Cat Litter Box: Keys To Choosing The Best One

Cat Litter Box Keys To Choosing The Best One

Cats are characterized by being clean animals that do not need great training to know that they have to use the sandbox. However, choosing the best litter box for cats is key to home harmony.

How to choose the best litter box for cats

Cat Litter Box

To make choosing a cat litter box simple and efficient, we share with you the advice of  Pam Johnson-Bennett , a famous feline ethologist who has published several books and knows a lot about this topic.

1. The size of your cat is important

The litter box should be high enough for your cat to enter without problem  and long and wide enough so that it can turn  inside and settle down peacefully.

A very small or very high litter box will provoke aversion in your cat and will encourage him to relieve himself on another side of the house, for example; in your shoes.

You will probably have to buy several litter boxes throughout your cat’s life, especially during the first year (or during the first four especially you have a giant cat like a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat ).

2. Where are you going to place the sandpit

Find a place where your cat can be quiet and has room to move.

Important: do not hide the sandbox , although it cannot be in the kitchen, it should not be in a remote part of the house either. Do not put it in the bathroom either, where the humidity will ruin the sand (or the door may become closed and your cat will look for another space to relieve itself … like your backpack, for example).

3. Does your cat live alone at home?


Closed litter boxes are not recommended in homes with more cats or other pets . While they are comfortable for humans, they become traps for your cat.

Can you imagine being in the bathroom and suddenly a giant dog enters? No fear? Well that’s what can happen. Your cat can be cornered by your other pet and will not be able to escape!

In the least case, it will be scared and not much will happen …  in the worst case, your cat will not use the litter box again and will look for another place to relieve itself (as in your plants).

4. How many cats do you have at home?

If you live in a multi-cat house, things get a little more complicated, you must follow a golden rule:

The number of litter boxes = Number of Cats in the House + 1

And each litter box must meet the needs of each cat.

Electric Sandpit: Good or Bad Idea?

cat litter box

An electric litter box, in this link you will find more information about this product, it is not recommended, not only the noise can make your cat hate it, but it will prevent you from cleaning the litter box.

Cleaning the litter box gives us a lot of information about the health of our cat.

Thanks to cleaning your cat’s litter box, you will be able to tell if your kitten has problems urinating and / or diarrhea . And you will also be able to control if the transit of your feline follows its rhythm.

Divyesh Patel