CBD Products For Cats – Dangerous Or Beneficial?

While products with cannabidiol (CBD) have been in vogue for some time and provide more and more people with a wide variety of complaints, pet owners are now also discovering the herbal active ingredient for themselves or for their beloved four-legged friends.

CBD works through the body’s own endocannabinoid system, which all mammals have at their disposal. Dogs , cats , horses , small and farm animals can also benefit from the natural efficacy. However, there are a few things to consider.

CBD drops for humans are not necessarily suitable for use in animals. For cats, administering the wrong CBD products can even be life-threatening . That’s why we’re specifically looking at CBD for cats in this article.

What can CBD do?

The cannabidiol is obtained from the hemp plant and can be used in many ways. It helps with anxiety , stress and inflammatory bowel diseases , nausea , but also with epilepsy and osteoarthritis / arthritis .

For the latter, there are currently few options for drug treatment in cats. CBD can be a pain reliever alternative that can be used over the long term. CBD can also be used instead of conventional drugs or support them for many other diseases and symptoms.

In which cases the use of CBD is recommended should always be discussed with the treating veterinarian . Possible interactions with other drugs should also be clarified in advance.

Cannabidiol also strengthens the immune system, is good for skin and coat and increases well-being. Even if there are no symptoms present, CBD can be administered to do something good for cats and promote their health.

If a particularly stressful situation is ahead, such as a trip with the cat or New Year’s Eve , CBD can provide more serenity. Some pet owners give their pet sedatives in these cases, but it is not recommended.

Sometimes these agents can increase noise sensitivity and thus also stress. In addition, sedatives often make you sluggish, so that the cat cannot escape as usual. Instead, she experiences a loss of control over her own body. This can increase fears.

CBD, on the other hand, does not inhibit the cat, but rather ensures mental and physical relaxation. In order for this effect to occur, it makes sense to start taking CBD early on. After about a week of daily use of CBD, the full effects are achieved and there is a good chance of avoiding panic attacks.

Which CBD products are suitable for cats?

There are special CBD oils for cats . Only these should be administered to the velvet paws. Other CBD products can cause serious harm to cats, as they often contain substances that are harmless to humans but dangerous to cats.

This includes THC, the intoxicant for which hemp is so known. In Germany, CBD products are only allowed to contain a very small amount of THC, which has no effect on humans, but cats can already react to this small amount.

For example, THC can cause vomiting, anxiety, a slow heart rate, hypersalivation , seizures and, in rare cases, a coma in cats . Most common CBD oils also contain terpenes and essential oils.

Cats cannot metabolize these, which is why life-threatening poisoning and liver failure can quickly occur. In the products especially for cats, these ingredients are completely dispensed with.

How is CBD administered?

CBD is mostly taken as an oil or used externally by humans and animals. If it is dripped directly under the tongue, it works particularly quickly. However, this route of administration can be difficult or impossible for many cats.

The oil can also be dripped into the food or on a treat and is then usually well absorbed. Many CBD oils for cats are based on fish oil to make the drops more palatable to the animals.

CBD oil for pets should have a strength of 2.5% or a maximum of 5% . The right dosage must be determined individually, so you should always start with a very low dose. This way you avoid overdosing .

This is not dangerous, but it can lead to gastrointestinal problems and fatigue . In the beginning you can give two drops once a day. After about 5 days, two drops can be administered twice a day.

If the desired effect has not yet been achieved, the number of drops can be increased gradually until the right dosage has been found. It is important to closely monitor the cat’s behavior to see any changes. If symptoms arise, the treatment should be stopped immediately.

Divyesh Patel