talk about, we find one of our favorites due to its character, sociability and adaptation to different environments, we undoubtedly speak of the Spanish water dog puppy.

From, we are going to review what care these little ones need and what type of education is the most recommended for this breed. In just a few minutes, you will be an expert in water dogs.

What care does a water dog puppy need?

Although it may seem strange to us since at first glance it does not seem like it, the Spanish water dog breed is very athletic and hides a muscular body behind its immense layer of curly hair.

So we must not make the mistake of thinking that it is a breed of carpet dog that will not need to take long walks or exercise, since precisely this breed needs to release energy to feel happy.

However, puppies do not need to take long walks because they are still developing, but we do have to take them out for a daily walk once they have their mandatory vaccinations, so they can play with other dogs.

The best way for a puppy to release excess energy and exercise is precisely by letting him play with other dogs or puppies. In addition, he will socialize avoiding behavior problems in the future.

Let’s see in steps, what else does a water dog puppy need to feel happy.

Food for the water dog breed

During the first year of life this breed will develop its athletic body, so it is necessary to feed them with a special feed for puppies of medium breeds that contains high quality protein.

Try to find feed that has a high percentage of hydrolyzed meat and a low amount of cereals, if possible, that the only cereal is rice since it is ideal for its slow release of energy.

Basic care for a water puppy

It is not a breed that presents great needs at the veterinary level, however it will be necessary to give it all the mandatory vaccinations so that it enjoys good health. Also, because this breed tends to develop dysplasia in adulthood, it would be great to apply chondroprotective treatments often.

We must take special care with their hair, as it is long and curly, it will be necessary to brush it daily with a specific brush for this type of hair. Likewise, it will be necessary to have it prevented against parasites.

The best option for this breed, due to its large coat, is to use chewable flea and tick protectors (your vet will provide them).

Water dog puppies are very prone to dive head first into any puddle, river, lake or beach they find…. because they simply love water. If it is cold, remember to dry them thoroughly to prevent them from catching a cold (kennel cough).

For the rest, they will only need a lot of love and pampering, since it is an extremely affectionate breed that gets along great with both children and adults. It is very familiar, do not make the mistake of leaving it outside the home, they need constant human contact.

Important: If you have a pool at home, remember to put a simple access so that the dogs can get out of it. Since they will surely try to take a bath often.

How to properly train a puppy of the water dog breed

Water dogs are very affectionate and familiar so you will rarely have conflicts with them if you socialize them correctly. However, they are a bit disobedient and stubborn if they find somewhere with water to bathe on their way, because there is nothing better for them than taking a good dip.

puppy running

That is why the best we can do is teach them from puppies to strictly comply with the basic orders of “here” (go to the call) and “sit down.” With these two orders, as long as you fulfill them well, we will avoid many unwanted dips.

Remember that they must comply with the order even if there is something that provokes them, such as food, another dog to play with or to bark at, a large pool to submerge in, etc…. In our training section you will find all the necessary information to educate them correctly.


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