Cat meows: how many types are there and what do they mean?

Did you know that the cat’s meow has a specific meaning? We teach you to identify and interpret all the types of your feline’s meows so that you know how to decipher what they are saying at all times.

Your cat’s meow is his  way of communicating with other kittens and, most importantly, with you . But do you really know what your cat thinks, needs, or what happens to him when he says  “meow” ? What do cat meows mean?

What is a cat’s meowing for?

Although it may seem like a Disney movie , cats have developed their internal communication system to communicate with each other and with the rest of humanity, here you can find out all the details related to this topic. A network that allows them (thanks to their meows) to connect and establish conversations with their owners. They do this through the different sounds that they “give us”, especially when they meow.

An information that has been explained by Adi Hovav, senior feline behavior advisor at the ASPCA Adoption Center , after presenting a study on the different strategies that animals use to attract the attention of humans.

Types of cat meows

There are more than 60 different meows

This research reveals that a cat can emit up to more than 60 meows, each with a specific meaning, which together with its movements ( body language ) builds messages that leave us with our mouths open.

What does a cat’s meow mean?

We distinguish between the most recognized and studied cat meows

Surely this statement is giving you goose bumps and eyes wide since there are many humans who do not take into consideration that their kitten speaks to them more than they think. If you want to know what your cat wants to tell you, pay close attention because we will tell you what each of its meows means.

  • Loud and soft meows. These are aimed at other cats, they can do it because they feel happy, angry or simply to make friends and add one more enemy to their list.
  • Short, delicate meows. They are for us humans! They usually indicate a need of our cat: eat, enter, play …
  • Soft meows. They are valid for both felines and people. It’s their way of saying ‘hello!’
  • Constant, breathy and prolonged meows. They are typical of kittens that are in heat and are not sterilized.

Does my cat make noises in its throat? What are they?

They are the most common sounds, but they are not considered within the group of meows:

  1. My cat purrs = If your kitten purrs, it is happy!
  2. My cat gurgles = If your cat gurgles, it is greeting you.
  3. My cat growls  = If your cat growls, he is very angry, give him his space!

In short, your kitten wants to make clear what is happening to him, what is his state of mind and what happens to him at a certain moment. Pay close attention to having good and fluid communication with him.

Divyesh Patel