Cat Bowl Advice

Cat Bowl Advice

Buying a cat bowl shouldn’t be a problem, you might think – and yet you can go a lot wrong with this topic. For example, if you have a cat for the first time and do not yet know that they are definitely spoiled creatures, you might buy the wrong bowl and have to go to the pet store again.

Cat Bowl Advice

You can save yourself this hassle if you read our cat bowl test and compare its results with your cat.

Many cats have trouble eating, which sometimes only occurs over time. Even then you can counteract this with the right bowl and make it easier for the house tiger to eat. Some cats become more sensitive with age. Maybe they suddenly don’t like it when the whiskers touch the bowl and react differently to their feeding bowl than usual. On the other hand, a familiar food bowl gives the cat security. So if you have to move, for example, you shouldn’t buy new bowls at the same time, even if the opportunity is supposedly good. In such a situation, it is important for the cat to be able to keep something familiar.

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  • 2 Love goes through the stomach – preview of our test result
  • 3 The cat bowl test – which material can prevail in the long run?
  • 4 plastic, no thanks!
  • 5 A melamine bowl? That is rare
  • 6 Is stainless steel the best choice?
  • 7 Ceramic became the test favorite here
  • 8 A porcelain or glass food bowl for the cat? Yes gladly
  • 9 The shape and size of bowls for cats
  • 10 Drinking: one of the most important issues
  • 11 The test winners from my cat bowl test
  • 12 Cat Bowl Buying Guide

Cat bowl advice

Cat Bowl Advice

There is a large number of bowls on the market, but not all of them are actually as suitable for cats as the description of the bowl for the velvet paw would lead you to believe. Many pet owners are tempted to use an inexpensive plastic bowl, which may even be tempting with its bright colors. Do you feel the same? Unfortunately, most cats do not want to eat out of a plastic bowl. Plastic bowls can give off unpleasant smells, and your four-legged companions have sensitive noses. In addition, the plastic parts can scratch quickly, which can cause bacteria to deposit. In the worst case, it can make the house tiger sick.

Love goes through the stomach – preview of our test result

A cat bowl made of ceramic or glass is the better choice, as our cat bowl test shows. Ceramic bowls in particular are often decorated with cute motifs. The cat doesn’t care about that, nor the color of the bowl. Cats only have limited color vision. But for humans, an interestingly colored bowl with a funny motif or a cat bowl with a name is a little joy. Perhaps you can encourage the children of the house to take more part in caring for the cat and to fill the bowl regularly? Since love also and especially with animals goes through the stomach, it certainly contributes to the friendship of these family members.

The cat bowl test – which material can prevail in the long run?

Cat Bowl Advice

Cat bowls are available in countless colors, made from a wide variety of materials and also in different shapes. From ceramic cat bowls to cat bowls with names, square cat bowls, double or separable cat bowls and those in unusual shapes, everything is included. Of course, you can also choose a product that your cat will take care of for several days if you are away a little longer. But such a part may not be a visual delight and should only be brought out when you need it.

Of course, the effect on the owner is not insignificant when it comes to supplying the velvet paw with food. The cat’s needs should come first, however, because what use is it if a bowl looks great and elicits an “Oh, how pretty” from the neighbors or other visitors, but the cat does not want to eat from it? What’s even worse, if a cat is not satisfied with its bowl, it may even stop drinking. And that can end really badly. We take a closer look at the different materials.

Plastic, No Thanks!

As I said, I simply cannot recommend plastic. Not only is the planet full of plastic anyway, which has become a full-blown problem, cheap products in particular usually contain plasticizers that can damage your cat’s health. In addition, the bowl has to be disposed of at some point, and there is another problematic part in the world’s garbage dumps.

Some cats even get a contact allergy from plastic. This can have the effect that the hair on the chin falls out and redness occurs. It doesn’t even have to be that bad. Many cats refuse to eat from such a bowl, which is due to the changes in taste and the apparently unpleasant smell. But that’s not a problem, because you can of course also get cheap bowls made of other materials!

A melamine bowl? That is rare

Cat Bowl Advice

A melamine cat bowl is rare to find. We know this material from the cups and plates for children. It is very light and is not necessarily suitable for a cat bowl on its own. The house tiger would push the bowl aside while eating and spill it. With this method, you might not know that he will always have enough water available. That is why there is hardly a melamine feed bowl that is not also equipped with a stainless steel bowl.

Is stainless steel the best choice?

You can get a stainless steel cat bowl everywhere, which also seems to be a preferred material for dog bowls. Especially the slightly raised bowls, which are supposed to make it easier for older animals to eat and drink, are often made of the silver material. They sit in appropriate holders.
Stainless steel seems to be easy to clean, but anyone who has used it for a while knows: it is not at all. Over time, stubborn streaks and deposits form that can hardly be removed. Whether and how quickly this happens naturally depends entirely on the exact composition of the bowl. There are big differences here.

Metal bowls should only be bought if you can get precise information about the composition from the seller or manufacturer. You should only use metal that is also used in the food industry, namely the high-quality 1.4404. It is very resistant to corrosion and therefore food-safe. Other, less high-quality steel products react with the feed and can quickly begin to change. You may not even notice that. For this reason, my recommendation is not to use such a bowl if you are not sure which stainless steel the bowl is made of.

Ceramic became the test favorite here

Cat Bowl Advice

A ceramic cat bowl can convince me all around. Not only do these bowls look great and come in a wide variety of designs, they’re also easy to clean, food-safe, and just the right weight to stay in place with an energetic eater.

What to avoid, however, is to use inadequate parts to replace a proper cat bowl. Just because a flower coaster looks like it was made of a similar material doesn’t mean it is suitable. The glaze is not food-safe, which is also not necessary with a flower coaster. So the cat can ingest unwanted substances while eating and drinking that end up damaging their health.

A food bowl for the cat made of porcelain or glass? Yes gladly

These two materials are absolutely perfect for our velvet paws. They are food safe, easy to clean and nothing comes off. You can also use appropriate bowls or bowls from your own closet if they are suitable for the size. This way you can bridge the time until you get to the pet shop if, for example, you break a bowl. Sometimes, however, a cat comes into life as a surprise – in this case too, improvisation from the kitchen cupboard is a good choice.

The shape and size of bowls for cats

Every cat is different, there is no doubt about that. Anyone who has met more than one house tiger can confirm this. While some “peck” their food from the bowl, the others slouch on it, causing a lot of chaos and dirt. The higher the rim of the bowl is for a messy eater, the less work you have to do cleaning. On the other hand, this very edge could become a problem when it comes to keeping the whiskers from bumping into it. So if the kitten is “standing in line”, a larger cat bowl may be the solution.

In general, the required size of the bowl can be read a little on the cat itself. A stable little lion certainly needs a larger cat bowl than a small “mouse”.

Drinking: one of the most important issues

Cat Bowl Advice

Many cat owners are concerned that their little darling is drinking too little. This is particularly dangerous for animals that often eat dry food, because care should be taken to ensure that they are sufficiently hydrated. A quick solution can be to pour some warm water over the dry food. The resulting aroma is appreciated by many cats anyway. In addition, they then automatically absorb more water with the feed.

A long-term solution is the perfect placement of the water bowl. While some cats have no special wishes in this regard and always drink enough, no matter where the cat bowl with water is, others refuse to drink if the bowl is next to the food, or too close to the heater, or another, in the eyes the cat’s impossible space. Such an animal is best pampered with a drinking fountain, where the water always splashes and is enriched with oxygen. Most cats are magically drawn to the sound and automatically begin to slobber – even those who are otherwise very picky when drinking.

The test winner from my cat bowl test

Now I would like to introduce you to the winners from my text. These bowls could easily prevail against the others and are convincing in terms of appearance, presentation and price. They are suitable for a wide variety of cats, so there is sure to be a suitable cat bowl for yours. From simple to unusual – everything is included here.

Karlie feed and water dispenser Duo Max

Cat Bowl Advice

If you are out for a while, you can use this bowl to ensure your cat’s care. It dispenses dry food, which automatically slides down when something is removed from the bottom of the bowl. The water supply works with a standard bottle, which also automatically dispenses water. This is certainly not a solution for every day, but perfect just in case.
Visually, the part doesn’t look particularly good. It’s very convenient for that.

Lucky-Kitty cat bowl

This Lucky Kitty cat bowl, which is a visual delight, is completely different. It is simple in color and impresses with its radiant white, which blends in with any interior. The highlight, however, is the organic shape, which testifies to the noble design. The Lucky Kitty cat bowl is extra large and can also be used by several house cats.

Trixie Eat on Feet Cat Food Bowl

The ceramic cat bowl from Trixie is visually appealing, inexpensive and practical. It has a vintage look and helps older animals that have trouble bending over to eat.

Alessi “Tigrito” cat bowl

This Alessi cat bowl is a real design piece. A cute cat is flanked by two bowls lined with high quality stainless steel. These inner bowls can be removed for cleaning. The Alessi cat bowl is available in many stylish colors.

Henry’s Bowl – personalized cat bowl

A cat bowl with a name is a very individual and pretty solution. The cat may not be able to read, but the design will please your eyes. And maybe there are actually several cats in your household whose bowls shouldn’t be confused.

Cat Bowl Buying Guide

Cat Bowl Advice

  • Buy a quality bowl and you have made an investment in the future. It doesn’t even have to be expensive!
  • Sit on a ceramic cat bowl. There is a large selection here and the quality is impressive.
  • If your cat is getting wet food and sometimes dry food, choose a double bowl. This can also be used to serve food and water in one place, but as I said: some cats don’t like this at all.
  • The bowl should have small rubber feet or be placed in a sturdy stand. The more resolute your cat is when it comes to eating, the more so.
  • We recommend placing a mat underneath. Something is thrown out of the cat bowl every now and then, sometimes even regularly. The cleaning of the surface is then easier and the velvet paw is not scared off because it bungles next to the bowls.
  • The look is also important, less for the cat but for you. A cat bowl with the shape of a cat’s face, on which a face may have been painted, is particularly funny and cute. These bowls are available in various colors in stores.
  • The food bowl for a cat should be a maximum of 5 cm high and at least 12 cm in diameter. This applies to protect the whiskers. However, some cats do not mind when these hairs bump into. They are often found robbing the dog’s bowl.
  • If you have multiple cats, you will need multiple feeding points. Each must have their own cat bowl. If you need a special food, for example because of a diet or illness, the bowls should be in separate rooms. The feeding then takes place at a certain point in time, the bowls do not remain filled. Such a situation naturally makes feeding a bit complicated, because normally at least the dry food can simply be left standing so that the kitty can eat as needed.

How do you recognize a high quality cat bowl?

  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It has a non-slip base.
  • The bowl is made of glass or ceramic.
  • It’s not made of plastic.
  • There is no odor emanating from it.
  • You like it yourself, of course.
  • If your cat receives different types of food, it is divided into two parts.

What should you consider when buying a cat food bowl?

Cat Bowl Advice

  • Is it an established brand or a “cheap” manufacturer?
  • Can you rely on the quality of the products?
  • Is there a test and a cat bowl test winner and price-performance winner?
  • Are there reviews or expert opinions about the product?
  • Do you have a contact person after the purchase and support from the manufacturer?
  • Are there any suitable accessories for your desired cat bowl?
  • Does the color match your apartment?

Does your cat still not want to drink from the bowl? Come and try it with this.

Divyesh Patel