Carrier For Your Cat: 5 Tips To Buy The Best

If you have in mind traveling with your pet; do not forget that you need the best carrier for your cat. This object is key so that the feline is comfortable during the trip while you are calm. These tips will help you make the right decision.

If you are one of those people who love to travel with your cat; Choosing the most practical carrier for your feline is key. For this reason, we give you the advice so that you can choose the best cat carrier in order for your pet to accompany you in the most comfortable way possible.

We want to show you all the alternatives to transport the kitten without problems, either in the car, on the plane or in any other means of transport.

How to travel by plane with my cat

Tips for buying the best cat carrier

cat bag

1. The material from which the carrier is made

Yes, we already know that there are very beautiful textile carriers that are perfect to match your look, but are they comfortable for your cat?

At Wamiz we opted for rigid, hard plastic carriers, much easier to clean than wood or other porous materials. The market offers us multiple alternatives at prices around 20 euros on platforms such as Amazon .

2. Size is important

cat carrier

Not too big, not too small, the size of your cat is the key when buying a carrier. Each cat has a different size, so not all carriers are equally suitable for all cats .

The cat must be able to move easily within it, it must be able to change position, but it does not need a palace to be comfortable either. The proper ratio should be one and a half times the size of your cat. This way you will ensure that you will be very comfortable throughout the trip.

For the optimal size of the carrier, the cat should fit well, have room to turn around, be able to stand up and lie down comfortably.

3. Ventilation should be paramount

Most of the trips we do are usually in summer, here you can see which are the best hotels in Spain to travel with your cat, that’s why; It is very important to take ventilation into account when choosing the right carrier for our cat.

As a rule, most usually incorporate a door with a metal grid that serves for our cat to observe everything and that at the same time it can be cool. But we must also look at the rest of the carrier, which should have enough holes for good ventilation , since cars tend to accumulate a lot of heat during trips.

4. The cat must know where it is at all times

cat carrier

What was good for ventilation may also be good for the cat to see everything that is going on around him. That is why the entrance door with a grid is always a good option, but we must also take into account if there is any other window to control all the sides. That is basic to buy the best carrier for your cat.

But don’t trust yourself, because there are cats that think that “eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t feel. If you see that your cat is very skittish , perhaps you can think of an option with fewer windows so that it does not panic with everything that happens around it.

Nobody knows your cat as well as you. You are the only person who can assess their needs.

5. Comfort

Although many rigid carriers do not have any textile option for the interior, it would be good to incorporate some type of blanket or cushion to make it as comfortable as possible during the trip. He thinks that the more comfortable he is, the calmer we will be during the trip. If the cat is not comfortable, they will let you know and this can be very annoying during a long trip.

6. With emergency exit: Safety First

3 cats

Well that. Have you thought about what could happen if the main entrance gets jammed? Although it is not essential, it is very good to have more than one exit to get our cat out in a complicated situation, or if it gets nervous for any reason.

For example, a large opening at the top that can be opened quickly and easily at a difficult time.

All precautions are little for the well-being of our pet and that is why we are sure that with these tips your cat will always travel in business  because acquiring the best carrier for him is the only thing you need so that both of you enjoy the trip. Bon voyage!

Divyesh Patel