Cat Toys – This Is How You Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Busy

Your cat is alone a lot during the day. She then likes to have something to do so as not to get bored. Of course, you also make her happy when you play with her. For inspiration, here are some types of cat toys.

Unless your cat is outdoors , it will lead a very different life compared to its fellow cats who roam outside. A cat toy makes for a nice change. In addition, the urge to move and the hunting instinct of your velvet paw will be satisfied.

Why Should Cats Play

When your cat is playing, it is exercising its body. Just like when we exercise, your muscles are strengthened. It also mobilizes your joints and improves your responsiveness. Of course you feed your cat and it doesn’t have to hunt. Nevertheless, the hunting instinct is deeply rooted in their nature and wants to be lived out.

You also prevent your cat from getting bored. Because like us humans, she too can be bored. A noticeable amount of sleep,frequent cleaning and sudden uncleanliness can be signs. But aggression and destructiveness such as scratched doors and wallpaper can also indicate loneliness and boredom.

Cat Fishing Rod

A cat rod is usually equipped with feathers, balls or mice and is an ideal cat toy to get active with your cat. Your cat can really let off steam and its hunting instinct is activated.

Just let the bait of the fishing rod dangle in front of your cat’s eyes and she will quickly beat it with enthusiasm – her hunting instinct is awakened.

This is not only a lot of fun for her, but also for you as the owner . If you’ve romped around together, your cat will sleep particularly well.

A positive side effect: If you are a little scared and don’t want to get a blow of the claw while romping, the cat fishing rod is the perfect choice for you. It keeps your house tiger at a distance.

Pointers For Cats

A cat pointer also awakens your cat’s hunting instinct . This time you satisfy her urge to move by controlling the point of light through the apartment.

Your four-legged friend will chase the point with joy and let off steam. Here, too, there is a certain safety margin.

Cat Tunnel

Another popular cat toy is the cat tunnel.
Not only can you play with it together, but your house cat can also do it himself. He can run through the tunnel and romp around in it. But the cat tunnel is also ideal for hiding and sleeping .

Stuffed Mouse

It is something like the classic among cat toys- the stuffed mouse. They are so simple and so popular at the same time. The stuffed mouse activates your cat’s hunting instinct without you having to be active. Even when the stuffed mouse doesn’t move, it is difficult to ignore and loves to be hunted.

Electric Cat Toy

While the stuffed mouse is an immobile cat toy, there are also variants that move. These toys are equipped with batteries. Therefore, they can move and offer your cat a special incentive to hunt.

They are often equipped with lights to attract your pet. They can also recognize obstacles and avoid them

Activity Boards

If your cat likes to discover things and is very curious, an activity board is perfect for them. Curiosity is another cat drive anyway.

The board is a surface that is covered with various containers . These can be explored and opened by your darling. This stimulates all of your cat’s senses and challenges them not only physically but also mentally.

The cat toy is particularly exciting for your velvet paw when you hide treats in the containers. The game no longer requires your presence . The hunting instinct is awakened and your cat tries to get the hidden goodies. Skill is required here.

Often there are different levels of difficulty so that learning effects can be achieved for your cat.

Playing Rail

A play rail for cats is a similar cat toy to the activity board. Your cat can do it all on its own.

The rail consists of a number of raised and deep small rails. These form a path through which a ball rolls.

Through openings in the rail the cat can not only follow the ball , but give it momentum and chase it. The speed of the ball varies due to the different heights of the individual elements.

Cuddly and Play Cushions

There are special scented pillows for cats. So the cat’s urge to move does not always have to be satisfied. It is also very interesting for them to research special smells.

The special scented sachets are filled with valerian, catnip or spelled and are loved by cats. Not only can you play with it, you can also lick it to your heart’s content.

An exciting game of hide and seek is created for your cat if you hide a play pillow for it before you leave the house. Your cat will then spend a long time tracking down the smell and finding the pillow again.


Balls come in many different materials,colors and shapes. Like the stuffed mouse, they are inherently immobile. Nevertheless, they awaken the hunting instinct and your cat loves to let off steam with a ball.

You can also get the ball moving and give your cat an additional incentive to run around. She will immediately run after the ball. Some cats even bring it back to you and expect it to be re-littered.

There are also balls that have holes. These can be filled with treats, which then fall out of the ball as you move and are happy to be eaten.

When buying, make sure that the products are well made. After all, you don’t want your cat to put itself
in danger with its cat toy, you want it to please .Then cat toys offer your velvet paw an exciting activity when you are not there. Nevertheless, she is also very happy when you play with her.

Of course, not every cat likes every toy. The only way to find out which cat toys you like best is to try different ones. Take a look at our product guide on the subject of cat toys to get a concrete idea of our products.


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Divyesh Patel